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  1. Very nice! And now jealousy is starting to consume me. Good for you pal.
  2. I am at work and waiting and biting my nails for the next episode! Game of thrones ain’t got nothing on the story of Steve!
  3. Very true, I actually found a eBay seller that is a dealer. So that gives me the warranty and eBay is offering 8% back so that brings the price from $449 down to $413. So I guess that’s still a pretty good deal.
  4. Ok so now that some time has gone by and you’ve had a chance to get well acquainted with the Nox is it all it’s hyped up to be? If so Which of your other detectors has it replaced?
  5. Thanks EMField. I’ve actually been down to the teknetics factory and they gave me that price too but I’m trying to get one off of eBay used if the seller will accept my offer but it feels like he thinks I’m low balling. But I can’t justify paying more than $300 used since they are so cheap new.
  6. Ok so I’m trying to work a deal on a g2+ but I wanted to know if there was any difference from the g2+ to the g2+Ltd. is it just that Camo color scheme? I think that’s what I once read but I can’t remember or find that article.
  7. I definitely agree about the used market and have been in the search for these machines on eBay and craigslist. Thanks I appreciate your feedback.
  8. Ok so I’m going to once again be asking opinions of the pros (you all). In my last post I asked what would be a better detector between the Teknetics T2+ and G2+, and it seems the G2+ would work better for gold which is what I’m going to be in the hunt for. But along the way I was introduced to the idea of saving up a little more and buying the equinox 800. What would you do? Option 1, Order the G2+ now and use it for a while in hope of finding a few good nuggets and then buying the Nox. Option 2, keep using my pawn shop kids detector and save up another 2-3 months to buy the Nox. Option 3, buy the Nox now on credit and have my wife hang me...?
  9. Thank you Phrunt, So of the two machines I was looking at the G2+ seems to be a better gold finder. But on the bad side now you planted a seed of curiosity in my mind. How does the nox measure up on those little nugs? Also I’ve read that the nox works off of a internal recharging battery. Is that so and if it is how long does that battery run the machine? So is the nox really that awesome? I mean is it easy to learn, and in your opinion worth the extra money? It basically sells for twice the price.
  10. Thanks for the feedback, I understand where you’re coming from by saying I should look further than my back yard for a machine. And I do appreciate the consideration but right now at my newbie level I don’t want to go over a $500 commitment and for that price Teknetics is the only mid/high performance machines I can find. With the T2+ with intro bundle at $549 - 15% this weekend. I think that would be my best option. To be honest I don’t know what gold sizes are found locally. And I saw a video of some guys I think in the U.K. testing on a 24k gold and it seemed the T2 out did just about all other machines. I want the G2+ but the value with the T2 just seems to make better financial sense. But if you have any recommendations I will gladly listen to them.
  11. Wow that’s so awesome how you’ve traded your way up. I love/hate reading these stories because it makes me think I can do it too, and I end up buying stuff nobody wants.
  12. Leighton


    Hi Jim. Looks like we’re both here to pick up on some knowledge. At least you have a small arsenal of detectors. Best of luck to ya in your hunting.
  13. Hi, I'm new here and starting to get addicted to the hobby. Just to introduce myself a little, I’m from El Paso, Tx. So I can literally see the First Texas products factory from my back yard. With that being said my first real metal detector I am very strongly leaning towards buying a Teknetics. Mainly due to good reviews and such a low price. But I am stuck in which to choose. The two options I’m looking at is the T2+ or the G2+. I do plan on mostly be in the hunt for nuggets and I’ve heard that the G2+ is the go to for gold but that the T2+ is also a prospecting machine and has twice the depth but has more chatter. Any opinions as to which would be better? And has anyone any experience chasing nuggets with either of these machines?
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