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  1. I've been reading Clive's book on the Equinox and he had an excellent section on the numbers jumping around as you described, and I have noticed the same thing. His said that the Nox is actually reading not just ground and targets but even within targets, so bottle caps, alloys, are actually sounding on the individual components of metal alloys, some tin, some steel, etc. With bullets they are lead and probably other metals to adjust hardness, sometimes copper jackets, casings can be brass, aluminum, filled with mineralized dirt, or have a different metal for the primer. First detector, so still trying to wrap my head around how the detector actually works and how to fine tune everything, but his book has helped me understand a lot.
  2. I love the InReach, now owned by Garmin. I have used it all over Alaska without issue. Two-way communication by texting is far superior to a one way transmitter like a regular beacon. Saying your in trouble is one thing, being able to communicate what is going on to family, friends, and rescuers is invaluable. If you trigger a Beacon, the first thing they do is call you to see if it was accidental, then your emergency contact and tell them you are in trouble. Then it is hours of stress and worry for friends and family who know nothing of what is happening. Also you cannot alert rescuers as to what is going on, are you stranded? are you injured? is there a medical emergency? Also nice just to be able to touch base or send folks a location to where you are camping, etc. The lowest monthly plan is fairly reasonable and there is a newer model that incorporates a fully functional GPS.
  3. DId you try changing the battery, mine started acting up as the battery got low, new one fixed it. Are you guys getting much use out of the Iron function? I find it does the weird chirp when far away but detecting the object, gets steady as it gets closer, then if ferrous it goes chirpy again, but usually by that time I've dug it out and am going to see what it is anyway. Maybe it's just another thing a newbie has to train their ear for, but doesn't seem to be a big benefit to me. Otherwise I have been happy with it though.
  4. So I ordered the Deano's protector and saw he also has an arm cuff cover which I ordered as well. I really like it, the first day I had my detector in the field the arm cuff pad was peeling up at the edge from taking my arm in and out. Deano's cover is a simple stitched neoprene that slides over both sides of the arm cuff. Comfortable, stays in place, and easy to remove. Really happy with it. As other's have said the cover fits well also, and quick shipping on both.
  5. Thanks I have been out twice searching for nuggets and had challenges with the deciphering the noise I got in Gold Mode, did notice it would quiet greatly with 20k or 40k. These tips will help. I know the detector is working because I managed to find very small nuggets of molten aluminum and a tiny grommet for a shoelace or something, one aluminum scrap was so hammered and funky I thought it could be a small silver nugget but feels like aluminum. Otherwise, bullets and casings seem to be the most common Alaska finds, I have found those everywhere I've been. Also just got Clive's Equinox Book and started reading that.
  6. Was just searching and came across this thread. I just picked up a couple pairs of these that I am really liking. http://www.majesticglove.com/3437 They seem to fit my hands better than most leather/stitched gloves, thin but grippy coating, excellent finger feel/dexterity, cut resistant. They were about $8 at AIH in Anchorage.
  7. This is exactly what would happen, I like my 800 though and don't want to give it up!
  8. Good point, there is a lot of history up here and you never know what can be found. Unfortunately there is a lot of land too so the density of history is much thinner than Europe. The other unfortunate thing is percentage wise there is very little privately held land. State, Federal and Native Lands are all strict on historical artifiacts which can be anything over 100 years, amazes me how miners can come dig up acres of land, leave all their trash behind, then all the sudden it is a historic site and can't be touched, seems backwards to me, there should be a bounty for cleaning up the litter. Actually there is some very acient history, maybe even metal based. Talked with an archeologist the other day that found a Pleistocene Age find, not sure what, but with native copper abundant in some areas, there could be very old stuff found, might have to see if I could accompany them sometime.
  9. I'm not sure if my wife is going to get into this or not but she is keen on finding stuff, I've been giving her the pinpointer to dig out finds when we wander out together. What would you guys recommend if I was going to get a detector for her in addition to my Eqx 800? Seems silly to buy another of the exact same model but is there anything else in the price range that would be as easy to use and versatile as the Equinox's? At least a waterproof coil and ability to detect wet saltwater gravels and sand would be high on the list. Would an used Infinium LS be something to consider? Thanks
  10. Good call Pseudo. This one looks only slightly different from Unearth's. Neat find, what part of the world are you detecting in? https://www.coincommunity.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=80510
  11. Not sure why they don't work for you, but I can't wear standard earbuds because I'm deformed ? and don't have the little piece of cartilage that holds them in my ear. But I do find the actual in the ear canal ear buds or the Bose earbuds with the extra rubber both work pretty well for me.
  12. The Equinox 800 is my first detector so I have nothing to compare it to. But the reasons I went with the 800 over the 600 were: 1) I'm in Alaska, so Gold mode seems important since nugget detecting is a goal, and resale value will probably be better if I want to sell at some point. 2) When I went in to look at detectors, I saw the Wireless Module retails for $269, so you get the gold modes, better headphones, gold modes and user setting modes for less than just buying the Wireless Module. I don't use the supplied headphones though, they are comfortable but up here it is important to keep an ear out for moose and bears so I prefer earbuds and leave one ear out than over the earhead phones. The WiFi module is nice because I can use any regular wired headphone with it and don't have to go buy an Aptx Bluetooth set. But I haven't compared it to regular bluetooth headphones for latency, so not sure how much of an improvement wireless over bluetooth is in practical terms.
  13. Reading some of Steve’s posts in other threads seems I shouldn’t be afraid to tone down the sensitivity and play with the target accept/reject to filter out the nails around here. Alaska, is like New Zealand, too young for all that history, but I am curious to try the beaches up here, have to be old cleats and anchors from ship docks and sunk ships that aren’t old enough to be historic but would make for nice nautical sounvenirs. Would be really cool to find a porthole. Is amazing how little you notice the rain once the detector starts swinging.
  14. No luck this time. Went to Crow Creek Mine, but couldn't cross the stream due to high water, will try again in the late fall. Walked around all day, just getting a lay of the land, seeing where trails went, trying to see where the different layers were between the stream and cuts in the hill. So much iron around, many large pieces of iron read back high numbers, really wanted to get out of the tailings and trash. A large portion of the claims were blocked off and a no tresspassing sign hung up, so couldn't explore as much as I would have liked, did find lesser used trails and poked around a lot of cut banks. Then visited a friend that was camped out there and showed his son the detector and we found a few coins and nails aroud the campsite. Today detected around the house and found interesting trash, a stud from an old studded tractor tire, few ammo shells and bullets, ring pulls, bottle caps, quarter, old Carousel soda can.
  15. Interesting, just found a youtube that shows some of the finds. Looks like they found a stash of jewlery and valuables lost in the lake, not a lava flow, not naturally occuring gold. Interesting article on gold in volcanos though, most forms very deep, seems like even if some was lifted to the surface the gold would likely sink to the bottom of the flow and be buried very deep in the cooled lava: http://volcano.oregonstate.edu/gold
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