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  1. Went to a park in a nearby town for the first time. I’ve been told it’s totally hunted out. Well, someone missed this 1907 V nickel. It was positioned a couple inches from a piece of trash metal. The 6-inch coil on my Nox 600 sniffed it out, no problem.
  2. I finally took the plunge and bought a 6-inch coil for my Equinox 600. Friday I had a chance to hit a park before work that has been thourougy searched many times. Second target of the day was a dateless SLQ! AWESOME! I also managed to pull a ‘53 wheatie before I had to start my workday. Today I had more time to spend with my new toy. And, it paid off. I visited three sites, all places with concentrations of ground trash, trees, boulders, etc. I ended the day with six wheaties, ranging from 1921 to 1957, a 1912 s Barber dime, and a junk pendant - plus $1.35 in clad. This coil ROCKS! Glad to have it in my arsenal. It won’t be my everyday coil, but it definitely will be well used.
  3. I picked up a pair of these in mid-December. They work great for my hunting style and conditions. I’ve read comments from others that they aren’t great audio-wise, but I’m hard of hearing and I probably can’t hear the nuances they do. They pair easily right out of the box, and I don’t experience any noticeable (to me, at least) latency.
  4. Picked up this nice V nickel yesterday. It rang at a consistent 11/12.
  5. Thanks, everyone. It’s been a lot of fun. Gonna set a 2019 goal to find 10 more.
  6. Ok, I’m a newbie. Both to the Equinox and to metal detecting. I started detecting a little more than a year ago, and I got my Nox 600 in August. I know that 10 silvers for the year is a paltry sum for most veteran detectorists, but for me it’s a big deal. Particularly since seven of the 10 were found with my Nox! With the end of the year approaching, I’ve been hitting every site that’s given up old coins and relics for me this year, hoping to get #10 FTY. We’re expecting major wind and rain today, so I got out early before the weather hits and searched a nearby dog park that i’ve covered so many times I can’t even count. I keep going back because interesting things show up from time to time: wheaties, IHPs, & relics. I wasn’t expecting silver. Even though other old things have come out of the site this year, none have been silver. When I hit a deep 27-28 signal, I crossed my fingers and began working my way through the rocky soil, thinking it was going to be a clad dime. When I saw the mellow shine of silver, I smiled. My quest for #10 was over.
  7. GB - this one was found in western Washington, about 30 miles north of Seattle. The photos are after washing with dish soap and water to remove some clingy soil and mild staining. It came out of the ground looking very much like this - quite bright compared to the Jeffersons and buffs I’ve found around here. Other nickels I find will range from dull grey to red/orange.
  8. I occasionally use single frequencies. As Steve mentioned, switching to a single frequency can really help with severe EMI. A few weeks ago I was searching a 1940s yard, and the EMI on one side of the house was horrible. No matter what I did I couldn’t get my machine to quiet down. Finally, I switched to 10 kHz and as if by magic the chatter stopped and I started pulling coins right and left. This morning I hunted a local park that’s been searched so many times that it’s amazing that anything is still there to find. On a lark, at the end of my hunt, I switched from multi frequency to 15 kHz and went back over a patch of ground I searched earlier. I was surprised that I was hitting some good targets with 15kHz that I either missed or dismissed with multi frequency. I’ll still use multi frequency as my primary, but I’m definitely also going to play with single frequencies more often.
  9. Interesting that this thread was at the top of my feed this morning. After re-reading it, I thought to myself “I haven’t found a war nickel with my Nox is 600 yet, I wonder what Vdi they ring up in my local conditions.” My buffs and Jefferson’s have been coming in at 11-12-13 with new Jefferson’s sometimes throwing in a 14. Well, I had a chance to get out for a quick search at a nearby park today, and guess what? I came home with a high Vdi war nickel! It rang up at 23-24-25, at about 5 inches. Given the site I was searching, I thought “copper penny, maybe a wheat cent.” Nope - a ‘43 S nickel. Nice surprise.
  10. Yes, Barbers are hard to come by around here. My only other Barber is a 1905 quarter I found a few months ago. Our history is pretty young - at least as far as coins and other man-made metal objects go. Although, your area should have some pretty cool history to find.
  11. In August I upgraded to a NOX 600 from a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV. I’m finally getting in sync with what it’s telling me, and it’s starting to pay off. Within the last week I completed the Barber-Merc-Rosie silver dime trifecta! Love how this machine performs.
  12. Safari is like that. Any more I have to use Firefox or Chrome to do anything.
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