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  1. I charged my 800 a year ago and it went into storage. I had it out this past July and it still showed a full charge on the gauge...
  2. Hello all Found a really nice 1964 Gillette razor buried about eight inches deep on my parent's land in Cape Breton. I would love to know how it got there since it was well away from any old foundations and such. Maybe it was discarded out a car window some time ago. It is still fully functional so I am having it cleaned and will install the proper handle on it once it arrives.
  3. I can vouch for Steve's workmanship. I purchased a lower rod off of him recently and the quality was top-notch. It was extremely well packaged for shipping as well.
  4. Received my rod yesterday. It was extremely well packaged. The rod itself is top quality! The fit and finish is top notch and I'm very pleased with how good it looks. Can't wait to start using it. Thank you for your sale Steve!
  5. My foggy memory seem to remember that some "S" quarters at that time were hollow and used to smuggle microfilm. Edit: Nothing on Google, I guess I was wrong. Damn.
  6. Awesome finds. Too bad there wasn't a machine you could put those in and see the history behind them.
  7. I looked into getting a one-piece shaft but I realized it would defeat the ability to break the Nox down for transport. I think then that having a super-stiff lower end (where all the lateral forces are) would probably help to reduce or eliminate any shaft wobble. I know my girlfriend appreciates a super-stiff lower end too ?
  8. That looks like it was molten when it dropped into the dirt. I had something similar when I was a kid but it was a lump of aluminum. Maybe there was an old forge/smelter/blacksmith shop in the area where you found them at one time. Forgot to congratulate you on your ring find. Awesome!
  9. How about slag? Just a guess, I'm not even sure if slag has any metallic content. Edit: probably not slag if you can't damage it with a hammer...weird. Maybe someone with a diamond saw would be willing to cut it in half. That would tell you for sure if it was a meteorite or something else.
  10. Damn, that looks exactly like the one I had when I was a kid...50 years ago.
  11. This. I was going to add, if I find anything that's not trash then it's been a great day.
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