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  1. You can always borrow mine if you want to have a play with one I can send it down to you
  2. I have had the 24k basickly since release the simple way to look at the I'd is not like a conventional I'd like say a nox it's more of a digital iron probability bar. Like the old gmt has the actual bar so irons will be lower numbers gold silver alloy will read high numbers.. Unpure metals with give inconsistent I'd small small gold comes in around 50 to 60 but if in the ground may jump around but it its hitting anything above 50 I dig, tho I normaly dig everything as I have found gold that read low because it was so covers in. Black sand or iron type material. As a coil relic machine you would probley have to test your targeted things like coins etc to get your own I'd readings
  3. Thank God I've been waiting so long for a few new options, especially the 4x6 one for bedrock work I had lost hope that they were ever going to follow through
  4. No no didn't stop working just started going crazy like sevear EMI with target like overload spikes if you held the coil still and flat it would sort of settle down but any change or angle or coil movement sent it nuts... I did dtill find gold with both after taking on water but was only booming obvious signals
  5. Yip defanitly my fault not any of the coils i know the new nugget finder coils are waterproof and they are releasing a small coil mid year with more to follow. I guess if I hold out for those and try it if that doesn't work then guess I'll have to sell the zed go back to gpx modded with the nf coils I never had any issue with those and water the zed is amazing just wish it was more water friendly 😂
  6. So took the gpz out for couple days were I hunt managed to find out that my extra waterproofing didn't work after 20 mins of first day with xcoil so was back to std 14 on day to all and all we had good trip pulled 5 grams for 2 days and 3 nice bits including this one It was all creek hunting and was defanitly impressed the the zeds depth Just hoping with few days sun in a bag rice the xcoil will work normaly again.. Guess I will have to wait for nf coils to be realesed for water ones as the std 14 took on water to even tho they ment to be submersible to 1 mtr
  7. So I couldn't resist having a crack at my own adapter soon as my x-coil turned up today. I was pooping my undies on the enitial turn on but all in all wasn't to bad to do it you take your time I started with number 3 blue wire at bottom first as hardest to get to to solder then worked my way up to 2 and 1 the 4 and 5 spent a good 20 mins thoroughly checking for any shorts or anything when I was happy I hot glued all wires and invetween stopping them from being able to move or that in future then heat shrink followed by lots isolation tape I then put the female plug back on the std 14 and works like charm I also waterproofed the xcoil by adding marine silicone in and around the plug and a thin layer along the joining lip were skid plate goes all and all thought for a first attempt wasn't to bad and I didn't make it go boom so that a bonus
  8. Yea that was my first thought was man I'm guna loose this in no time 😂 maybe I'll make we clip for it on my pack
  9. So my gpz turned up on Friday and I'm super loving it and my 10"x-coil should be here Wednesday, as soon as I got it out the box I grabbed my we test gold ranging from 0.025 to 1.71 gram and shot out to my we test area that happens to be gravel pit in known gold area.. I found for my area in NZ I was geting the best depth and response on general and high yield with audio smoothing off.. I had a play with the ferrite ring with ground balancing then factory reset and ground balance with no ferrite ring.. So my question is does the ferrite ring gb affect depth and sensitivity at all in low to medium ground. What I noticed was our soil and were I hunt in creek beds you hit pockets of high black sand then less etc. I didn't realy notice any difference in performance but I do think that the ferrite gb did run quieter in the ground over all. Does anyone have any tests or input on ferrite balancing vs no ferrite? I plan to get out this weekend for my first hunt with the 10 xcoil all going to plan. So will be sure to put up a link for the YouTube video when made and my finds if any lol I'm checking out new spot
  10. Congrats Simon mine should be here Monday I'm like a kid 2 days before xmass bet you can't wait to got out hunting
  11. Thanks for the comments guys I managed to Pic it up few hundred cheaper than the advitised price almost felt bad for the fella selling it I could tell it was the old timers pride and joy but I'm super happy now own a gpz something I never thought I'd own like Simon I thought it was jusy going to stay a myth to me 😂. I'm in prosess of ordering the yummy 10 x-coil for it will be sure to post some pics and gold if I m lucky from its first outing
  12. Sorry I'm here in New Zealand so got mine there mitre 10 think you can get them on ebay if you search builders flags
  13. I got mine from a building supply store cheap or you can make your own.. It's defanitly an effective method in trashy areas
  14. I wonder if any detector company's will look into GPR sonar for detecting making fast wave sonar tuned to bounce back off gold this would give massive depth improvements. Whether the tech or knowledge is there yet who knows.. They already use it to find large stashes etc
  15. Let me know if you do haha I've been waiting to do same maybe we could get a group all go together cut down on costs etc
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