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  1. There is no too much space incide the display unit. I can't see the way to do reliable connection for the headphones. Your story is a good example why I am not a fan of any stock underwater detector. Then it fails, you have to sell It for small amount of money and get yourself a new detector, but the story will repeat in some years. There is no easy way to source parts of the housing for repairing it by yourself.... That's the reason I have started my waterproof etrac project back in 2014. I am literally able bare hands open and fix my detector straight at the parking lot at the
  2. I have never had any of CTX, so all this are just my thoughts. CTX main board is located in the upper box. There is a cable connection that runs from the box to the display unit, there the loudspeaker is placed. So you just have to figure out which pins are responsible for the loudspeaker and wire these to the stock headphone connector. And that's it. You will have stock looking CTX with amplifier output. Sure, the headphones has to be replaced by the custom ones (>= 8 ohm). Should I've been selling this idea instead of giving it for free 😉 The connector
  3. Understood. ... is quite complicated then. Especially if you use it for diving. I heard somebody did the amplifier for infinium, but I have no further info on that.
  4. There is no need for the volume control ones you can do the adjustments straight from you detector's menu. Both posted examples got lipo with a charger. The connector got a couple of extra pins for charging purpose. Both posted examples are fully waterproof. Yes I did it three or four years back. These are headphones I'm using nearly everyday for snorkeling and diving. Let's see if I can post a link. The link works! Such a surprise, this is a first forum i see that allow to embed a link from insta. thanks, Steve, for such a great forum! Adding.... Th
  5. Here is another example. This is one of my old project to amplify piezos. The tiny PCB is the amplifier powerful enough to be used in a boombox. Sonitron is the manufacturer....
  6. Everything is possible, allthrough it is always good to k.i.s.s. Here is amplified EX headphones from the friend of mine. He is using a cheap amplifier from chinaexpress. The phone itself is a membrane sealed dynamic head.
  7. Many thanks, I will keep this in mind.... For the moment I am waiting to reply from the dealer to reply...
  8. Yah, right Kac, buy I am in Europe, so I have to go through my local dealer....
  9. This one is CNC milled from solid acrylic block. My buddy is manufacturing it for me....
  10. Yes, It sounds weird. But I'm 100% because I have tested the detector and noted gained results at each step. Will try to send it to the dealer, let's see what he'll say. Don't want to swap the coil in this one due to the warranty and due to the fact that I'm not sure it is a coil problem. Dual field is a series connection of two size coils. If one is down, the other will not work neiher. ....but on the other hand, it could be a good explanation. Not a good time for me to stay without water impulse machine, as the land machine waterproofing is on its long way to come ....
  11. Hi, there. I was using my TDI BH for almost two years now. It worked great till the las week then I noticed an important sensitivity drop. In other words, the detector switches on and work as usual, but no matter what I do, I am getting less depth on my targets. Just to give you some numbers. My test target is a nickel coin which I was detecting from 27 cm a least (10us, gain full, gb off). Now, under the same conditions I can detect the same coin at 10-12 cm only. It is not the matter of the battery, as I have tested it with different batteries I have laying around. The TD
  12. You can use a heat shrink tube to protect the cable....
  13. Joe, there is a better option. Samsung got the same capacity in smaller battery size - 21700. Using this batteries in different projects since time and absolutely happy with performance.
  14. Thanks. As to Detech - no I haven't. Unfortunately it will be a long story, because I have to covert a land machine I bought for this project. Expecting to have something to show in September at least.
  15. Ok, finally, after doing some discharge and charge cycles, I can tell some conclusions. First of all - it works just great. Total battery capacity: 7.4v x 6.6Ah = 48,84wh The voltage is fixed at 13.4v. TDI power consumption (considering step up converter loss) is 6,85 Wh: My battery pack is good for 7h hunt. 48.84wh/6.85 wh = 7,1 If i would build it using 18650 with capacity of 3400mAh, it would be fine for a 10h hunt. The picture is showing charging process. The battery got 2.57Ah after 3h hunt. Here is the model of the regulator I am using
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