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  1. So the Deus 2 is SOLD.....just in time I think - my reasons 1) was just happier with Minelab, the CTX whilst heavier, was just more robust for me and sounded better 2) did not like the tones of the D2 3) just felt flimsy, hated the water aerial wire The machine seems to work extremely well, but was just not my 'cup of tea'.....so, onto the next adventure - manticore?
  2. thanks Carolina - much appreciated - I managed to find the connectors online and have wired an unused set of Koss yellows to the connector - epoxying as we type! They seem plenty loud and you can drive them louder with the 'bone conductor setting' on the Deus 2 (probably also ok on the standard setting at v9). Will post photos
  3. It’s great been using for a year now…happy to answer any questions
  4. Ps - am beginning to like the D2 - I am unsure about the depth, but sometimes just the ability to modify the sounds to make them easier to hear when diving is all you need. There is a lot of noise, confusion and bubbles (and with the nemo, rattle of the compressor) so a decent ‘pitch tone’ makes me focus on targets I may have otherwise missed?
  5. Hi all - second hunt, this time fully underwater, again in the hunted out beach. Just a few coins, pretty deep, and then out in around 3m of water I found two very old bottles / moved them as there was a faint target in dive mode (modded to pitch tones) and a very old 18ct popped out of a crevice! Nice ring and pretty old. I ran the aerial cable through the shaft to tidy that up. Hate the shaft - it’s horrible; so just need a nice mount for an excal straight shaft with some strength. I have the 11 inch coil, starting to think the 9 would be best for diving, but overall, a good day. Would love to find the connector so can repurpose my equinox grey ghosts….. Machine was quiet, stable in water. Bone phones really ‘dig in’ under the dive hood, so ended up wearing two hoods with the bone phones in between. more updates to come Dale
  6. did the freq shift work? or the noise cancel / channel search?
  7. D2 missing the 5gram 14 - or did the D2 not pick it up at depth?
  8. Can't really comment on the EMI as I was underwater the whole time 🙂 Wonder if the noise cancel / or freq shift would help out above? I will give it a decent test today, they (D2) are fairly hard to come by in NZ (No stock at moment) - so if the trial ends badly will move it on to a coin hunter. I was only interested in the dive ability really. The unit does seem pretty waterproof, and the dive headphones are decent. I like the ability to alter the tones, so they are easily heard over the typical scuba bubbles (will see). I really hate the YouTube videos that don't give honest info, they seem to pump each machine up, beyond reality. There should be a 'paid content' disclaimer from some of those guys. Off for a dive today with the nemo, its a 0.3 tide, but a very pounded (aka, basically empty) beach, hoping for one last target!
  9. Hi all - thanks for the advice above. I decided to give one a blast - namely as I sold my spare CTX and nox (keeping a CTX always!). Went out twice now, yesterday at the beach trying to learn the menu! Today, in the water. It’s winter here in NZ and pretty chilly, but, with a new machine to test was somewhat determined! The jury is out but from my first 3 hours in the water: - very stable / ran at 97 - 99 sensitivity. not chatty here in calm water - tried Dive Mode and the various beach modes - bone conduction phones are great for diving, with a hood. I made similar for my CTX. They are a little uncomfortable, but not bad. Apparently covered by the 5 year warranty here in NZ, will be interesting to see how they hold up Very few targets at this beach and then a deep, faint tone in DIVE mode - the 8gram ring was pretty deep - I don’t think the CTX or EXCAL would have found it? I setup a ‘copy’ of the DIVE mode, saved as a custom program but with pitch tones - popped the ring back in the hole (seemed 1 foot deep!) and and ran the coil over it - no way to miss it, blew my ears off! The jury is out at the moment but at least the detector is 1/10 paid off 😉 more updates to come
  10. Hi Guys can anyone provide a real world, non-sponsored view on the XP deus 2 and bone phones - mainly for the beach and more importantly for the water/dive. I have a long experience with the excals, ATX, CTX and various other detectors - tried the original XP a long while ago and moved on quickly. Minelab have been so slow on a 'CTX replacement' - so the D2 11" needs some investigation. For those with the XP D2 machine - are you still happy - or wished you waited for the new minelab CTX 4040! (one can dream??) Thoughts appreciated before spending the $ OBN?? Dale
  11. Atx is a good machine - still have mine. Ergonomics so so. Iron check works ok. A ‘two tone’ PI is better than the sea hunter in my opinion. unsure if the cable issue is resolved….
  12. Well holy shit / the gpx on a cleaned out beach this pm still learning the machine had a DD coil (standard ML) was in Coin/Relic, mostly standard settings apart from IReject turned up. on the front of the machine I had Mono selected - I guess it still works with a DD? need to buy a waterproof coil!
  13. Thanks much for your help by the way - keen to try and sort the battery charging: would you awesome if someone with a 12v gpx car charger could check the charger output pins for voltage as I read elsewhere: ”Pin 5 is the power coming in from your charge cord to the charging circuit inside the battery”
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