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  1. From playing with the AT Max and listening to Apex videos, I can tell you that it is a similar situation (to my ears) to the Deus and low conductors while using full tones. Sometimes they can bleed together and be missed.
  2. More distinctive tones to better differentiate good targets from iron I am very interested to see how this changes the tones. Got to play with the AT Max last year in heavy iron and some of the lower tones were hard to distinguish from the iron tones. They tended to blend together. The Apex tones sound just like the AT Max to me. Doesn't seem to be enough tonal space between lower tones and iron.
  3. Sounds more like you are getting false signals from the ground or having EMI issues. Maybe make a video of it while detecting on the ground.
  4. When you move the cable while it's pointed at your car you are causing the coil to wiggle and pick up the metal in the car. If it was just the cable causing the problem, it would cause the detector to sound off when the cable was moved no matter what the coil was pointed at.
  5. Looks like it is falsing off your car. If it was your cable it would also do it in the air.
  6. If I had ran across Chase's post earlier it would have cleared it up a lot quicker. I didn't realize I needed that info until recently 😅.
  7. My brain has been programmed over the years by all the VLF detectors I've used, and their default operation. You had notch (absence of audio) and discrimination (absence of detection). Then with the Deus, I had to introduce the silencer paradigm into my brain. No problem, kind of a hybrid discrim/audio filter to keep you from hearing "iffy" signals. A higher silencer setting will only let strong/confident signals through. When I started using the Equinox, I only quickly skimmed through the manual and started using it. My brain automatically associated iron bias with iron discrimination, and th
  8. Went back to the same site today and tested auto ground tracking and beach modes. The beach modes seemed to be a little quieter, but only just a little. I'm guessing it is more of the hard minerals the Nox is picking up and not salt. Auto ground tracking worked well but didn't help much with the ground noise. I really thought it would help more. I ocaissionaly double checked the auto GB numbers by manually ground balancing and they were within 2-3 numbers of each other. The Nox is just like the Deus ground tracking. If the coil doesn't move for several minutes (if your digging a 2 foot deep ho
  9. Forgot to mention I tried different single frequencies also. Spent about 4 hours trying different things at one of my worst colonial sites that produces new items every time the ground is turned over for planting. It is only about every 5 years now since everyone in the US practices "no till" planting. It seemed like 15khz was the most quiet and 5khz the most noisy. 20-40khz were very similar to 15khz. Almost every plug will have 3-5 square nails. The ground is full of fertilizer. The first 5-6 inches is organic top soil and underneath that is solid red clay but with really low iron oxide con
  10. After doing lots of tests, I have concluded that this is just caused by different types of mineralization, and is just magnified by the Multi-IQ technology. Rocks, red clay deposits, fertilizer, etc. Areas where the Deus mineralization bar would barely register sometimes sounds like and iron patch with the Equinox in multi. If I change to single frequency, it is almost eliminated. The two main settings that really affect this are sensitivity and recovery speed as previously suggested. I usually run recovery around 5 unless I get into a lot of iron. If I raised it to 6 or 7, and then lowered th
  11. Not sure. That was the main reason for starting the thread. It has me scratching my head. I haven't had a chance to test the theory because of the weather, but someone mentioned fertilizer as a possible cause. I hunt a lot of rural areas.
  12. Usually run sensitivity between 20-23. My soil is pretty mild in most areas. Have gone down to 15-18 to try and get rid of the "ground noise". If I'm in heavily concentrated iron, I will run 12-15.
  13. Might get to play in the mud next week. Supposed to be in the 50's Sunday!
  14. They aren't repeatable signals, but usually show up around -9 to -3. Most square nails are around -3 to -6. Guess I could notch out to -3 and still hear the iron. Just got about 5 inches of snow, so it will be a few days before I can try beach mode. I've tried all the park and field modes, and run sensitivity as high as possible. Turning down the sensitivity doesn't help much either. Never thought to try beach mode. That might make a difference if it is mineral/salt related. Hunt a lot of rural areas with crop fields and pastures. Could just be a lot of fertilizer in the ground. I run into a l
  15. It is strange. My Vanquish doesn't do this on the same ground. Equinox must be more sensitive to the ground minerals. Guess I can look for the iron patches in single freq and then switch to multi.
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