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  1. SUPER dig! I love those Seated coins, and the half dimes don't turn up regularly, that's for sure! NICE! Steve
  2. Strick -- I have heard of instances where problems in the coil wire can sometimes do that, usually either the connector that screws into the unit, or where the coil cable inserts into the coil. Steve
  3. Nice story, nice coin. Congrats on the dig! Steve
  4. BeachHunter -- THANKS for the very kind words, sir! I am glad you like the color! Though I may be "biased," I do think the colored tubes look really nice! ? I will attach a couple of pictures, showing several of the available colors, for those interested (colors shown are blue, silver, red, blue/black, red/black, and green). Thanks! Steve
  5. Not only a gold coin, but the particularly unusual $3 variety???? That is simply incredible... WOW!!! Steve
  6. Hi all! I'm back in town after an extended vacation, and have been busily building shafts, and filling customer orders that piled up while I was away. At this point I have plenty of rods and shafts in stock -- Equinox and CTX, and I do have a few "Limited-Edition" colored shafts currently being completed, in various colors (colored shafts are $20 additional, vs. the standard black). I also have counterweights ready to custom-build for you, and a new supply of "Herke" black aluminum arm cuffs (and padded neoprene cuff covers) in stock. If you are interested, drop me a line -- either here, or via email at steve@stevesdetectorrods.com; I'd love to hear from you! Thanks, Steve www.stevesdetectorrods.com www.facebook.com/stevesdetectorrods
  7. Absolutely incredible!!! Thanks for sharing, Gerry. That is just INCREDIBLE!! Steve
  8. dan_h -- nice job getting your feet wet with your new machine! Enjoy! Steve
  9. Excellent, Dan! Beautiful "R" button! Steve
  10. Congrats on the new machine -- it's a good one! Steve
  11. Hi all! I just wanted to give a bit of updated information; I have Equinox complete shafts (as well as spare Equinox lower rods) in stock, and CTX 3030 lower rods are in stock as well. Custom counterweights for the Equinox shafts are available for purchase, as well. In addition, I have placed a carbon-fiber tube order with my supplier, that will permit production of a small, second batch of "colored" carbon-fiber shafts for the Equinox; they will be available soon. Finally, I'm pleased to announce that I have more of the "Jeff Herke Arm Cuffs" available, for the Equinox shafts, with an optional padded neoprene cuff cover also available for the cuffs. If you have any interest in shafts, rods, counterweighting, or a replacement arm cuff, please let me know! www.stevesdetectorrods.com www.facebook.com/stevesdetectorrods Thanks! Steve email: steve@stevesdetectorrods.com
  12. RedHat -- If you have the landowner's permission, and permission from the government, then who is it that you would be in trouble with? I am not "doubting" what you say, just trying to understand. It seems like the government should be the highest authority, no? Wow. That is terrible... Steve
  13. WOW!!! Thanks for sharing, Steve! Just AMAZING! What a dig -- it had to have made that guy's weekend FOR SURE! Steve
  14. Steve, I'm really sorry you had to endure that garbage. You are a great guy -- and it's really sad that some seem to enjoy slandering and taking pot shots at others, about whom they know very little, if anything. Thanks for what you do, and for making this forum available for us. Steve
  15. Great hunt -- and great timing on the tearout! SCORE!!! Steve
  16. AMAZING, beautiful Great Coat button, Dan. SUPER hunt, once again! Steve
  17. Yes, I've seen some 11's mixed in, on some older ones. FWIW, I dug a 4" deep Jefferson nickel that was a perfect "12", and it's not the first time... Incidentally, I also dug a 1" deep 1925 Merc, that read 25/26 in the ground...??? It air tests a solid 25... ?? I am CERTAIN I skipped over this coin, in the past, thinking it was a shallow penny! ? Steve
  18. Tometusns -- that is CRAZY! I have NEVER dug a shield nickel, and you got three of 'em in one short hunt?! SUPERB!!! Were they good 12/13 signals? Deep? Steve
  19. Hey all, I plan to place the colored tube order in the next day or two. If you are interested, now's the time to let me know, LOL! Thanks! Steve
  20. Dan -- Yet again, NICE job! Great saves! Steve
  21. Outstanding, Dan! Nice finds, overall, but you KNOW I love that Seated half-dime! Steve
  22. NICE job, Dan! Very nice digs; I love the Dragoon button! Those don't turn up all that frequently, in my limited experience... Steve
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