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  1. I've taken my SDC to the places where I usually pan and sluice and it wasn't able to detect the size of gold I was getting from the sluice box (very small specks/flakes). However, I'm yet to actually get right into the water with it and around some of the larger rocks, so that's not to say it wouldn't find stuff further out from where I usually work. The SDC is very sensitive. It will sound off on very small pieces of metal and you could be there five minutes at a time just trying to find what exactly it was that caused it to beep (shot gun pellets, fishing weights, small bits of tin foil etc)
  2. He's South American (Mexican) - his Spanish is not European. He's funny. Just enthusiatic about his new "Monster", although he keeps calling it the "Master" (or maybe he's referring to himself), haha! Nice to see someone enjoying their new toy. I still have my SDC that sadly doesn't get much use (hours required to get to the gold patch, more than the ability of the detector), but the Monster looks a great detector for the price. Most You tube vids have subtitles you can turn on. Some of the translations are a bit "creative" but you can probably get an idea of what he's on about! Good
  3. How much is the claims excess though? My experience is that they always "lose" these important details in the small print. 5 dollars a month might sound great now, but not if you have to pay the first $1000 of any claim you make.
  4. Not too shabby at all, Strick! Hope you get out more in 2017, Good luck!
  5. Worked some of those areas myself. It's a lot of digging for very small flakes - but that makes the true pickers even more appreciated. Good Luck out there GG.
  6. Definitely the way to go, I would say. Like most items, detectors depreciate quite heavily, especially if a new model has just been released, so you should be able to get a bargain. And those older detectors don't suddenly stop being good detectors overnight. If you have trouble with deliveries to Zimbabwe, perhaps you could get a friend (if you have one) in South Africa to receive it for you. Or pick one up from a delivery point there.
  7. Dont forget the bug repellant. Those clouds of midges can be really annoying.
  8. My experience of scouting rivers is that if the gold is very small (very small) your detector wont pick it up anyway. Best to take some samples from areas in the river that gold may have deposited, areas that you can work without dangering yourself. Then pan those out to see if there is any gold at all. Depending on what you find, you can then better assess if it's worth the outlay for a detector.
  9. My (limited) experience of prospecting rivers is that it is a pain in the ass! I'm referring to the difficulty in actually digging in water. Unless the water is slow moving, shallow and very clear, it is hard to see what and where you are digging, and the flow of water makes lifting the gravels tricky, especially when you have cleared the big stones and are digging the finer, heavier material, which is what you are looking for. It's much easier to dig (where permitted) the old, dry course of the same stream or river. It's much easier to work, you don't need waders and waterproofs, you don
  10. Some of these officials might want to check out the amount of lead sitting in the bottom of my sluice after a day prospecting and then explain to me exactly me how I have contributed to polluting the water.
  11. That's a really nice video. Very inspiring. I love their appreciation for the country and the old timers who worked so hard to find the original pockets. Fascinating how they hopped from one geological clue to the next, piecing the story together. Kind of like a treasure hunt. Is there another vid showing what they found?
  12. Wow that's a beautiful piece of rock, Lucky. What is that calculation you did to determine the gold content, I've not seen that before? rich
  13. Hey Goldgrabber! Where in Scotland were you prospecting, near Wanlock? Your voice is very familiar. I think I might have met you a couple of years ago up there! Watching your vid, you might want to dig up the expelled stones and gravels around the head of your sluicebox once in a while. Your pump seems to be losing a bit of material before it reaches the sluicebox, and if there's gold in it, it'll probbaly fall out first. Same with the tailings. Scoop up and feed them back through the box now and again. Some of those creeks are fast flowing and can wash out the very small gold withou
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