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  1. Found this magician coin back in the fall of 2018, and wanted to share. Has a merc dime on one side and a wheat penny on the other. Still learning the MX Sport. Found it near a baseball field so I'm guessing some kid lost his dads coin. Would this qualify as my first silver or half silver?
  2. Bluetooth transmitter with wireless headphones/earbuds.
  3. MidTN

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    Welcome from Tennessee
  4. Thanks for tip. Still trying to learn this machine.
  5. I'm using the stock coil. I'll do a little more research and I think you may be right about changing coils. Thanks for the information.
  6. I finally got to use my MX Sport today for the first time. In relics mode it was bouncing all over the place, switched to coin and jewelry and the machine performed better for me. Any advice for the relics mode would be appreciated.
  7. The official state flag of Tennessee was adopted on April 17, 1905. This flag was designed by LeRoy Reeves of the Third Regiment of the Tennessee Infantry. The three white stars in the center symbolize the three different geographical regions of Tennessee: the Great Smoky Mountains (in eastern Tennessee), the highlands (in central Tennessee) and the lowlands (in western Tennessee, by the Mississippi River). The white circle binds them together. The blue stripe along the margin was added for distinction when the flag is hanging; with the stripe, not only the red shows while the flag is hanging.Click the following images for differnt sizes of Tennessee flag
  8. The Tennessee state flag has three stars on it surrounded by a circle. Not sure what it is but it looks like our state flag logo.
  9. Great finds. Waiting on the Soybean harvest to hit a few fields in Middle Tennessee.
  10. Got permission to hunt two really good sites today. Going to wait until the first frost to hit them. Mostly woods but the benefits should be good.
  11. I have the same canvas bag. Looks like you been to Lowe's. That's where I purchased my bag and belt.
  12. Went out yesterday and the unit was hitting between 85 - 90 in relics mode. After digging I found part of a wire fence and beer cans. I'm I missing something the machine is telling me?
  13. MidTN

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    Yes, starting out with a Garrett Ace 400. Found my first bullet on Tuesday south of Franklin, TN. It was a drop bullet. According to my bud it's a early 1860 model 44 Colt.
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