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  1. Great topic! For me any place that is well known and hammered it has to be a crawl. Learned that the hard way about 7 years ago when I made my first 3 trips to the fabled Rye Patch where there was supposedly gold laying around everywhere. Each trip I spent 3 or 4 full days and found zero nuggets and would have sworn the place was fished out. Trip 4 I decided to go back to an area where I had noticed dig holes on an early trip and slowly and methodically cover every inch of the ground around them. Within an hour I found my first Rye Patch nugget and a few more before the day was over. Since tha
  2. Steve, Agree no great surprise. It does illustrate that there are definitely different horses for courses. It’s interesting the niche the stock SDC fills in a place like Rye Patch which has been hit hard for decades with every generation of VLF and PI machine but it seems that even with all of the improvements in technology there are still a significant number of smaller nuggets that all other machines seem to miss.
  3. I have the Coiltek 11" round coil for the SDC and after hunting with it for about 36 hours at Rye Patch last week I agree with Strick in that I would only recommend it if you are looking for more depth on bigger gold. In my opinion the larger coil turns a detector that is special in it's ability to hit on small gold into a more ordinary machine that will find larger pieces deeper than the stock coil but is not as deep as the 5000 or 7000 on pieces over .5 grams. I had hoped that it would be close to as sensitive as stock on the .5 gram and smaller and better on the larger pieces plus having th
  4. I went out today for the first time with the 11" round. My area still had too much snow to do much detecting but I was able to do some tests against the stock coil, the new 11" coil and my Gold Bug with the 10" elliptical . I tested nuggets of .25g, .5g, 1g. 1.5g and some assorted larger specimens with between 4g and 35g of gold content. The 11" will pick up the .25 at nearly the same depth as the stock 8" but the signal is much more subtle. On the .5g they the 11" has a bit more depth, maybe about an inch but again the signal is much more subtle. On the 1g and 1.5g the 11" gets easily 1"-2
  5. I may have mentioned this before but ... I haven't much trouble with my cell causing falling on my SDC. However when using my GB Pro if I have my cell phone on in an area where I can get basic cell service but no data connection about every 10 minutes the GB will go crazy for a couple of minutes then go back to normal. I am assuming that this is when the phone is trying to establish a data connection. I use an iPhone with GSM (At&t) service and have noticed that it is particularly bad when roaming off network in the Rye Patch area. If my phone is anywhere within 10ft or so it causes th
  6. The stock headphone are decent in calm conditions but are not useable at all if you have much wind. They are lightweight and hollow and when the wind blows across them it creates a lot of noise. Normally if it is windy I would switch to a heavier headphone or a noise canceling set but the with the connector they used it's not possible. I think $95 is a bit steep for an adaptor but I am ordering one anyway. After being out on a couple of very windy days I now see it as absolutely necessary.
  7. Steve, Thanks for the response and insight. I totally agree using discrimination is a crapshoot and I try to avoid it when prospecting. More eye opening to me is the apparent masking of targets by hot rocks or mineralized ground on the GB of what you would think would be easy targets in all metal. I am starting to think this may be fairly common and explain some of the success we are seeing with the SDC in heavily hunted areas. I also found 3 small nuggets with the SDC in a spot I know has been hunted extensively by others and i'm 90% certain I have covered before. None were very deep and al
  8. I was out hunting some dredge tailings yesterday and did some testing with the SDC 2300 and the Gold Bug Pro on some specimens. I tested a variety of pieces but the one that is most interesting is in the pic below. I previous tested this with the GPX 5000 with standard 11” mono and it registered only very slightly when touching it to the coil. The GB pro with the 6x9 coil in all metal mode will easily pick this up at 8”-9” in an air test. The SDC in an air test was slightly less at 7”-8”. I then put this at the bottom of an 8” hole without covering it up and retested. No change on the SDC but
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