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  1. Haha, it's cool man, that you know our lovely "cool man". He was a Swiss Musician and he became really famous with this ad. Later, he performed also the song "Geierwally, Geierwally, I love you" (Geierwally is the name of a girl from the mountains). Well, you could discuss the quality of this song 😃 but it was fun for sure. We had a lot of party to this song.
  2. In part 2 of the interview, we hear more details about the nugget and how it was found. Enjoy!
  3. Thank you for the comment, I appreciate! Part 2 is ready in short time. They'll talk more detailed about the nugget and how it was found in part 2. Price: It was in fact a quarz-gold nugget, i.e. not solid gold. This has to be taken into account, when calculation price per oz. On the other hand I also think, such a incredible piece should make a way higher price, because it is an extremely rare collectors piece. I think at that time it was difficult to find a buyer for something like that and who was willing to pay a collector price. They had about two years to find a buyer. Today with al
  4. Thank you very much for the feedback!!! Makes me very happy. I just love it, to make this videos, but it of course great for me, if you guys like to watch them... This video here is about gold hunting in the Swiss Alps:
  5. Thank you! Part 2 is completed and after positive review by the DeRaps family, it will be published around end of this week. Part 3 is almost completed, it will be published next week. He found it in the south-western part of Sierra County. We wont disclose the exact location, to protect the interests of the current property owners. The DeRaps family lived in Alleghany at that time...
  6. Hello detector-prospector friends, I had the honor to interview the finder-family of the legendary "Ambrosha-Nugget", found 1983 in Sierra County, California. Enjoy!
  7. I made a new episode of how my Alaska trips started. More episodes to come... Have a great day!
  8. Hello friends, Episode 3 is online. This episode was pretty special for me, as my family is part of it. I hope, you enjoy it. Schwendi
  9. absolutely! As Steve mentioned, the amount of buttons has no direct correlation to the power of a device. This is true in both directions... But I guess, the advanced detectorist likes the possibility of "custom-tuning" everything to his situation. Anyway, me personally, I'm more focused on the place, where I detect, than on the detector settings and I do pretty well that way. But I'm not in Australia, I'm in the Swiss alps, so I'm for sure no reference, nor an expert.
  10. I really like that one! 😁 Exactly to the point. So let's be an early bird, but not the very first...😉 Seriously: I don't think, Minelab desinged a "trap", they are just too good for that. But it really could be, that their market analysis showed up a large market for high-end detectors for non-experienced prospectors, so they included that "feature" in the design roadmap. But fore sure, power was also a factor. This points towards sophisticated balancing algorithms with machine learning technologies. I'm an engineer (optics & metrology) and all this machine learning stuff is a bi
  11. Hello friends, the next episode is online. I hope you enjoy it. Take care and find a lot of gold! Schwendi
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