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  1. Hello detector prospectors, last May, a group of gold prospecting friends and me tested and compared our gold detectors at a creek in Switzerland. We are experienced gold prospectors, but no detector experts. We use our detectors to check our spots, where we hand-sluiced etc. i.e. we check the freshly opened bedrock or clay layers. So we don't need to optimize our detector settings for absolute maximum depth etc. We rather switch them on briefly to check after a long hand-sluicing day or so, when we are tired and have no "fresh brain" to really optimize settings etc. But it works very well to find hidden pickers in bedrock crevices or clay. So as we are no detector experts, you may cut us some slack for our rookie mistakes. But we tested honestly and simply show, what we did. The creek gravels in Switzerland have low mineralization, so the results may be different to USA or Australia gravels. I was personally surprised and impressed by the old Tesoro Lobo Super Traq and the Whites Goldmaster GMT. Funny: when I planned to do this post, I had in my mind to maybe buy a "new old" Whites Goldmaster GMT, because my old broke. I guess I would prefer it to the Goldmonster, after this tests... But unfortunately, White's Electronics closed. Than I read the post about the new Garret Goldmaster 24k, which is great news for me... But anyway, here is the video. I hope you don't kick me out because of our rookie mistakes 😄. Enjoy:
  2. I'm very surprised. Positively surprised. I was thinking about buying a Goldmaster the last weeks, cause our comparison tests showed again, the Goldmaster is one of my favorite VLFs. That's really great, that Garret picked the Goldmaster up. I will start to look, where I can get one. Thanks for this detailed informations, I appreciate! ps: Steve, congratulations to your success in Alaska! I badly miss Alaska... I hope for 2022
  3. OK, I also heard from a colleague, they do this successfully in NZL. I'm sure if I was the first one with a detector in the Swiss mountains, I would find a lot. But meanwhile the easily accessible open bedrock has been detected thoroughly. Unfortunately, we have a lot of boulders and not so much open bedrock. Or I should better say, thanks god we have a lot of boulders, so there is still something to find for us, there are not so many prospectors willing to pay the effort to remove them 😃.
  4. Hello friends, I made a two-part video about how we use Gold Detectors in European creeks. I first was scared of sharing it here, cause we really are no experts on metal detectors and you Pros here will sure find some things, I messed up. But maybe it's entertaining for you, to listen to a detector-non-Pro 😃. Please cut me some slack. I tried to focus on the things, I do have some experience with and that's how we use the detectors in our creeks... Enjoy
  5. Haha, it's cool man, that you know our lovely "cool man". He was a Swiss Musician and he became really famous with this ad. Later, he performed also the song "Geierwally, Geierwally, I love you" (Geierwally is the name of a girl from the mountains). Well, you could discuss the quality of this song 😃 but it was fun for sure. We had a lot of party to this song.
  6. In part 2 of the interview, we hear more details about the nugget and how it was found. Enjoy!
  7. Thank you for the comment, I appreciate! Part 2 is ready in short time. They'll talk more detailed about the nugget and how it was found in part 2. Price: It was in fact a quarz-gold nugget, i.e. not solid gold. This has to be taken into account, when calculation price per oz. On the other hand I also think, such a incredible piece should make a way higher price, because it is an extremely rare collectors piece. I think at that time it was difficult to find a buyer for something like that and who was willing to pay a collector price. They had about two years to find a buyer. Today with all the worldwide networks it would be way easier to find buyers, I guess. Anyway, the DeRaps are such a great family, they didn't talk much about money, the story and the family ranks much higher for them. You will understand, what I mean, after watching part 2 😉
  8. Thank you very much for the feedback!!! Makes me very happy. I just love it, to make this videos, but it of course great for me, if you guys like to watch them... This video here is about gold hunting in the Swiss Alps:
  9. Thank you! Part 2 is completed and after positive review by the DeRaps family, it will be published around end of this week. Part 3 is almost completed, it will be published next week. He found it in the south-western part of Sierra County. We wont disclose the exact location, to protect the interests of the current property owners. The DeRaps family lived in Alleghany at that time...
  10. Hello detector-prospector friends, I had the honor to interview the finder-family of the legendary "Ambrosha-Nugget", found 1983 in Sierra County, California. Enjoy!
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