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  1. What other tuning options are there? It was in pro zero with max sensitivity. That was wide open.
  2. +1 on the Aukey B80's. I got lucky and caught the light gray on sell for $30 last month. I use them with the Equinox and Vanquish. Tend to get about 6-7 hours of straight use with the volume turned up all the way.
  3. Pretty much the same for me. Mainly use Deus Fast and Deep. I have a heavy iron program that is based off Deus Fast with negative disc and full tones. It is my clean up machine for iron infested sites though. The Equinox has just enough features and is my first in. I don't like cherry picking with the Deus.
  4. Each frequency gives a slightly different VDI on the same target. ID norm makes the Deus give a consistent VDI on a target across the different frequencies. It shouldn't matter that much since the Deus is a tonal machine. The Deus VDI isn't very accurate past about 6 inches. It will still try to up average deep targets in to the 90's.
  5. Wifi signals can also cause it to go crazy. Just about every house has a wireless network. You can try holding the coil in the air and noise cancel a few times to see if that helps in trouble spots. Can't remember how many frequency offsets the noise cancel has off the top of my head.
  6. Sounds like some kind of EMI interference.
  7. Might be a silly question, but I can't find the answer. Seems like all the lower end detectors are always around 5-8 khz. I was always under the impression that the sweet spot for the biggest target range was around 12-18 khz. Are the lower frequencies cheaper to implement, or is there another reason?
  8. Lesche was a family business. George had a falling out with the family members he was in business with and started Predator Tools. The new Lesche company doesn't have the same quality that the George Lesche tools of old had. That's why you see Amazon reviews of the newer Lesche Sampson shovels bending/breaking. Some people don't know there was a split and still recommend the Lesche name because they are still using George's tools from years ago.
  9. Recovery speed at 6-7. Two tones. Turn sensitivity down to 15-18. Works well in heavy iron. Have to move a little slower because higher recovery speeds make the signals shorter.
  10. Only way Minelab could respond is to update the firmware. The default high iron bias for the Vanquish is F2 @ 8 or 9. The low iron bias on the 540 is around F2 @ 3-4. Just too much discrimination. Maybe it was intentional?
  11. That makes more sense. Just like the Deus with no ID on the edge of detection depth. It originally sounded like they were rolling back the improvements. I have trouble understanding Dilek sometimes.
  12. Read somewhere new coils maybe out this summer
  13. Still trying to wrap my mind around this. I only decided to buy a Simplex after the extra depth update. Wonder if the people complaining about jumpy numbers/chatter realize they are losing depth and they can't have both? Wonder what Nokta's response will be if they complain about loss of depth? And yes now you will have to choose between quiet and noisy updates.
  14. This might be a stupid idea, but I was just wondering if the batteries were dead would the Vanquish operate on an external battery if the rechargeables were still in the machine or would they suck up the juice? Probably not wired to charge through that port. Hmmmm...
  15. Just tried all three (PC, phone charger, power bank) and all three turned my 540 on when plugged in.
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