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  1. I do have one of those. The EQ 800 came with the wireless headphones and the WM-08 receiver module. I just don't want to use Bluetooth all the time, but occasionally as a backup. Will be using the Minelab wired headphone (around $32.00 at Kellyco). But I would also like a set of wired earphones to use on hot summer days. There are some to be found at eBay, but I can wait until Kellyco or Amazon have them.
  2. I purchased a Minelab wired headphones for my Equinox, and these work fine. I thought that the headphone receptacle where the jack plugs into was loose, but that was not the case. I figured that one has to push the jack into the receptacle quite firmly until it sort of snaps in place, at which point the jack is held securely without any play. I will also be looking for a set of good quality wired earphones for using during some of the hot summer days. I can still use the Bluetooth headphones now and then, but these will become a backup set.
  3. Thank you, Mr. Goldman for your suggestions. I can give then a try and see how they work. During my years in the military working with aircraft (long ago), we took the warnings about RF and other types of radiation very seriously. I know that we are surrounded by all kinds of RF signals, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. I am just trying to keep the transmitters and receivers a small distance from my brain. Thanks again.
  4. I appreciate what you are saying, and completely understand. But what I am trying to avoid is having the Bluetooth radio frequency concentrated right on my head.
  5. I don't have the Minelab wired headphones, just the wireless one. The wireless headphones work quite well, but I don't want to have a wireless receiver so close to my head for extended periods of time. What I would like to do is to wear wired headphones similar to the iPhone's, or at least one that has very small ear pads that do not get my ears sweaty during the summer. The Equinox headphone receptacle should be a lot tighter around the headphone jack. Because of its location underneath of the control box, the cable wiggles the jack around when one swings the coil. What I am planning to do is to buy the headphone waterproof adapter sold a Kellyco and Amazon, because the rubberized plug at the jack's end of this adapter can hold the jack securely in place. This should solve the problem I am having. Cable: https://www.amazon.com/Minelab-Detector-Headphone-Adaptor-Equinox/dp/B07NJ9NRWG?SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag=duckduckgo-osx-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B07NJ9NRWG
  6. Yes, I read a post about this subject sometime before I started this thread. But the problem with my Equinox is that the headphone receptacle is too loose around the headphone's jack. In other words, if I plug-in the jack into the receptacle, the jack wiggles around. But if I hold it in place with my finger, then it works fine. However, I haven't had the time to figure the mono versus stereo, at least until I can get a tight connection. I emailed this thread to Minelab today, and see what they have to say about it. The iPhone's headphone's jack is a little different than the other headphones I have, so I may not be able to use it, anyway. Later on I will either buy the proper jack as recommended by Minelab, but I still have to see what the problem is with the receptacle since the weight of the headphone's cord loosens that jack from the receptacle, and all I hear is a scratching sound, or just the sound switching back and forth from the headphones and the Equinox speaker.
  7. I bought an EQ 800 last year, and used it perhaps 4 times within two weeks before I put it away for winter. I used the Minelab Bluetooth headphones, which I liked very much because they are comfortable and light. With all of the recent medical warnings about earbuds and wireless headphones, I have decided to use wired headphones-including the ones I use with my iPhone-a try. However, it seems that the headphone socket of my almost new Equinox 800 does not hold the headphone plug tight enough, so the headphone sound breaks and turns "scratchy." When this happens the sound is switched back and forth from the headphones to the detector's speaker, but if I hold the headphone's plug tightly against the socket, then everything is fine. When left alone the plug wiggles in the socket. I tried 4 different headphones I have around my home, and none made a difference. I will check with Minelab USA about this, but wanted to ask of you if this is a common problem with the EQ 600 and 800.
  8. Cabela's and Sportsman Warehouse, offer military discounts. I bought mine at the local Sportsman Warehouse in Fairbanks, and received a military discount once I showed my retired veteran military ID. Tried to order it online from Cabela's, but they could not ship it to Alaska because of the battery inside, and the only Cabela's store in Alaska is in Anchorage, too far from me to pick it up. Amazon would have shipped it to my house, but I saved a few dollars by buying locally.
  9. Tnsharpshooter, I was thinking about what you said relating to the buttons on the control pad needing some more protection to reduce wear, something that I agree with. I wonder if a couple of layers of a clear nail polish, only over the buttons, would help? Nail polish is quite strong while still somewhat flexible. ~Just wondering
  10. Yes, the so called "white gold" finish tend to add value to the ring.
  11. The silver color on that ring may be because it's what some call "white gold." This type of gold loses its silvery color with time, so one can take it to a jeweler (better explained toward the end of this article): https://www.thoughtco.com/what-is-white-gold-chemical-composition-608015
  12. Agree with you. I find them to be comfortable and lightweight, plus not bulky at all. That said, one thing that I would like for Minelab to do is to redesign all their charging cables to that they are longer, and also more flexible (similar in flexibility of the Apple brand cables). The Minelab ones are too stiff, specially if used in cool temperatures.
  13. Alaska is not very populated. In fact when placer mining and such I rarely see anybody other than the friends I am mining with. The same if I were detecting for nuggets. Then if detecting at the local places around Fairbanks, people just don't mess around with anybody since open or concealed carry is legal and lots of people are armed. People up here tend to leave others alone, unless one hangs around bad places at night. Even the drunks roaming around downtown Fairbanks don't give you a hard time.
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