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  1. Haha was so imbarrasing not enjoying the fame just Wana go bush and hide away
  2. Aprently biggest in the last 40 or so years that's been official mentioned there's always rumers of others
  3. Yea I am taking the gpx4500 in next time with the nf 12 round but shame be nice to win something
  4. West coast around hokitika, Ross area I walk way up into the hills away from the old timers workings to try find new ground following the same geology were other finds dame from
  5. I still haven't come back down to earth yet never in my life time did I think I'd find anything even close to this
  6. 😂😂😂 She's hard yacka down here and wet lol big rain apparently big gold
  7. Still shaking after today I took my 24 k for a walk after spending hours combing the geology maps in my area and picked a random creek to go up and omg did it pan out first piece of bedrock I came to had a parralley crack running with the flow... Not normally gold catching but thought I'd swing my coil over it and it over loaded I turned down the sens and swang again solid 95 on the probability meter on the 24k so I dug down and neally had a heat attach when I saw what poped out.... Came in at 6..78oz Also does anyone know how to clean them up
  8. Yip exactly I've been detecting a lo g long time now there is a cross over tho I will say that you can have all the knowledge in the world and be the best detecter you can but if your using a machine that's out performed by something else you are limited to that Machine my main machine is gpx I just like tinkering I have the gm1000 and nox a well and now 24k I've found a lot of gold with the others so just wanting to put it threw its paces I guess
  9. It's not really a creek it's a old sluice fa e with exposed bedrock it does ha e somewhat of a creek after rain I guess but normally dry last time I went up there didn't get a spec... It's more I'm re overing from a broke. Foot so can't get out properly and that's handy and easy going well easyish 😂.. Fully get what you mean tho and that is on the cards just go t have the monster of nox heteareat myfriends in Christchurch and his wife is due for a baby so he can't come over for few weeks.. Will still be good to see how it does it deffanitly has a depth advantage not by much tho. Will update my findings as I go The weather has been horrid here lost windows from hale lightning.. Good jet boats tho just don't fall out there was one fatality here last week from jet boat crash be safe
  10. HI gerry is there any info on its price range was hoping for new gold detecter from them... Bugger
  11. Here's a we video I just waked up hope gives you an idea I mean it's splitting hairs all 3 are good the monster might have edge on sand size bits but this will get them and this have a depth advantage soon as the we bits are fully detectable if that makes sense... Like kwjw said it's more access to them and if your like me a detector horder and want one to add to the pile I have lol but I like it and will be my main vlf I think but soon as the dam weather clears I'll get our and do real world hunting tests as that will be the proof will test it in a creek I've hammered with the gm1000 my gpx4500 and nox so if it pulls anything out I missed I'll be impressed
  12. I sure can I can whace up a video this morning and add it to hear... I totally get what your saying having the gm1000 and nox 2 of my favorite machines it's really like you say coming down to prefferance they are all good.. The monster is simple you know what your going to get the nox is super good at just about everything and the 24k is like a monster just with more tunability
  13. Sorry Steve yes of corse I acknowadge those.. I was just more meaning in terms of YouTube videos in real world situations. I guess because when minelab released the gm1000 there was a lot of reviews and videos coming out almost straight away I spent hours and hours combing YouTube and Google to try find reviews or videos but there was very very little was all I ment.. Those couple of threads were very helpful and part of the reason I chose to get one.. Am sorry for miss understanding
  14. Thanks gerry. Yes my self included was very surprised with it. I guess like myself I was reserved about buying on as there just isn't the videos out there or even online reviews.. And I think people get it in their heads that we'll I haven't herd anything so they must not be very good.. I'll deffanitly be putting up a lot of videos on my channel and this weekend I'm planning to get out in the hills see how it goes I have a few targets that I have diliberalty left in the ground in bedrock as I know they are gold but like to use them to test settings responses etc Really can't wait to get my hands on the 4x6 coil
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