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  1. Hello everybody!! I apologize for not checking in earlier but a lot is going on here at Nokta Makro as you can imagine. Now regarding the SMF, we decided to make some major changes to the device after the first prototypes were produced including some features that I had mentioned in my earlier videos/interviews. We believe that our valued customers will excuse us and understand that the changes are all for the good and that the delay is only due to our efforts for trying to make the device lighter and more user friendly for the customer. In addition, I have no idea where the name Lightning is coming from but the name of the product is not Lightning and the name will be revealed at launch. I will be doing a live video on our FB page soon to give an update to all customers around the world and answer some questions for those who will be watching.
  2. Check out our new accessory packages! The accessory packages will provide you with all the necessary accessories that you can use with Nokta Makro detectors at unbeatable prices! Makes a great gift for the upcoming holiday season as well! https://www.noktadetectors.com/accessory-packages/
  3. These? Meaning Nokta Makro products? I believe you could have gotten a bit more creative on your first post! My name is Dilek - Sales & Marketing Director of the company. Please contact me directly if you are having an issue with one of our products so we can help you. If you have a different agenda and/or a different goal, I am sorry to inform you but you are a bit late in the game as your post will not reach tens of thousands of users we already have around the world. Regards, Dilek
  4. Hello there. Just wanted to respond to some of your comments. I prefer not to post pricing because I do not want to be conveyed as I am trying to make a sale which is not my purpose of being on this forum. I just want to share information with the members. Sales is the dealers' job, not mine. The MSRPs of the HPs are $99 and $70. Now, your second question: What's going on at Nokta? We are doing VERY well, thank you! We have been releasing accessories because we want to offer a full range of products to our customers. If they buy a detector from Nokta Makro, we should be able to at least offer them the accessories they need when they ask. A customer can use a different branded shovel and/or HPs of course if they prefer BUT as a manufacturer we should at least give them the option. I would prefer to see a customer with a Kruzer using our PP or shovel versus a competitor's. We are not trying to sell, we are trying to offer a full package for customers’ metal detecting needs. It is part of becoming a ‘’brand’’. And your last comment: ''How about teasing the new multi? Garrett Did.'' I, as the Sales & Marketing Director of this company personally do not like to ''tease''. I try to share as much information as I can - honestly and openly. My competition may have a different approach. I would advise you to focus on results. PS. SMF is in the testing stage. Thank you very much.
  5. Dear Valued Members,We are adding 2 new headphones to our line-up.1)NOKTA MAKRO KOSS HEADPHONES W/WATERPROOF CONNECTORCompatible with all waterproof Nokta Makro Detectors – Kruzer/Anfibio/SimplexAllows the user to submerge the whole detector in water for shallow underwater hunting.(The headphones are not waterproof).2)NOKTA MAKRO KOSS HEADPHONES W/6.3mm JACK – for land useBOTH HEADPHONES HAVE IN-LINE VOLUME CONTROL, ADJUSTABLE HEADBAND and SPIRAL CABLE.
  6. Hello all! OK first off, as Steve said, we have already produced our first PI machine with the PulseDive. We are working on other PI machines - for gold prospecting and beach/underwater hunting. These will NOT be released this year though. Please understand that engineering, development and manufacturing is not as easy as it sounds (I have learned that myself after joining this company which has changed my whole view as a consumer). In addition, our priority of projects/products change based on market demand as we are a very consumer focused company. Btw, our other business HAS NO affect on our projects and/or timelines for our detector business. Detectors is our core business and will stay like that. Quall (our other company) has their own engineering team and they are not even sharing the same building with us. Hope this helps.... love you all!
  7. Hello all... there will be no 2.79 update for the Simplex. The publisher of the video has taken my video from last year where I was talking about the 2.78 update and for some reason named the video ‘’is 2.79 update coming soon’’ ? We contacted the video's publisher and got the name changed as we got bombarded with questions from users. Please do not believe anything you see on social media unless it is coming from me or my team. Sorry for this confusion that we had no control over.
  8. 🙂 Hello there! It is true that I cannot be on the forums as frequently as I used to be BUT I definitely did not abandon you guys! I am a pretty loyal person as a character. And I would never abandon people who have supported this company and brand. Please understand that I am just a human being myself and as the company has grown into a different level, so have my responsibilitites and my workload! Now reagrding the SMF - we are going into the field testing stage. I do not want to promounce any launch dates as the field test results are a key. If all goes well, then we will not be too far from launching it. The device will be in the Simplex housing (housing ONLY!) with a different coil and a carbon fiber shaft - it is NOT an SMF Simplex as some social media posts say. It is a totally different machine that is sharing the SIMPLEX housing. The rechargeable battery will be removable and user replaceable . Is that good enough for now? 🙂
  9. Hello there... I believe it is in transit. Will check with the team and let you know approximately when.
  10. Hello Chuck! I am around but as the company has been growing so much, so did my workload! I apologize for not checking in more frequently. And....we do have more to come, I promise.
