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  1. 67GTA -- very good point. I was not aware that Park1 defaults to 3, on the 600. If that is true, then absolutely run that thing down to 1, for maximizing depth. Steve
  2. Brian, Super. It sounds to me like the machine is behaving just as it should. Remember, if you "like" the idea of hearing the iron audio, as well as the high tones, you'll have to hit that horseshoe button every time you turn the machine off, and then back on. That is not a setting that is "saved;" the default is all-metal mode OFF (i.e. iron discriminated) -- at least in Park 1 mode (I don't recall if that's the default on the other modes, but I think it is). Good luck on those old home sites! I bet you find a few goodies! Steve
  3. Brian, Disturbed dirt (freshly dug) is notorious for reducing maximum detection depth. Still, 10" is a DEEP dig, for a coin a small as a dime, for even the very deepest of VLF-IB machines (and I include the Equinox in that list of "very deepest of VLF-IB machines). IF you are getting "peeps," on a 10" deep dime, you are doing pretty well, especially in newly disturbed/dug soil. Couple things...one, hit your "horseshoe" button, if you haven't already, to put it in "all metal" mode, and don't disc. anything. Doing so (all metal, no discrimination applied) you will probably get more consistent "hits" on the dime -- albeit "iron" tones. You should get a mix of iron tones and some high tone chirps/peeps. If this is what you find, on a 10" deep dime, in freshly dug dirt, you are doing pretty well, and I would be willing to say your unit is functioning properly. Steve
  4. It's a good point, GB_Amateur. I forgot about the camo variations offered by Fisher, on some machines. I even think they did a pink camo on one of them, if I am not mistaken. Yes, colors are NOT for everyone. Some love them, while some -- like you -- were turned off by the idea (at least in terms of a camo pattern). Steve
  5. Chase, People seem to like adding color to their machines; I would have never thought...but I guess it makes sense, when you think about it. It sort of "customizes" your machine, and sets it apart from others...sort of like a new set of rims on your car, or whatever. That blue arm cuff is certainly eye-catching, and I really like how he printed the lettering on it. Perhaps your son is onto something there, TripleT? Colored arm cuffs... It's an interesting thought, that if a detector-maker caught on, and offered their control boxes in customizable colors, even if for a small "up-charge" over the standard black, they might stimulate interest amongst some customers... Steve
  6. Hmm... 😂 LOL!!! Seriously though, VERY nice cuff, that your son made for you. That's pretty cool. Steve
  7. That's a good material to use, IMO, Bohemia Miner; thanks for sharing. I used to use that athletic tape, or something similar (vet wrap), in black -- and it works well for me. Like you say, when it gets dirty, it's so easy to just remove and re-wrap. Recently I was turned on to a "handle tape" made by the Winn company (a well-known company for golf club grips). This wrap that they make, is actually a fishing-rod handle wrap, but it works very nicely. It is cushioned, so a bit thicker -- and thus it makes your handle a bit thicker, but if that's not an issue for you, it's really nice stuff (it would be more similar to the tennis racket handle tape that someone else mentioned). Winn offers this tape in many colors, including a red/white/black pattern that is sort of "camo-ish," that looks pretty good on the EQX, in my opinion. Here's a picture of the grip, on my machine (with one of my red carbon-fiber shafts)... Steve
  8. Steve, I will be listening to the interview shortly, but in the mean time, I am very glad to hear that you are having success at beating the alcoholism. What a great story; thank you kindly for sharing! It only increases my respect for you... Steve
  9. Let me try to clear it up a bit, and add on to what Steve H. said. If you have the "regular" version of Pro Golds, they will not work if you plug them into the CONTROL BOX on the Equinox. They WILL work properly, if you plug them into the WM-08. If you have the "CTX" version of the Pro Golds, they will work on the Equinox when plugged in EITHER way -- control box, OR WM-08. Steve H. is right; I don't know why the Pro Golds aren't sold in JUST the "CTX" version, as that version is, I believe, compatible with ALL machines, whereas the "regular" version won't work when plugged into the control box of the various machines Steve H. mentioned... Finally, you CAN -- if you have the "regular" version of Pro Golds and desire to connect them direct to the Equinox control box -- send them in to have them "converted" by John Smith, for $20, as noted in the thread that Chase linked (thanks, Chase!) Steve
  10. Nice dig! Great job on that "V" on edge! Steve
  11. Steve/Dew -- Got it, thanks. I haven't seen those before, so wasn't aware of just what was being discussed. Thanks guys. Steve
  12. Dew, tell me what "battery covers" you are referring to. I'm not familiar... Thanks! Steve
  13. VERY nice digs! Excellent way to say "goodbye" to New Mexico, I'd say, Thanks for sharing! Makes me wish for another chance at "my" fort site... Congrats! Steve
  14. Hi all! Another big shipment of tubes -- both black, and colored -- arrived today. If you'd like an Equinox shaft -- in black, or blue/black, red/black, blue, red, green, silver, or pink, let me know, and I'll be happy to build you one!Lower rods for the Equinox, and CTX 3030, are also available -- and I have plenty of counterweights in stock, also!Thanks! Steve
  15. Walter, According to the newly updated Equinox user's guide (Page 52), running in F2 mode "disables" the old "FE" mode, and vice versa. IN other words, you can't run an FE setting, and an F2 setting, at the same time. If you set an F2 setting, then the old "FE" setting is inactive. Then, if you set an FE setting, that deactivates your F2 setting. That's the way I understood it... Steve
  16. Yes. Same here. There was definitely a "change," in how it sees on-edge silver coins/rings, in the newer update, but it didn't improve it substantially, IMO. I specifically tested the machine, once version 1.75 was released, focused in particular on the "on-edge" thing. However, I did not note all that much improvement (in air testing). There is definitely "different" behavior there, and I'd say there was some "marginal" improvement, but not enough to make a huge difference, IMO -- at least not with air testing. With that said, I will say that I dig a reasonable number of "mid-depth" coins on edge, with the Equinox (4 to 5" or so), and I dig ALOT of them that are "partially" on edge (say 45 degrees canted) from deep depths, so it's not like the machine is "awful" at coins that are oriented "other than flat." It's just that for certain targets, directly on edge, it struggles. And the improvement in 1.75 was not nearly as great as I had hoped, as compared to 1.5. Phrunt, if you are able to dig coins that are entirely on edge (vertical) -- down to the limits of the machine's depth, with a "coin-type" ID, you are able to accomplish something that I can't. If I recall, it DOES do better in that regard with smaller coins, (I'm trying to think back to the testing I did a year ago), but still...I'd LOVE to have those results, that you describe! Steve
  17. I think there is something to this -- and I think the translation provided by PUHH may be "real" information. Reason being, last week someone made a post on NASA-Tom Dankowski's forum, about the two available software versions for the EQX (1.5, and 1.75), and how that person felt that 1.5 was less "falsy" around iron, and possibly better overall. NASA-Tom responded with a somewhat "cryptic" answer to the question, that there might be a "fix" for this person's concerns (presumably "falsing" high-tones from iron targets), in the "upcoming week" (which is this week). I took that to mean that there may be a new software update on the near-term horizon, presumably improving the Equinox's performance in and around iron...and the chatter here seems to confirm/be related to that... Should be interesting... Steve
  18. Very nice job! I'd LOVE to have things like that available to find in my own yard! SUPER! Steve
  19. OUTSTANDING job, and what a great story, Skate!! And you are right, there is nothing better than the happiness you bring to someone, when you find their lost item. I love the story, Skate! Terrific! Steve
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