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  1. Hay alluminati, I don't come often on the forum ... Of course tou can't get conclusions out of this outing ! I completely agree...But I might think the Safari was (is ?) tuned ti higher conductives, while the Nox is more "europe friendly"... The Field mose is "europe-oriented", while the park mode is "US-orientend"...Maybe that's the key, explaining "polyvalence"...
  2. Further to what has been written in the above answers... Some searchplaces are so instested with iron that they're pretty unworkabke...Again, I have to bring out european pure nickel coins ( as are canadian coins too) . You face an iron infested place? Well, just do as usually, using your best settings for the places. Then use a NO MOTION mode on the same place, and just ground balance it to salt... What now will happen is all PURE ferrous targets will be IGNORED, all ferrous alloys will give signals. Pretty useful for relic hunting and Canadian coins hunting. Purists
  3. Hi guys ! Yes, I am a beach hunter, but I was invited to metall detecing on a WW1 field... So the beach hunter I am was suddenly contemplating a huge corn field which has seen some ww1 Action... I chose to hunt before noon (2 hours) with the Equinox 800, and two hours in the afternoon with the Safari I happened to win at a detection rally two weeks ago. As you can tell from the posted pics, the Nox Found 18 targets, the Safari 32, but i felt the afternoon search was richer in targets...The best find of the day was a silver King Leopold II 1867 2 Francs (Belgium), a v
  4. eHi, This is my first "serious" post on this nice forum. When the equinox was announced, I ordered one before reading any information about it. Then the user manual came online…. I am searching beaches in Europe. As soon as I was able to read the online user manual, and that was months before I got my 800, I thought there was a problem for EU beach hunters. Pulltabs and bottlecaps are too close to the best coin we have here...2€... When I started using the 800, I soon noticed that beach setting (MULTI ONLY) was pretty unusable on dry sand….Bottlecaps, bottlecaps...No m
  5. I am Domenico from little country Belgium. I'm a beach hunter, and have been reading this forum for ages....I decided to sign in to share my beach hunting experiences (since 1994), and especially because I'm enjoying my new equinox 800....It pays off on €-coins and jewelry... I am more interested in metal detectors than in finds, but with this Equinox, I'm in Paradise... See you on the forum !
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