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  1. Also “youship” which gives us an USA address and freight forwarded by NZ post?
  2. We have shipped a lot from USA to Nz / usually 100 - 150usd for a detector pre covid anyway / it’s just a cost to us - and I for one, would be happy to cover return freight if needed. It’s a small world really but yes need to get several shipping quotes. we also get stung for 15% tax on imported goods to NZ!
  3. So it seems the “new for me” ATX gels with me well - probably the hundreds of hours with it back in 2014! Blessed with some more luck, hunts ‘3 and 4’ generated (across two beaches in water) 8 more rings! 2 silver chains and a Pandora bracelet that was “open” - managed to find 3 charms seperate, under water near the hole for the bracelet! Yesterday’s (3rd hunt) three gold all pretty average, older 9ct small rings, one with a split band. Today - hunt 4 - only a few coins but found as area of stripped beach (under water) beside a ton of hot rocks! Argh! Then an awesome
  4. I wonder if they will send one to New Zealand? Then again, I did have to tell them NZ is not part of Europe 😪 I wait with baited breath......
  5. Hi there - wondering if this is sold?
  6. some serious luck involved with yesterday’s hunt - especially the chains ‘balled up’ and found 10 minutes apart. Will head back today to see if we can repeat!
  7. Ok, so, I don’t think I could have made this up if I tried! Decided to go for another water hunt today, ATX charged and not expecting a great deal as has been ‘slim pickings’ lately - especially with the CTX / Nox / Excal. Found a spot in the water, I have walked over hundreds of times in the past! Not kidding. A mixture of luck, tides, sand, the ATX, the mono coil - and clear water! May be worth writing to Garrett about this one hunt - especially after “breaking up with my ATX” in the past, only to rekindle the efforts this week! In love again. Several old coins (most
  8. Hi guys yes I understand the DD infinium coils work with the atx, I have always been keen to buy a couple but no one supplies them in NZ. I built a “shaft adapter” for the atx a few years back with that in mind. Just need to find the infinium DD coils on eBay. ideally I would prefer the mono coil, as the atx 8 inch mono is awesome.
  9. Well - I missed this machine. At the moment the sand is pretty darn deep in NZ - maybe the constant onshore winds. First water hunt with the ATX. a 15ct ring (looks like two older rings fused together) I think I became a little lazy without the pulse and was just not getting the required depth. The ATX is still a killer in the water with the 8 inch mono!
  10. Oops I think I found it on the infinium infinium dd wiring (Google search)
  11. Hi guys so the “new to me” atx arrived - mint condition which is great. I have several older ATX coils with various cable faults and wanted to rewire one onto a straight cable. (Do I need a 4 wire and screen cable?) I wonder if anyone has a wiring diagram at all, or failing that - the original cable has 4 wires and a unshielded screen on the DD coil. Is the screen Actually connected to any of the 4 wires? I can’t seem to get the “iron check” feature to work on my salvaged coil and guess this may be due to the screen cable? i know the windings are circa 9ohms and 1.3 o
  12. Yes fingers crossed - brought from an older gentleman that never used it (aside finding a septic tank!) so let’s hope it’s a good one. It should arrive this few days. I kept some older ATX coils, interestingly the 8 inch coils and cables seem fine - the older stock coil i kept in the cupboard has fallen to bits (the cable) so I will try and re cable that I’ll be interested to see how it goes after a few years away from the ATX
  13. Hi guys - I owned one of the first ATX units (actually 2 of them) and suffered from the coil cable issues. Despite that, these machines produced 100+ gold rings for me (in the space of 1 year). Garrett was awesome and replaced the coils but they failed again (and again) and eventually I sold the machines and focused on the CTX and EXCALs (modded) and later the Equinox. After selling the ATX I purchased the Whites BeachHunter TDI and to be honest, was less than impressed compared to my finds with the ATX of the past. I deeply missed the two-tone audio of the ATX and the 8” mono in the
  14. Hi all. I thought I would post this here. Had a few hours off work today and thought more about this 16.8v project. ---- (Having experienced the CTX3030 LIION battery bay leaking (on that machine I only use the AA NIMH 1.2v tray when detecting in fairly deep water). NIMH has less current in the event of a salt water leak). I have not had this machine submerged yet, so unsure if to trust the housing! -----; I wanted to be able to use the stock NIMH pack in the TDI BH and also the LI ION 16.8v pack for the beach when extra depth is needed! In the end I decided
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