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  1. Steve, my deepest congratulations to your "coming out"! What you wrote about anonymity and the ego-thing and so on may be true and need to be careful thinking. But it's also very true, that it helps other people so much, to see, that everybody struggles in live, even a "bright star" like you. Nowadays everybody tries to present only the best of himself in TV, social media etc.. This gives a very distorted image of how people are. This distorted image of flawless and successful people can lead to depressions because of the stress for many to reach this unachievable goal. So I'm absolutely sure, your book will help many, not only regarding alcohol, but generally in life. Thank you for your contribution, and God bless you, Steve!
  2. Gosh it's about 15 years since I watched the first of your DVDs an tried to learn :). I still remember like yesterday, how a prospecting buddy of mine showed me a DVD from you and we were deeply impressed. So I am today!
  3. thank you very much! It was a pleasure for me to make this video! The credits go to Steve, it's him who makes the video so interesting.
  4. Thank you Steve! It was a pleasure for me! Just give a yell, if you want to test your new Mac Air with another video 😉.
  5. 🙂 that's my "problem". The people I make this videos for, normally don't like youtube, they are rather out prospecting. To be honest, myself I also didn't spend much time watching videos on youtube before I made my own videos. But 2018 I was asked from my Truck Camper rental in Alaska, if I could make a video for them of my trip for their youtube channel. This started everything. So I started also watching some other travel videos and tutorials etc. and I was very surprised about what excellent videos are out there. The problem is, you have to find them, there is also a lot of crap... It's like with prospecting, you have to find the nuggets in the crap 🙂. Nowadays my wife, my brother in law and me we spend whole Saturday evenings watching stuff on youtube and having beers and fun. The stuff on youtube is nowadays often better than TV, it's more authentic because it's less "professional".
  6. Thank you very much! It's easy to make a good video, if the interviewed person talks so excellent. The nugget is Steve, my work was simply the showcase... I'm glad about what you wrote regarding getting to you emotionally. I felt the same during video editing. I spent many hours with editing but I enjoyed every second of it, because it hit my heart, what Steve said. I was in fact happy about bad weather, so I could spend hours with video editing 🙂
  7. Episode 2 is online. Thank you very much Steve, it was a pleasure and an inspiration to talk to you.
  8. Thank you Gerry! In fact my interest in gold startet 15 years ago and since than, I spent most of my free time out prospecting. It's what I love to do the most. My interest in videography startet later, because I took occasionally footage of our adventures in the creeks. I'm glad, that you like my direction of questioning. It's exactly my intention, to also capture the emotions and the way of thinking. It's not only fascinating, it's also very helpful to know, how successful prospectors think. Because in my experience, the mind set is one of the most important key factors in prospecting. We are way more driven by emotions, than we are aware in the situation... And if we know that, we can cope with it and try to be more rational and smart. I always say: The nugget doesn't bother if I'm angry, when I don't find it 😉
  9. The interview with Steve is done. It was great, thanks again, Steve! It will take some time to edit it, but I give my best 🙂
  10. Thank you. I'm far from being professional. I make the videos in my free time. Therefore I'm quite slow and can't provide so many videos like pro-youtubers. And I'm really a lousy cameraman 🙂, but the new cameras have excellent image stabilization etc. so it looks quite good without much experience. I spend a lot of time editing, I love it, to combine good footage with good music to a story and optimize the image quality etc... And it's the icing on the cake, if you guys enjoy my videos, that's really a pleasure for me! I work as an optical engineer at Leica Geosystems (Hexagon), i.e. I design optics for industrial cameras and optical metrology systems, Laser Scanners etc.... So I have for sure an interest in camera technology. But that's all, my profession has in common with my videos 🙂.
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