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  1. This eq mod is not really for diving, but you can easily take it 10m deep. Headphones a pretty loud.
  2. Bad news, S.g.diver. water is inside, so you really have to check the circuit board carefully to see any damage. One of my whites TDIBH went to the service and was change by new tdi past summer. No water inside, but unstable threshold and falsing... Suspected coil leakage. These machines turned to be rare nowadays, at least my dealer got rid of all whites products due to Whites shutdown.
  3. It is nearly impossible to get one TDI pro in Europe, Joe. A part looks like TDI pro would give little benefit to these who hunt snorkeling or wading, because even TDI SL reacts quite much on the surf, so you have to crank up pulse delay to get rid of false signals.
  4. Thanks for info. It's boyant, I know. I counterweight it rather than open. Don't like to modify coils.... The mod was not done by me, by the way. But yes, mainly because of me.
  5. Speaking on 8" detech coil. Any problems with water leaking inside of the coil housing? I have mine somewhere. Not tested yet. Waiting for new fancy TDI like this one:
  6. Here is one i bought not long ago. Telescopic rod is a good compact solution then you don't do a waterhunt. This one will be done in salt water in just a couple of hunts....
  7. The charging and USB connection is done via headphone connection (using some extra pins). New battery is roughly twice the capacity of the original one.
  8. I am Ukraine born, but currently located in EU. Unfortunately the EQ kit is not DIY type of product, so you have to ship your detector to Ukraine. Ones the modificación is ready you are getting back ready to use equinox along with a charging cable, waterproof headphones and the grip. There is the same story happen with vanquish: you have to ship it. There are some soldering to be done, thus kit is not suitable for self installation. Although some older housings (explorer/etrac series) were suitable for DIY assembly. Different installation variants are available. Here is my
  9. I own a couple of these modified equinoxes. The acrylic housing looks and feels just great. Feel free to ask your questions. Here you have some close up photos:
  10. Right, cables are coming out the sides because the overall design is made for these why snorkeling/diving with the detector. Here you can see the mod much better: https://www.instagram.com/p/CH-RunGLctm/?igshid=1lp1g5kykiet3
  11. There is no too much space incide the display unit. I can't see the way to do reliable connection for the headphones. Your story is a good example why I am not a fan of any stock underwater detector. Then it fails, you have to sell It for small amount of money and get yourself a new detector, but the story will repeat in some years. There is no easy way to source parts of the housing for repairing it by yourself.... That's the reason I have started my waterproof etrac project back in 2014. I am literally able bare hands open and fix my detector straight at the parking lot at the
  12. I have never had any of CTX, so all this are just my thoughts. CTX main board is located in the upper box. There is a cable connection that runs from the box to the display unit, there the loudspeaker is placed. So you just have to figure out which pins are responsible for the loudspeaker and wire these to the stock headphone connector. And that's it. You will have stock looking CTX with amplifier output. Sure, the headphones has to be replaced by the custom ones (>= 8 ohm). Should I've been selling this idea instead of giving it for free 😉 The connector
  13. Understood. ... is quite complicated then. Especially if you use it for diving. I heard somebody did the amplifier for infinium, but I have no further info on that.
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