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  1. This is why I like vacationing back home in Pennsylvania! 🙂 I only dug two coins today, on a two-hour hunt at the site of what used to be a mid 1800s church, but is now just forest, and a small, old, adjacent cemetery... --Steve
  2. I know some of my customers have asked this question, but I have not tried the supports myself. Maybe someone will chime in... Steve
  3. Phillips_R -- THANKS! 🙂 Bash -- that is some terrific news; I just LOVE to hear that! A full days' swinging, and your shoulder being relatively happy? Makes my day! 🙂 Steve
  4. Thank you all, for the kind words! I really appreciate it! Steve
  5. Bash -- WOW! THANK YOU for the wonderful review! I am so glad you are pleased with the shaft, and I enjoyed working with you to try and provide you with exactly what you were looking for! Working with you was quite enjoyable, and so the feeling is mutual! Thank you very much for taking the time to share your thoughts! Happy hunting! Steve
  6. Thanks, Dan! 😉 GB_Amateur -- I totally agree with you, and know what you mean by "filling the slots" in the old coin books! 🙂 Yep, most coins that come out of the ground won't have any numismatic value, but it's the excitement surrounding the next find that keeps many of us going. I totally agree! 2Valen -- complaining? Not sure what made you think I was complaining! That was a fun hunt, and it's rare for me to have a "two Barber" hunt, OR a "four Indian Head Penny" hunt when hunting Oklahoma dirt, so I was very pleased... Thanks! Steve
  7. GB -- LOL! Unless it was an '09-S VDB, I don't even think much about "key dates" on copper coins; most of them come out of the ground in bad enough condition that they don't maintain any value, unfortunately... Steve
  8. GB -- LOL! Thanks for the kind words. I think the wheatie you are referring to is a 1915-D, BUT -- the magic wand that turns the coin into a Merc, should have no trouble changing the 5 to a 6, right?! 😉 Steve
  9. Thanks guys! Mark -- indeed; the dirt in this site (and many, in this area) is not particularly kind to copper coins... Steve
  10. ...a pretty good day by Oklahoma standards! These came from a grassy area between an old hospital, and an old church; my hunting buddies managed some other goodies -- including two Mercs, a couple of IHPs, several wheats, and a Buffalo nickel. Steve
  11. Dan -- TERRIFIC! Excellent job! Steve
  12. Steve and Dan -- Thanks guys! It makes me happy to know that you both are well-pleased with the shafts/counterweights! I appreciate you both! Steve
  13. Hi all! Yep, I COULD make something like this, but the gentleman who used to make them is still around; he goes by the screen name "khouse" on Dankowski's forum. I saw a recent post from him, where he mentioned possibly starting to make them again, so I will of course refrain, and respect his "intellectual property." Perhaps I can chat with him, and see what his intent is... Meanwhile, it has been on the drawing board to begin producing a carbon-fiber upper "S-shaft" for Garrett machines for awhile now, though there are some logistics -- that involve a sizeable up-front investment -- that have prevented me from doing so thus far. That's why I am only doing the lower two shaft sections for the Garrett machines, for now. However, if/when I do begin offering the upper shaft as well, I will certainly be extending the length of it (and would then offer the counterweight system that I've used with the Equinox shafts, as well...) Steve
  14. Sven -- THANKS! I was wondering why my Facebook page was active today... 😉 Thank you! Steve
  15. Rod, I'm so glad you are pleased, and I'm glad you found something to do with the dug .22 bullets! I'm sorry your daughter wasn't happy -- but maybe someday I can build her a red one of her own! 😉 Thanks Rod, I appreciate the kind words! Steve
  16. You are most welcome, sir! Steve
  17. This is because the Equinox is particularly sensitive around the edges of the coil, as well as the normal "center" portion of the coil. When you sweep a target like a coin, from a close distance, from left to right, you will get a beep when the right edge of the coil passes over the coin, again when the center of the coil passes over the coin, and then again when the left edge of the coil passes over the coin. This is normal, proper behavior. It won't happen, when the coin is 8", for instance, from the coil; you'll only hear the single beep, when the center of the coil passes over the coin. Steve
  18. Sandi, I'll send you a PM to see if there's a way that I can help you guys out. Thanks! Steve
  19. Sandi -- Yes, I produce carbon-fiber shafts for the Equinox. I will send you a PM, regarding a possible shaft for your husband's Equinox. Thanks for your interest! Steve
  20. maxxkatt -- I have confirmed that Miccus Bluetooth 5.0 headphones WILL work perfectly with the Equinox -- at least they do on my machine, and one of my hunting partners' machines. I'm not sure why you are having trouble with yours, but I don't believe it to be an overall incompatibility between Miccus 5.0 phones, and the Equinox. It could be a bad set of phones, or a mistake in the pairing process, not sure, but I don't think it's a universal issue of incompatibility. Steve
  21. Wow, what an INCREDIBLE hunt, for your brother, Gerry! Congrats to him, big time, and it's cool that you were there to experience it! Steve
  22. Brian -- most definitely, there are. That sounds like a lot of fun... Steve
  23. That's a terrific job, then, for the Equinox to give a good, solid ID like that on such a deep, small target. Wow! Again -- just an AMAZING hunt! And AU-55 on the gold coin?! WOW... It IS another really cool side note, as you mentioned, that both of the coins that have more substantial numismatic value are also the ones that happened to be in really nice condition! While you, like I, don't sell coin finds, it's still pretty amazing that you have a couple with that much worth. Did your friend tell you what the 1865-S Seated Dime might grade at? You might have a couple of $3000+ coins there... Steve
  24. Thanks, Brian! I'd love to hunt with Tom sometime, but I think his mind is pretty made up! Truthfully, I'd love to hunt with you both! Maybe someday that can happen. Thanks! Steve
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