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  1. Phrunt, I replaced the one linked in the eBay add with the Herke cuff. The eBay cuff is made out of two pieces of bent sheet metal, I had a heck of a time getting it tight on my shaft and not wiggle, I ended up molding epoxy putty to it in order to get a decent fit. I can take pics of it if your interested. The stand portion is shorter and does not have as wide of a stance as the stock cuff. The Herke cuff does have two rubber feet on the bottom of the stand, it’s been as stable if not more then original cuff. I find it to be more stable with the 6” coil then with the stock coil.
  2. Since the WM08 isn’t water proof anyways, provision for 1/4 plug would of been nice. The proprietary water proof plug is kind of an annoyance, but inline with what other manufacturers are doing. The price they charge for the “official” head phone adapter is pretty ludicrous, even though it is pretty high quality, I wonder how much it would of affected the price just to through one in with the detector.
  3. I have used a “Herke” arm cuff on my Plugger shafted Nox for about a month now, it is really high quality and amazingly light. The cuff is longer by about a half of an inch then any other arm cuffs I have used. None of my cuff covers would stretch to fit it, he does sell a padded cover for it as well. I just use the included fuzzy side of Velcro pad he included with out a problem. I contacted him directly via email and he was quick to respond.
  4. 1 more point On the Pro Golds or using any wired headphones with the WM08 for that matter. The headphones cable plus the pigtail adapter makes for a lot of cord. I just put the cord over my shoulder and carry the WM08 in a back pocket. It doesn’t snag on brush or fall in front of me when I’m digging. i kind of wish ML had originally included the adapter cable and cheaper pair of wired headphones with the 800. The WM08 Is a lot less of a hassle then the wireless headphones. Now if ML would just come out with a wireless connectable pin pointer.....
  5. Most of my detecting takes place in the AZ desert, my two biggest concerns with the headphones initially was heat and noise from the cord swinging as I stepped over terrain. I have had issues in the past with “ear muff” style headphones amplifying every little vibration, not catastrophic, but it definitely effected my ability to pick out small changes in the audio and I always worried about it. The Pro Golds are insulated really well and I have had zero issues with vibration noise, which brings up my next concern, heat. I have been out on two 115 + degree days so far. They get a little sweaty, but nothing as bad as I thought they would. In the end, heat was a non issue as well. The leather dries pretty quick and stays comfortable.
  6. After spotty performance from the included wireless headphones, I took Steve’s suggestion and picked up a pair of Sunray CTX Pro Gold head phones. I connected them to the WM08 module using the ML Nox adapter pig tail. The difference in audio performance between the Pro Golds and wireless headphones is night and day. I had a lot of connection issues with the included wireless headphones, when they did connect, audio through them wasn’t much of an improvement over just using the speaker. After 20yrs in the Army, my hearing sucks. I had a difficult time hearing that “disturbance in the force” pause in the threshold you sometimes get from a tiny nugget. The WM08 has worked absolutely flawlessly, instantly connects when powered on. If you only use the WM08, I don’t think the “CTX” version of the Pro Golds are necessary as the speaker shuts off regardless of which of the three modes is selected. I am currently using the official ML adapter pig tail to connect them together, but they work equally as well with a cheap eBay adapter. I am blown away by how much more I can hear, it’s a completely new detecting experience for me. I have used, ear buds, Grey Ghost water proof headphones, stock wireless head phones and now the Pro Golds. To my ears, and for the type of detecting I do the Pro Golds just blow everything else away.
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