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  1. That's the biggest problem. The small flakes of rust can mimic highly mineralized ground coupled with what I can only assume is an inferior iron filter when compared to higher tier machines that lets more iron wrap/halo falses through. If you stick to the parks and beaches then the Vanquish almost rivals the Equinox performance.
  2. I was using the V8 coil in the video. I have to turn the sensitivity down at least halfway or more to get rid of most of the falsing. A smaller coil footprint and faster recovery help reduce the problem. If I try that with the V12 in relic mode, it is pretty much unusable in the "hot spots".
  3. Yeah, I've been over that site with the T2, F75, AT Gold, AT Pro, Equinox, E-Trac, Deus, and the Simplex. Just ran the Vanquish over it for fun because it was in the truck that day.
  4. Thanks! That was easy. I was just making more complicated than it really was.
  5. Can anyone help me figure out how to how to embed the video? I just posted a link to it because I haven't figured it out yet.
  6. This is a super short video I just made showing how the Vanquish acts in heavy iron. It is a Kentucky colonial home site that I've beaten to death over the years with at least 8 detectors. I am always reluctant to recommend the Vanquish because of the iron falsing tendencies. I see new detectorists asking daily on FB groups about why they are getting constant high tones and not finding the perceived target. For parks/beaches it is stable and is an excellent value compared to the Equinox, but a new user will get disgusted pretty quickly if they start swinging in an iron infested site. This was a custom mode based on jewelry. All metal on (chirps even worse with discrimination on), low iron bias, and sensitivity 2 bars down. Please ignore the cow patties 😁
  7. I assumed the Vanquish series defaulted to zero GB like the Equinox, but I can't very that. Minelab doesn't mention GB anywhere in the Vanquish manual or literature. My 540 has constant high tone chirps in highly mineralized or iron infested ground. It is almost unusable in colonial iron patches. I can auto GB or use tracking GB on the Nox and only get an occasional chirp in the same ground.
  8. Just another thought, are those iron tones still present after you extract the coin?
  9. Could be ground noise. Does this also happen in an air test, or only in ground? The Vanquish doesn't have any ground balance so it will pick up ground mineralization and sound like iron. Will usually ring up at -8 or -9. I use custom mode to help with this problem. Start with coin or jewelry mode (higher recovery speed helps with this also) and notch out the first two blocks (-8/-9). Bump your sensitivity down a couple of notches and then save to your custom mode. Next time switch to custom mode to see if that makes any difference.
  10. It simply raises or lowers the volume level of the iron tone. If you are in a heavy iron site, you can turn the iron volume down to just a background noise. If you are in almost any country except the US, then it may be because the coins have steel cores? I've seen a couple of videos lately that show detectors almost not finding steel core coins if you have high iron bias on.
  11. Just to add some minor info to the mystery. Talked to the tech this morning. He downgraded to 2.77 and said he wasn't having any problems. I remembered that it could sit for hours and not lock up unless I was swinging a coil.
  12. Yes, has to be a faulty unit. Only used it about 2 hours total. Just hadn't had time for it to lock up with the original version before I started changing it. The US rep also said I was supposed to rerun the firmware update for each coil. Wanted to call BS on that also but I wasn't 100% sure if the Nokta coils actually had chips in them similar to Minelab. I thought the reason for the 2.76 update was to add the 9x5 coil to the firmware. Apparently this is the only person that handles the US repairs for Nokta.
  13. Was told to ship my control pod back since I was having problems with multiple firmware versions. As stated above, I would be up shite creek if 2.78 was working to Nokta's satisfaction when there was clearly a problem with the unit. This has really shaken my confidence. You might want to rethink changing firmware versions. Hopefully Dilek will see this thread and help set some hard guidelines/rules about what is covered.
  14. Not so sure about the downgrades now. Might have a problem. Just got this from the US tech. If downgrading isn't supported it should be clearly noted or maybe not provide the downgrades on their software downloads page. They still have 2.76, 2.77, and 2.78. I explained that the same problems are present in 2.78. They said they informed Nokta and waiting for response. "I spoke with Nokta, they have said that downgrading can cause these types of issues. I asked if there was anything to do to help, they said if it isn’t having issues while on v.2.78 then they recommend keeping it at V.2.78. This may have not been the answer you are looking for, and I totally understand, my hands are tied to what Nokta tells I can do with the units. I apologize."
  15. Nothing yet. Have had some confusion with the US Nokta rep and will try and talk to him again Monday. My case seems to be isolated. After more testing, my detector is having trouble with both 2.78 and 2.77. Probably either a bad control unit or a bad data/charging cable. The original 2.78 from the factory was fine. My trouble didn't start until I replaced the original firmware. You should be fine.
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