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  1. Holy moly. That's pretty pricey. I reckon I will be getting rid of the rest of mine. Haven't used them in at least 2 years now.
  2. Also lookin for that elusive 4 pin cleansweep. Would go perfect on my Tejon. I know of one person who has one but have not been able to convince him to sell it....yet.
  3. I could see spending $3500 - 4000 on a new beach machine if it outperformed the ctx. I dont detect expecting a complete return on investment though. Wouldnt happen within a reasonable time frame on the beaches around here. I detect because I enjoy it. Even with the ridiculous number of my machines I have in my collection, I still think its cheaper and more effective than conventional therapy.
  4. Same here. Acquired an etrac specifically to run the X8 coil.
  5. Very intersting machine indeed. I read Toms full report/corespondence. The things that caught my attention were depth like f75 and stable target id. I had An f75 briefly but passed it off quickly. The machine i had was all over the place with target id. Be interesting to see how it does in trashy locations with mixed low conductors like foil, pull tabs, and bottle caps. Pricing appears relitively modest. I look forward to seeing your thoughts on the machine
  6. Is it legit? From Farcebook: Monster 1000 Gold. The machine is currently know: - ease of use Quick and easy installation Fully Automatic-operation - working principle: V LF (extra sensitive) - 2 factory rolls in the bag
  7. Jewelry detector with a bigfoot style coil would be great. Expanded low end ID with ability to notch out the high end. And of course the ability to effectively ID/silence bottle caps without coil wigglin tricks. I also submitted a request to Makro regarding production of a bigfoot style coil which was "passed along" to the appropriate department. I tried really hard to like the V3i but there were just too many variables to contend with for me to find it enjoyable to use with such limited time. Loved the spectragraph. I have a Tejon I keep around in hopes of coming across a cleansweep for it bu
  8. The new improved Compadre. Guessing they changed out the trimpot for a switch and regular resistors. Coil should be good though; Good size like the super 7. Ordered one this morning. Will test against a regular and modded compadre with a super 7 coil attached. I hope they juiced it up a bit. Hopefully this is foreshadowing more new releases in preparation for a new flagship. Seems like it would be easy for them to utilize the tejon platform, add tones with iron tone break, add notch, get rid of dual disc, bump the price up 200 bucks and call it done. Oh, and have the all black option for 30 bu
  9. CTX hotspot on our wet sand seems to be 12-09 to 12-12 for most of these.
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