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  1. Hi friends, a new video about an ancient swiss goldmine is online. I hope, you enjoy it. Stay healthy! And
  2. Hi friends, a new video about an ancient swiss goldmine is online. I hope, you enjoy it. Stay healthy! And
  3. Thank you very much, Fred! I'm glad, that you liked the voice narrating. It was my first voice-over work and it first felt very odd to me 😅. Nobody likes his own voice and obviously, english is not my native language. Sorry for this off-topic post, but doing the voice-over was really an interesting tasks... I found good tutorials, if anybody is interested, just write me messages. Back to gold topics: My next video will be about an ancient swiss gold mine with a quite untypical gold ore in basically a limestone mountain. The gold occured in veins of calzite and only minor in quartz. An experienced geologist/prospector was with us and explained some points. If I'm right, we were the first, who filmed this goldmine in 4K resolution, the mine is high in the mountains and difficult to access. Can't wait to edit the footage. But first I wish Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you guys!! Take Care.
  4. Wow, what a compliment. Thank you very much, Steve! This means a lot to me, to read such a compliment from a real expert like you! I really appreciate, what you do for us Non-professionals by sharing your huge knowledge.
  5. The Grande Finale is online. I hope you like it... Merry Christmas and have a wonderful holidays!
  6. Thank you very much for sharing this! If I pass by at Copper Center, I'll ask for Jerry Cronks shop. I like the rumor about the hidden gold coins at the mouth of Franklin! I would love to explore all this hidden creeks, just to see and feel the places, where you guys and your ancestors once lived and prospected. I hope I soon find time to go there. So you were at the lode mine? Do you know how to get there? I wouldn't bother to hike, I plan to do so next year. Did you ever hear rumors about "california pup", a small sidecreek of Myers Fork? Sorry for asking so much, but I'm fascinated by the this area and the history and rumors. I'm sure, many rumors have a true core...
  7. OK, interesting. Was this family somehow related to Fred Purdy / Anne Hobbs (Tisha)? I read the book about Tisha and the today owner of the gold camp told me, he knew some of her family members. In fact there is an old hardrock mine of Fred Purdy in the woods near Myers Fork. I'm very interested in that stuff, I plan to visit this place and hopefully produce a video about it somewhen...
  8. Episode 2 is online: Finding a good spot: Two swiss hobby gold prospectors travel to Chicken, Alaska to find some gold on Myers Fork. In this episode, we try to find a good spot on Myers Fork and finally we find one, but way further upstream, from where we normally prospect.
  9. I made a few videos about our trip to Chicken Alaska this year. Here is episode 1: Journey to Chicken: Two swiss hobby gold prospectors travel to Chicken, Alaska to find some gold on Myers Fork. This first episode contains some impressions of the journey and our sweet arrival in Chicken, Alaska. Episode 2 (coming soon) is about us, trying to find some gold on Myers Fork and having a good time in Chicken Gold Camp.
  10. Absolutely! We already use the Whites GMT for more than ten years in the way you wrote... If somebody has to decide to buy a Goldmaster or a GPZ for creek prospecting, I clearly would recommend the Goldmaster or a similar detector type. In our case, it was literally an extension of our range to have both a VLF and the GPZ... ps: We were in the Wasilla area few weeks ago ?
  11. ? ? ? I expected reactions like this. Sorry, we really appreciated your advices! Believe me, we discussed the topic seriously in my team. In fact, we now wear blue and red. We of course have the VLF (Whites GMT) still always with us. The GPZ doesn't replace it in our use case. But now we have both instruments with all its advantages and disadvantages. Detecting with coil deeply under water is of course not the realm of the GPZ. We were fully aware of that, when we bought the GPZ. But there are many situations in small, shallow creeks, where the GPZ excells our VLF (what a surprise...). Many thanks to Steve and the others for sharing the thoughts about GPZ settings and also for discussing the importance of prospecting knowledge vs settings. I think, we got the point, it fully coincides with our VLF experience... Reading all this discussions was inspiring and helpful.
  12. We now have a zed... ? What I can say after our first days with experiments: we have a lot to learn... It's really an impressive instrument. But I think, we need quite a bit some time to get used to the new language of this detector (compared to our VLF). I'll keep you updated...
  13. thank you guys! I fixed my GMT rod and installed my 4x6inch shooter coil, as the original 6x10inch coils cable is also broken (I dont like the 4x6, as its very noisy, but it works). Last weekend we were sluicing and found again some nice gold with this setup ?. We would have missed it for sure without detector. So it works and I know my VLF quite well (> 10 years experience) and I'll keep my ancient GMT, for all the discussed advantages. After my researches and according to your appreciated advices, there is only one logical result: The SDC2300 price doesn't way up the benefits compared to my VLF, which I know very well. Maybe a tiny bit more depth in our low mineralized ground, a bit more pratical, but 5-6 times more expensive and I'm not as used to it as to my VLF. Doesn't make sense to me with what I know now. But it seems, the GPZ does open really new possibilites... . I know, it's not exactly designed for our application, but maybe we have to change the application than ? . We will see...
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