  11. The MSRP is $79,95. We do not list prices for the accessories on the website. Only the detectors. Please stop making assumptions and message me with your email address and I will check whether we did get an email or not from you. Anybody who knows me long enough would vouch for me that I would have apologized to you already if in fact we got an email from you and never answered it. But this cannot happen at Nokta Makro. The maximum lead time would be 72 hours. Because I PERSONALLY see every email and check whether it is answered or not. Thank you!
  12. Absolutely not true. I see all the emails coming through and make sure each is answered. Please message me with your email address and I will check whether we did get an email or not.
  13. Hello! Whom did you email? We make sure we do respond to each and every email.
  14. NEW FROM NOKTA MAKRO STAINLESS STEEL PREMIUM SHOVEL WITH COLLAPSIBLE T-HANDLE! • Laser Print Ruler • Wide Footrest • Double-Sided Bottle Opener • Collapsible Shaft 80.5 - 97 cm (31.5" - 38") • 24 cm (9.4") Blade with Teeth on Each Side • 16 cm (6.3") Handle
  15. Hello all.... YES the name has been picked but will not be shared prior to the launch of the product. As Carolina mentioned, announcing the name would give the impression that the product is ready to be released. And Steve is right, the SMF will come in the Simplex housing with small changes in the design. It will NOT be compatible with any of the current coils and/or HPs as it is a different machine both hardware/software wise. Hope this helps... PS: I know the next question - when? This year ... but cannot confirm a date. Take care all!!
  16. Dear Valued Members,We are very happy to announce that we are adding 2 new accessories to our line up!MULTI-PURPOSE BACKPACK (Accomodates all our models including Simplex, Kruzer, Anfibio as well as accessories)PINPOINT LEG HOLSTERPlease find the link to the introduction video we have made below: Regards, Dilek
  17. Premium Sand Scoop Stainless Steel 2-piece handle for easy transportation 3-Way Adjustable Angle 7/16" (11mm) Laser Cut Holes Sharp Front Edge Perfect 9" Size Opening MSRP: NOKTA MAKRO PREMIUM SAND SCOOP-$99,95 NOKTA MAKRO PREMIUM SAND SCOOP HANDLE-$15,95 NOKTA MAKRO PREMIUM SAND SCOOP ROD SET-$11,95 NOKTA MAKRO PREMIUM SAND SCOOP-3-IN-1 SET-$119,95
  18. Dear Valued Members, We would like to share some exciting news with you! As you know, Nokta Makro has been growing tremendously, thanks to all of you, over the past few years. During our growth stage, we believe we have proved that Nokta Makro is a serious player in this industry when it comes to development and innovation. As the COVID hit the world earlier this year, we felt that as a technology developing company, we have a responsibility and a moral duty towards humanity during these tough times the world is going through. We knew that we could touch more lives and make them easier if we looked outside the detector industry, our core business. Today, we are proud to announce that we have established a sister company, Quall, which will focus on medical, industrial and consumer electronics products. Quall’s R&D development team is totally separate from Nokta Makro engineering and Nokta Makro engineers will continue on developing detectors which will always stay as our core business. On a separate note, earlier this year, we made a big investment and bought a new factory which will accommodate the production and development of both brands. Our new facility is 11,000 square meters (118,400 square feet) and is located in one of the prestigious industrial parks in Istanbul. The architects are currently working on the interior design of the building and we are hoping to move to our new building in 2021! We invite all of you to check out the new website of Quall at www.quall.com where the picture of our new building is also displayed. Quall’s first product QuallThermo – a non-contact thermometer is approaching the end of its development stage and will be available for sale in a couple of months. We thank you once again for your support and hope to see you as Quall customers in the future as well as Nokta Makro! Regards, Dilek Gonulay
  19. Dear Valued Members,As our market share and sales are growing in the USA, thanks to all of you, the amount of service requests are also increasing.Responding to end-users in a timely manner to provide them with the best customer service experience is a MUST for Nokta Makro Detectors.For this reason, we have recently added a second service center located in Missouri.Please find below the contact details for the new service center:NOKTA MAKRO SERVICE CENTERName: Andy O’NealAddress: 120 Black Ave. Chaffee, MO 63740Tel: 573-270-0447Email: Noktarepairs@wedigmetaldetectors.netThank you!
  20. Ken, can you please email me directly at dielk.gonulay@noktadetectors.com? Unless I know what email address you sent it from, I cannot find your email as we get hundreds of emails a day. BUT one thing I am sure is that if we received it, it was answered.
  21. ''they should be sending it back to you guys to look into it.'' This is where the confusion begins. We are located in Istanbul Turkey - nobody will send us that coil back and we will not be able to look at it. Unless I understand who you are, who the dealer is and have more detailed info, I will not be able to track this and help you out.
  22. Hello there... This is Dilek! Who are you referring to as Nokta Makro? Whom did you contact at the company?
  23. Hello there. This is Dilek - Now, I do not know whether the product is faulty or not because I need to look into it. And yes we may have sold a faulty product because there is no company in the whole world with 0% failure whether in this industry or any other! UT the part ''NOKTA MAKRO is doing nothing about it '' is something I will reject to. Are you referring to the service center as Nokta Makro or us? Have you gotten in touch with us? I cannot tell who you are from the nickname. So if you can email me at dilek.gonulay@noktadetectors.com with details, I will try to help you.
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