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  1. That makes more sense. Just like the Deus with no ID on the edge of detection depth. It originally sounded like they were rolling back the improvements. I have trouble understanding Dilek sometimes.
  2. Read somewhere new coils maybe out this summer
  3. Still trying to wrap my mind around this. I only decided to buy a Simplex after the extra depth update. Wonder if the people complaining about jumpy numbers/chatter realize they are losing depth and they can't have both? Wonder what Nokta's response will be if they complain about loss of depth? And yes now you will have to choose between quiet and noisy updates.
  4. This might be a stupid idea, but I was just wondering if the batteries were dead would the Vanquish operate on an external battery if the rechargeables were still in the machine or would they suck up the juice? Probably not wired to charge through that port. Hmmmm...
  5. Just tried all three (PC, phone charger, power bank) and all three turned my 540 on when plugged in.
  6. Haven't tried a power bank, but connecting it to a Windows PC turns mine on.
  7. He said on the American Digger podcast that it could be updated if there was an issue but there were no plans for regular updates. https://www.spreaker.com/user/admrr/steve-moore-of-garrett-talks-about-the-n
  8. The DD coils come standard on every detector nowadays. They are good in iron if the targets and iron are close to being on the same plane. The concentric coils are just the opposite. Back in the day they used to be standard on most detectors and did better at unmasking where iron was above good targets, and also sniffing out bottle caps. Just the limitations of the technology.
  9. Saw the mute function was added. That's a pretty good idea. I keep waffling about buying the Simplex. Wanted a good loaner/backup. Already have the Vanquish 540, but the Simplex keeps grabbing my attention. Love my Minelab machines, but the Simplex seems to be of better quality than the Vanquish and I already have all the multi-IQ I need with the Nox. Only other Nokta/Makro I've tried was the original Racer and wasn't impressed.
  10. Nevermind, just found the answer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q78zR5up_Jo
  11. Just tried my Deus in 17khz and the Garrett carrot drove it nuts. I've only used the MI-6 with it until today. Changing to 11khz almost eliminated it. Wonder what the MI-6 would do with the Simplex?
  12. I thought the same thing. Looks like knobs. Maybe it's just really big push buttons😁
  13. Guess we can assume it has z-link since he is wearing MS-3'S.
  14. Haven't heard anyone mention Doan's pills in a long time. That makes me think back a few years
  15. I've seen videos of the Simplex and some pinpointers interfering with each other. Is this still a problem? I didn't assume a software update could fix this because 12khz is really close to most pinpointers. I own a Garrett carrot that I use with the Nox and a XP MI-6 with the Deus. I didn't want to buy the Simplex and then have to buy a new pinpointer also because of the interference.
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