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  1. Very nice,looking forward to some stories like chris suggested.
  2. What a great find ,hope your batteries and back hold up till the snow flies.
  3. Yes sir i have found gold in hot rocks i was going to throw away, but i decided to take them home and soaked them in acid a couple days and when all the red rock was ate away i had a nice little pile of gold.
  4. Good to see a real amount of water in the humboldt river drainage, man that area has needed it for sure.
  5. Thanks chris ,theres still hope winters not over yet. Hope to see you and steve this spring maybe.
  6. I see a lot of moisture went through nevada,anyone know if winnemucca area got any of these gullywashers up in that area. Hoping it may have stirred the ground a little up there also. Dont want to see any personal damage to the area but the ground needed a good cleansing in my opinion,springs a comin. Rick
  7. That was pretty good. I found a different use for my TDI yesterday,i we have had weeks of single digit temps here in eastern oregon the tdi and 18 inch sef coil got put to use as an underground pipe locator, our water lines froze in places first time since we lived at this house for 24 years,pipes were pretty deep in most places but i could still pick it up and make a line for my excavator to follow,old pipe will probably get replaced for 800 feet now just because they are old. Anyway thanks to Jennifer for selling me the big sef coil,it worked very well as a pipe locator. Now this spring it can find me a deep nugget.that i will name after her,thats one stipulation she had. RICK
  8. Sounds like a plan chris, first good weather in spring i plan on heading to nevada. Hopefully you and steve can coordinate when we come down and meet up. Gold withdraws are a -itch.
  9. just wanted forum members to know that all of your finds and stories this past year kept me going and gave me confedence there is still gold in the ground. Been over a year since i was able to prospect and detect for gold,man thats to long,shoulder surgeries and work keep getting in the way. 2017 i hope to make a few trips to hunt the yellow stuff,in the meantime its nice to see what everyone has collected up this past year and shared with members here. May your presents be loaded with gold equipment and happy memories for the next year. Rick
  10. Gary, good to hear your M.L. is up and finding gold again. I have wondered if minelab has a support list of machines they INTEND to stop working on ahead of time. I only have one M.L. 2300 but would consider getting rid of it if it came up on a list prior to no support if there was some warning. Anyone know if they give such a notice or not? Rick.
  11. Tvanwho, Reg sent me the picture of circuit board with the pod to adjust last winter i believe ,so i did it myself,its kind of a pain getting apart and back together but not bad, Rick.
  12. I have one of the first hole through also,very fun to run very capable machine im still playing with coils but it has found me some very nice gold.i slowed it down also with Regis specs works awsum, works very well for me with coins also.Reg said not to big of coil after the mod but im still testing the bigger coils on coins and relics for now and its workig very well with oversized coils. I guess i hit the right pot Reg. Rick I
  13. Use very small digging tool after its pinpointed and circle the target about 3/4 of the way around it not pulling the plug out,then tilt the plug still connected backwards then pinpoint hole and your tilted plug,if you need to dig deeper yet put down a small towell or rag to put your dirt on when your done put dirt from towell back in hole and flip plug back and step on it, nice and clean that way. Oh yea make sure they allow detecting where your going. Good luck,Rick
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