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  1. Yah, right Kac, buy I am in Europe, so I have to go through my local dealer....
  2. This one is CNC milled from solid acrylic block. My buddy is manufacturing it for me....
  3. Yes, It sounds weird. But I'm 100% because I have tested the detector and noted gained results at each step. Will try to send it to the dealer, let's see what he'll say. Don't want to swap the coil in this one due to the warranty and due to the fact that I'm not sure it is a coil problem. Dual field is a series connection of two size coils. If one is down, the other will not work neiher. ....but on the other hand, it could be a good explanation. Not a good time for me to stay without water impulse machine, as the land machine waterproofing is on its long way to come .... This one will be the detector to test out different coils (coils swap option).
  4. Hi, there. I was using my TDI BH for almost two years now. It worked great till the las week then I noticed an important sensitivity drop. In other words, the detector switches on and work as usual, but no matter what I do, I am getting less depth on my targets. Just to give you some numbers. My test target is a nickel coin which I was detecting from 27 cm a least (10us, gain full, gb off). Now, under the same conditions I can detect the same coin at 10-12 cm only. It is not the matter of the battery, as I have tested it with different batteries I have laying around. The TDI have a couple if weeks warranty left, but I have some doubts about my dealer's possibilities. On top of that the type of the fail is rare. Looks like the detector work as it should if not the lower detecting depth. For the person who is not familiar with TDI BH, this type of defect could be not so obvious. Any ideas what could be the reason? Thanks.
  5. You can use a heat shrink tube to protect the cable....
  6. Joe, there is a better option. Samsung got the same capacity in smaller battery size - 21700. Using this batteries in different projects since time and absolutely happy with performance.
  7. Thanks. As to Detech - no I haven't. Unfortunately it will be a long story, because I have to covert a land machine I bought for this project. Expecting to have something to show in September at least.
  8. Ok, finally, after doing some discharge and charge cycles, I can tell some conclusions. First of all - it works just great. Total battery capacity: 7.4v x 6.6Ah = 48,84wh The voltage is fixed at 13.4v. TDI power consumption (considering step up converter loss) is 6,85 Wh: My battery pack is good for 7h hunt. 48.84wh/6.85 wh = 7,1 If i would build it using 18650 with capacity of 3400mAh, it would be fine for a 10h hunt. The picture is showing charging process. The battery got 2.57Ah after 3h hunt. Here is the model of the regulator I am using: https://www.pololu.com/product/2890
  9. It is not only about the hole, the distance between co-called ears is larger.
  10. A part there is another thing to take care: detech coil is made to fit minelab shaft. So you have to replace the lower rod, or to put some shims.
  11. Looks too complicated. If vanishing the warranty, you better grind down these plastic pins in the battery compartment, so you'll be able to pack it with Samsung INR21700-50E 5000mAh - 10A valid for all day operation. Check nkon store. Whey are out of stock, but soon will be available again.
  12. Thanks, Tony. Can you tell me there "volume" pot goes? ...whites uses the same amplified sound source for low impedance speakers and for piezos. It is good to know. Will check if I can see any difference in circutery. By the way. TDIBH is quite loud. But there is a way to switch stock piezos to speakers headphones. Potentially it will help to differentiate low "whisper" targets. The idea is the same to OBN Excalibur mode, but here we can use low ohm speakers, so there are plenty of options.
  13. Good luck, allthrough it looks difficult to fit this battery in the TDI housing due to the battery dimensions: 88mm X 70mm X 6.3. 70mm side looks too large.
  14. What is the turn down voltage for AQ? Building a battery pack for my waterproofed minelab etrac, I realized that it switches off at 9v, so no BMS was actually needed for my 3s lipo pack. I am not a huge fan of pulling battery out of the housing for charging them, so detector is fitted with 4 pin ip68 connector which is used for charging/balancing. (Blue cap socket is the connector, see photos below). So if AQ's lower voltage is 10v, there are li-ion cells with allowed low voltage of 2.5 volts, thus balancing can be moved to the charger. Or another way round, the AQ was designed for lithium battery, so maybe there is some sort of protection circuit build in the detector already.
  15. TDI is voltage dependent, so going for 16v battery pack (freshly charged 4s lipo arrangement), you will have to go for even lower delay settings. ...which kinda surprise my, because even diving in rocky areas I rarely go lower then 15uS. With voltage regulated pack I can still use TDI with low 10uS delay, just because the voltage is fixed to 13,4 v all way through the discharge cycle. Lower capacity of the battery pack in my case is due 2200mAh old scrapped cells i am using in it. It was an experiment, that turned quite successful.
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