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  1. AMAZING, beautiful Great Coat button, Dan. SUPER hunt, once again! Steve
  2. Yes, I've seen some 11's mixed in, on some older ones. FWIW, I dug a 4" deep Jefferson nickel that was a perfect "12", and it's not the first time... Incidentally, I also dug a 1" deep 1925 Merc, that read 25/26 in the ground...??? It air tests a solid 25... ?? I am CERTAIN I skipped over this coin, in the past, thinking it was a shallow penny! ? Steve
  3. Tometusns -- that is CRAZY! I have NEVER dug a shield nickel, and you got three of 'em in one short hunt?! SUPERB!!! Were they good 12/13 signals? Deep? Steve
  4. Hey all, I plan to place the colored tube order in the next day or two. If you are interested, now's the time to let me know, LOL! Thanks! Steve
  5. Dan -- Yet again, NICE job! Great saves! Steve
  6. Outstanding, Dan! Nice finds, overall, but you KNOW I love that Seated half-dime! Steve
  7. NICE job, Dan! Very nice digs; I love the Dragoon button! Those don't turn up all that frequently, in my limited experience... Steve
  8. Sting Ray -- Thanks for the kind words; I'm really glad to hear that the counterweight is helping. And I have to say, that silver shaft, with the rest of the components being black, looks REALLY sharp! Thanks for the endorsement, and for sharing the picture. NICE! Steve
  9. Hi all!I wanted to mention several things that may be of interest.First of all, as some know, I've been working on making colored shafts available regularly, as a "special order" item. I recently ordered a "test batch" of colored tubes, and all of the colored shafts produced from these tubes have been sold, except one -- it's in the "red/black" color, and I will post a picture of it a bit later.Second, I have several customers requesting colored shafts, so I'm looking to put together a new order for colored tubes from my supplier, in the next week to 10 days or so. I would like to get as many customers as are interested, to let me know, as my supplier would like as a large of an order as possible. So, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A COLORED SHAFT, please let me know. Here is a picture of the available colors...Finally, I just received parts that will allow me to re-stock inventory on the standard (black) Equinox complete shafts; I also have CTX 3030 lower rods, and Equinox lower rods, available as well. Please let me know if you are interested -- sending me an email is the best way to get in touch, at steve@stevesdetectorrods.com.THANKS!Steve
  10. Nice job, LOTS of coins, and some silver and wheats mixed it makes it a nice hunt for sure!! Steve
  11. Thanks, Gents! Dig It -- yes, it was a a lot of fun! I can't wait to go back; we have a two-week summer trip back to PA that I'm really looking forward to! Strick -- I thought that was a really unique button, as well! I found it between the cellar hole and the old well, close to the well. Someone out getting water, when it was cold outside, is my guess! But it's a nice-looking button, I agree! Steve
  12. Dan -- TREMENDOUS digs!!! SUPERB! Steve
  13. EXCELLENT, Dan! LOVE the digs! Steve
  14. Very interesting, GB; thanks for that additional info! And yes, unless we "easterners" are digging coins from the Charlotte or Dahlonega, the westerners (especially with respect to the CC minted coins) are more likely to find rare ones... Steve
  15. GB_Amateur -- thanks for the info on the 1955 coins! I didn't know those specifics! I appreciate the education! Yes, it was a good time with my niece and nephew! They love to tag along with "uncle Steve," and are fascinated with detecting! My little niece told me, after I dug the Franklin, that "this was her best detecting day ever!" LOL! Thanks, groundscanner. Definitely a good time! Steve
  16. GB_Amateur, I wasn't "discriminating" high tones with the machine; I run wide open. But -- at the site I spent the most time at (the 1872 farmhouse), we hunted mostly the nicely manicured yard, and I didn't want to dig any more holes than I needed to, so there was a bit of "discrimination" applied with my ears, due to that. IF I showed some of the mid-tone junk dug at the foundation sites, however (including more than my share of shotgun-shell brass, from one of them, LOL), you'd have seen that I "turned off" the "mental discriminator!" LOL! I just didn't happen upon any nickels at those foundation sites (war nickels, or otherwise, LOL!) Yes, I was pleased with the condition of the large cent! I was really hoping to dig one on that trip, as there's virtually no chance I can dig them here in Oklahoma, at 99.9% of the sites I have access to. The state is simply "too young," unless you are hunting an old military installation. The Merc is a 1934, and the Rosie a '53, both Philadelphia coins. NO, the Merc is not a '21-D, LOL! That would've been nice! ? But, what's this about the 1955 Rosie? Not familiar with that one... Nothing noteworthy with the wheats; most are so toasted, in this case, that it wouldn't matter, anyway. Same with the Indians, except for the fatty, which is special to me because it's the first I've ever dug... The Franklin was a total surprise; it came in the dark, on the border between my Mom's yard, and the old farmhouse on our property. I was outside with my young niece and nephew, who begged me to "take them metal detecting," and so we went outside for a bit, at dusk, so I could dig them a few shell casings or some shotgun-shell brass that I knew would fascinate and appease them, LOL! We hit the farmhouse yard for a bit, and I as expected I got them a few casings and brass (I've pretty much cleaned out the old coins from that yard). After I dug the "last target for today," so I told them, with their hands happily full of old ammunition, LOL, we were walking back to my Mom's house, but I hadn't shut the machine off yet -- just swinging haphazardly as I walked. But then, I hit a sweet 34/35 high tone, that stopped me in my tracks, and I said to them "I know I said I wasn't digging any more, but I HAVE to dig this one." LOL! Boy am I glad I did, and you can't imagine how surprised all three of us were to see "big silver" in the hole! Steve
  17. Hi all! I just returned from a short vacation back home in western PA, and squeezed in a couple of hunts at a few old sites -- an 1872 farmhouse, an 1885 house, an early to mid 1800s foundation, and a 19th century cellar hole...plus a short time at an old church or school house estimated to be late 1800s. I managed a nice variety of finds; here are some of the better ones. The large cent is 1818, the pinkish-looking Indian is an 1863 fattie. There is writing on most of the flat buttons, but the only ones I can make out are the gold-gilded one that says "TREBLE GILT STANDARD COLOR," and one other that says "SUPERFINE STRONG LONDON." Does anyone know any ages on those? The round crotal bell says "OCT 24 76 & MAY 14 78" -- and has a maker's mark that has a small circle, then a diamond with a plus inside, and then another small circle. The other, acorn-shaped bell has no markings... Steve
  18. Holy smokes, Dan! What a ton of buttons!!! NICE! Steve
  19. I dug one a couple of weeks ago, that was an 18/19 in the ground, and a solid "18" above ground, in an air test. Thought I was digging a deep Indian. Also an "S" mint mark... Steve
  20. THANKS, Skate! Appreciate the info. And a 2/3 on that ring? That makes NO sense to me! A pull tab of similar shape/size would ring up much higher than that! Steve
  21. I am not familiar with "ring finders." I belong to "lost my stuff," but not familiar with "ring finders." Is that just a local group, or is it national? I'd like to join... Steve
  22. 19-20 AND -- SUPER job on yet ANOTHER return!!! Steve
  23. Dan -- Stupendous! Great job on working your "right place at the right time" spot to produce that many great finds! Steve
  24. Just an INCREDIBLE story, Skate!!!!! Thanks for the additional details. That's a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I am real happy for you, and for that family!! SO cool! Steve
  25. Incredible luck, incredible timing, Dan. And of course -- an INCREDIBLE job done by you, digging that many good targets at substantial depth! SUPER! Steve
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