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  1. Andy; Started reading the book and opened my eyes to some new tactics. Well done! Prop
  2. Skate , awesome information and insight. It does shed light on some of the questions. New Hampshire only has a few miles of beach where bathers are prevalent and they are well picked. There are a little less known beaches that would tend to have bathers, relics and town laws. The state beaches are picked well but are replenished by visitors from surrounding states and tourists. southern Maine beaches are equally attractive. The beach that I showed photos of , is as one writer said, worth checking the history. This is all good info ,not only for me but others on the forum.. Thanks
  3. Hi all, Just got back to the forum makes good sense. I do have a book on the river basin Many ships did come and go due to shipyards and brick yards. Thanks for the info and very thought provoking. Your right Mitchel, different beaches here
  4. Thanks Sting Ray. I am thinking that most of the items on this side of the beach would be debris from old vessels. The beach use to be covered in thick sea weed and stinks. So few bathers here. On the other side of the jetty it’s more a sunning and bathing area. The opportunity was there after the storm. I am curious what the striating in the sand tell me. Not sure if it was the rough surf, or wind? But they are all running the same like little dunes.
  5. Hit a small local beach this morning around low tide. Had heavy thunder storms and decided to see what might have been deposited. Using an Equinox800. This side of the beach typically for the last year has been encumbered by seaweed. So not many bathers. But it being NE, I figured maybe something had been made detectable. All I found were a couple of rusted metal spots, which funny, did not sound like iron with no discrimination. In the pools, using Beach 2 had several targets that showed 12-11. but couldn't recover Also showed with handpointer. Weird day! For those that have had more experience beach hunting, I noticed that the beach a striations in the sand and a few pools of water which I attempted. Sand was some what firm, not black . I will try to attach a couple of photos to get your opinions I usually have been a ground type detectorist and started beach hunting last year. Not good yet at reading the beach
  6. Thanks , all points pondered, I can agree that there are a number of factors that would change tones including machine settings and operator perception.....guilty......! I do plan to try working an old pond at a scout camp that is loaded with trash and....tics. On the six inch, I am afraid that I will feel like Chase. Use to have one on a Garrett and didn’t,use much. Prop PS Got Andy’s new manual and looking for some time to go through that.
  7. That is so true. Being from the older Garrett and Explorer crowds you are on point with decent tones. Ironically this gets you thinking about target shapes as well as trash shapes. For myself another learning phase. What did they say " It used to be easy" I'm used to new beginnings. I read and saved Daves article, it does open the eyes. Quick question, have you acquired the 6" coil? and how would that fair at beach? Prop
  8. I guess , after reading part or Clyde’s book and what Chase said make sense,@ I need to be more astute at looking at sizes, and if the location is more suitable for good targets as opposed to a locacation that is loaded with shell casings. I did get Andy’s book yesterday and am tempted to dig into that. I can only read so much of Clyde’s book before my head spins and eyeballs come out. The larger font in Andy’s book looks to be more amenable to adding eyeballs. Anyhow still learning and I will recheck your vids Tnsharpshooter. Prop
  9. Hi Guy's I see where your coming at Chase I would agree with that, and there are some good clips out there (Gigmaster and others). However due to the videos, the trash hits are left out. One of the things that I have discovered is totally deteriorated metal buried in the sand that throws me for a loop. I have just ( in the last year) been trying to learn beach hunting. Spent many years in the pasture or parks. That is why we rely on you seasoned vets. Just seems though I am missing something and waiting for the magic moment. Prop
  10. I mentioned this last year and will re address the subject. Has anyone compiled information of real signature so as one can listen ti clipping and signatures that a re funky in the different tone modes. Although I have been a detectorist for years, many of the new detectors sounds tell more of a story than some are used to. I am wondering if anyone has such a compilation. It seems many love to post their finds on you tube but forget that the sound is just as important. But they keep the headsets on which does not help the cause.. We are used in most cases to what some coins and jewelty sound like, but a clipped ring id different. Perhaps some one might know of such a tool. As always thanks for helping. PROP
  11. Well the Northeast has for the most part been blistering cold. Pretty much made me decide to follow new pursuits during the winter, as well as hanging up the NOX. Didn't give much thought until now about keeping battery for the Nox, headset and adaptor. Was kind of thinking every two or three months until spring. Do you people (gender Neutral) have any different thoughts on this? PROP
  12. Hi TN Sharpshooter. I ended up repairing it and sold it. Taped housing with filament tape and tested. Aside from the tape, unit worked fine. Just had to be real careful of the pins on circuit board. Sorry, just got this Snow has invaded the NorthEast
  13. Steve not being familiar with the SE, that part looks pretty close! That may open doors Thanks
  14. Well , I was using explorer xs to work in the test garden and noticed half the screen went out. Discovered that a couple of the plastic bosses for the screws in the control head had broken, allowing the pc board to separate. On last ditch effort to repair would be to replace plastic control housing if cost effective. So looking to purchase a front half for the control housing.. This is the plastic that the keypad attaches too. I would consider a parted machine if not cost prohibitive. I am kind of attached to the xs , and was trying to keep as a backup, but I think it is P......d because the nox is the new kid. Prop
  15. Thanks D. That is kind of what I am struggling with. The XS still works and I can get along with the Alky. Now that I am getting more use to the nox I should make a comparison especially since the upgrade. We should be getting field data in soon. Thanks, The nox makes me appreciate the weight also. Jim
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