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  1. Thanks Gerry but all my efforts to trace any descendants have hit a brick wall but I’ll keep trying. Finding this was a real treat especially finding the newspaper article. The research has been really interesting. I also found a newspaper article detailing his wedding to a Carrie Potter in 1925.
  2. Hi Chase, Only just noticed the mileage difference now you pointed it out.Unfortunately I have not been able to trace any descendants.The village that the family moved to is now desolate and uninhabited as the industries that were here are no more.In the mid 19th and early 20th century the village was thriving.
  3. Hi all, This is my first post here but been lurking for a while.It's not often that you can pin a find to the owner but this is exactly what happened after I unearthed this gold medallion from pasture on a farm near my home.It gave a solid 18 on field 1.I live in south wales u.k..On the front is a name and the reverse gives details of a walk that it was presented for.After getting home I did some research and uncovered this news article from a local paper dated 1903.The last sentence gives the name D.T. Davies and the time of 7Hrs 1 Min as detailed on the medallion.I then searched the 1901 census for Builth Wells and found details of his address and family.He was one of nine children and an apprentice tailor.Now this medallion was found 50 miles away from Builth Wells so how did it get there?I then searched a later census for the village near to the find and discovered that the family had moved here at a later date.Anyway to cut a long story short he got married here,had nine children of his own and died in 1954.I also discovered a nice victorian shilling on the same day.I have had the nox since October and I have found a lot of silver with it including william 3rd shilling,william 3rd sixpence and a george 3rd shilling to name a few.Thanks Minelab for a great machine.I love it!
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