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  1. Maybe not what you were expecting/hoping Gerry, but NICE finds, in any case! Steve
  2. NICE dig! Not what you were thinking at first, maybe, but nice dig anyway! Steve
  3. Thank you, Randy! Same to you, and to everyone here! Merry Christmas! Steve
  4. Steve, Thank you! I appreciate your permission. I will consider doing a drawing here, in the future, so that all the non-Facebook users can enter, as well! Thanks! Steve
  5. 2Valen -- You might get in touch with me after the holidays. There may be a few options to build you a more affordable shaft, from some leftover parts I have. We can talk about the details then, if you are interested... Thanks! Steve
  6. 2Valen -- teenage grandkids are definitely expensive! 😉 I would welcome the chance to build you a shaft, if they don't drain your bank account! 😉 Steve
  7. Happa -- THANK you, for the kind words! I'm so glad you enjoy the shaft!! coinhunterseth -- I commend you for not getting swept up into the mess that social media can become, for so many young folks. Kudos to you! 😉 Steve
  8. Joe -- Thank you! I appreciate your business, and wish you a terrific Holiday season, as well! Steve
  9. Joe -- LOL! I get it. Like I say, I'm not much of a fan, either, but from an "e-commerce" perspective, there are a lot of Equinox users on Facebook, so I decided to "hold my nose," and start a business page there... 😂 Steve
  10. relicmaster -- understood! Sounds like there are several in that boat... Steve
  11. THANK YOU, castleberry, for the very kind words! I really appreciate it! Glad you are happy with your shaft! 🙂 Merry Christmas! Steve
  12. Gents, I agree with you both, on the social media thing. Those of us who weren't children of the "smartphone" age, are generally not nearly as tuned in to social media, etc. Nor do we want to be. I agree with you, Tim, I don't really think anyone much cares what I'm doing, etc., and yet the younger generation places their whole existence, from moment to moment (at least, the "perfect" existence that they "craft" for everyone to see) online. But, from a business/marketing perspective, social media -- particularly YouTube and Facebook -- seem to be very popular ways to advertise and market. So, based on the advice of a couple of others, I went ahead and started a business page. I figured that a drawing would be fun, and it would help to spread the word that my business exists... But, that doesn't mean I can't do a drawing in a different way, in the future... Steve
  13. Wow, a BEAUTY of a Seated quarter!! Congrats! Steve
  14. 2Valen -- I hear you, and I understand. I don't use Facebook either -- except for the business page. I don't have a "personal" presence on Facebook, any moreso than was required to setup the business page. So, I totally get what you are saying. I am NOT a fan, but it nonetheless is where a lot of folks go, now, for metal detecting camaraderie, with the detecting forums in general less popular than they once were. That's why I opened the "business" page, there, but I share your wariness about the platform, in general. The reason I chose to do the drawings on Facebook, is that I am not sure what the "rules" are, for having a giveaway on one of the forums. I know that at some forums, it would not be permissible at all, unless you are a "sponsor" of the forum. I will check with Steve, here, to see how he would feel about such a "giveaway," and see if it is something I might be able to do here, in the future... Thanks for your thoughts; it's a good point! Steve
  15. Hi, all! I just wanted to mention that in the spirit of the Holidays, Steve's Detector Rods will be giving away one carbon-fiber complete Equinox shaft (upper shaft and lower rod), AND one carbon-fiber Equinox lower rod, to two lucky U.S. winners. Two separate drawings will be held on Dec. 18, one for the complete shaft, and a second for the lower rod. Entry into the drawings is completely free, with no purchase required -- and the entry period is open from now, through 11:59 PM on Sunday, Dec. 15. Additionally, ALL entrants into either drawing will qualify to receive 10% off of any item purchased through Steve's, for the entire month of December. For additional information, including details and eligibility, please visit Steve's Facebook page, at https://www.facebook.com/stevesdetectorrods Thanks! Steve
  16. NICE dig! Very nice Merc, congrats on it being your first, and WOW am I jealous of you living in middle Tennessee. I spent a couple of years in the Nashville area (Hermitage/Old Hickory area), and I LOVED it there! Steve
  17. Pimento's advice is worth repeating. Lower sensitivity WAAAAAY down; you don't need to "go deep" for this target, so no need to hear all the other items that are in the ground, deeper than the top 1-2" or so. Steve
  18. Chase, I could NOT AGREE MORE with the first part of your post, that I bolded. Spot-on, iMO. As for the part that I underlined, I am ALSO hoping for 2-D target ID numbers and smartfind screen (or something similar) for Minelab's next Multi-IQ unit. Obviously Minelab has now covered the "lower tier" of the market, with the Vanquish, and they have the "middle tier" well-covered with the Equinox. SURELY, a high-tier, "flagship-type" unit based off of the Multi-IQ technology platform, must be in the works at Minelab...and FE/CO numbers and smartfind screen would be a VERY welcome inclusion, on that unit, IMO... Steve
  19. WOW, Mark! Great job recovering all those REALLY small targets! It's pretty cool when the machine insists there's something there, and yet even your pinpointer can't find it... Nice job! Steve
  20. 67GTA -- very good point. I was not aware that Park1 defaults to 3, on the 600. If that is true, then absolutely run that thing down to 1, for maximizing depth. Steve
  21. Brian, Super. It sounds to me like the machine is behaving just as it should. Remember, if you "like" the idea of hearing the iron audio, as well as the high tones, you'll have to hit that horseshoe button every time you turn the machine off, and then back on. That is not a setting that is "saved;" the default is all-metal mode OFF (i.e. iron discriminated) -- at least in Park 1 mode (I don't recall if that's the default on the other modes, but I think it is). Good luck on those old home sites! I bet you find a few goodies! Steve
  22. Brian, Disturbed dirt (freshly dug) is notorious for reducing maximum detection depth. Still, 10" is a DEEP dig, for a coin a small as a dime, for even the very deepest of VLF-IB machines (and I include the Equinox in that list of "very deepest of VLF-IB machines). IF you are getting "peeps," on a 10" deep dime, you are doing pretty well, especially in newly disturbed/dug soil. Couple things...one, hit your "horseshoe" button, if you haven't already, to put it in "all metal" mode, and don't disc. anything. Doing so (all metal, no discrimination applied) you will probably get more consistent "hits" on the dime -- albeit "iron" tones. You should get a mix of iron tones and some high tone chirps/peeps. If this is what you find, on a 10" deep dime, in freshly dug dirt, you are doing pretty well, and I would be willing to say your unit is functioning properly. Steve
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