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  1. Holy cow! THAT IS TERRIFIC, Peg! What a nice surprise! Steve
  2. Cal -- I can provide you with a good, light two-piece shaft that will result in ZERO wobble. I know there are shafts that are very slightly lighter than mine, but this is accomplished by thinner tube wall diameters. I try to strike a good balance between strength, and weight. Steve
  3. Hey all! Just for clarification's sake, I assume, relicmeister, that when you say "telescoping shaft," you are referring to shafts like the "Tele-Knox," that are comprised of several small tubes that "slide into each other" telescopically, through the use of multiple cam locks? I ask, only to perhaps clarify, for some folks. Reason being, I personally call nearly ANY shaft for the Equinox a "telescopic" shaft, even just a two-piece shaft, since the smaller tube "telescopically" slides into the upper tube. So I have always called two-piece shafts, or even the stock three-piece shaft, "telescopic" shafts, since they all have at least one piece that "slides into" another, larger piece above it. But I don't THINK these types of shafts are the ones you are specifically referring to, right? I think you are asking about shafts that are designed with MULTIPLE telescopic sections, which then collapse down to a very small length, correct? Steve
  4. DigsAlot -- understood. The cuffs are made by Jeff Herke (hence the name), and Jeff has been making that cuff for various different machines, for many years. The one which I offer, for my Equinox shafts, is the same design as the ones he offers for various other machines; the only difference amongst all of his cuffs, is that he slightly alters the sizing at the connection point, to fit the different models of shafts he designs them for. The cuffs are black powder-coated aluminum, and thus can be bent slightly to fit your forearm. There is also an optional, padded neoprene cover which can be purchased; overall, it's a very heavy-duty, comfortable cuff, that some people really like. Thanks! Steve
  5. Yes, sir -- I have Herke arm cuffs for sale. Is that something you are interested in, or need some more information about? Thanks! Steve
  6. Nice digs, Peg! It looks like you had some fun, and did a good bit of digging! No idea, on that "silver sandwich..." Steve
  7. Maybe not what you were expecting/hoping Gerry, but NICE finds, in any case! Steve
  8. NICE dig! Not what you were thinking at first, maybe, but nice dig anyway! Steve
  9. Thank you, Randy! Same to you, and to everyone here! Merry Christmas! Steve
  10. Rich -- THANK you for the feedback, and the kind words! I love it that you are pleased with the feel, and the build. Sounds like the counterweight is doing what is intended -- giving you better balance. SUPER! I'm glad to have helped! Steve
  11. Steve, Thank you! I appreciate your permission. I will consider doing a drawing here, in the future, so that all the non-Facebook users can enter, as well! Thanks! Steve
  12. 2Valen -- You might get in touch with me after the holidays. There may be a few options to build you a more affordable shaft, from some leftover parts I have. We can talk about the details then, if you are interested... Thanks! Steve
  13. 2Valen -- teenage grandkids are definitely expensive! 😉 I would welcome the chance to build you a shaft, if they don't drain your bank account! 😉 Steve
  14. Happa -- THANK you, for the kind words! I'm so glad you enjoy the shaft!! coinhunterseth -- I commend you for not getting swept up into the mess that social media can become, for so many young folks. Kudos to you! 😉 Steve
  15. Joe -- Thank you! I appreciate your business, and wish you a terrific Holiday season, as well! Steve
  16. Joe -- LOL! I get it. Like I say, I'm not much of a fan, either, but from an "e-commerce" perspective, there are a lot of Equinox users on Facebook, so I decided to "hold my nose," and start a business page there... 😂 Steve
  17. relicmaster -- understood! Sounds like there are several in that boat... Steve
  18. THANK YOU, castleberry, for the very kind words! I really appreciate it! Glad you are happy with your shaft! 🙂 Merry Christmas! Steve
  19. Gents, I agree with you both, on the social media thing. Those of us who weren't children of the "smartphone" age, are generally not nearly as tuned in to social media, etc. Nor do we want to be. I agree with you, Tim, I don't really think anyone much cares what I'm doing, etc., and yet the younger generation places their whole existence, from moment to moment (at least, the "perfect" existence that they "craft" for everyone to see) online. But, from a business/marketing perspective, social media -- particularly YouTube and Facebook -- seem to be very popular ways to advertise and market. So, based on the advice of a couple of others, I went ahead and started a business page. I figured that a drawing would be fun, and it would help to spread the word that my business exists... But, that doesn't mean I can't do a drawing in a different way, in the future... Steve
  20. Wow, a BEAUTY of a Seated quarter!! Congrats! Steve
  21. 2Valen -- I hear you, and I understand. I don't use Facebook either -- except for the business page. I don't have a "personal" presence on Facebook, any moreso than was required to setup the business page. So, I totally get what you are saying. I am NOT a fan, but it nonetheless is where a lot of folks go, now, for metal detecting camaraderie, with the detecting forums in general less popular than they once were. That's why I opened the "business" page, there, but I share your wariness about the platform, in general. The reason I chose to do the drawings on Facebook, is that I am not sure what the "rules" are, for having a giveaway on one of the forums. I know that at some forums, it would not be permissible at all, unless you are a "sponsor" of the forum. I will check with Steve, here, to see how he would feel about such a "giveaway," and see if it is something I might be able to do here, in the future... Thanks for your thoughts; it's a good point! Steve
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