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  1. Went to one of my worst sites this afternoon. Mid 1800's square nails by the thousands. The "magic" programs have trouble identifying iron compared to the stock programs. A lot of the square nails sound like good targets. It would seem the "magic" is just wishful thinking in my soil. It might benefit you if the targets are very shallow with no rust halos.
  2. I will wait and test the first 7 version out this weekend before I update. I tried last night with bigger pieces of iron. It wasn't seeing the dime which means it was being masked. I can only get this to work with smaller nails, which is still magic to me. I told the wife last night that I needed to buy a 2nd D2 so I could keep one on this version. She didn't throw anything at my head which is good.
  3. Full tones has it's own iron tone built in. You can literally hear ferrous and nonferrous at the same time with no discrimination that would cause you to miss some comingled targets. You have to adjust your tone breaks so -6.4 and up to where you want iron tone to stop (probably 10), have a low iron tone. Look up Gary Blackwell's Sonar program. It is the same concept. This is one of the key features that make the Deus platform the best in iron.
  4. There doesn't seem to be any connection to the VDI numbers. Dimes and pennies ring up in the 80's, but a nickel hits in the high 90's.
  5. The only key setting I've seen so far is discrimination. I can't duplicate this unless discrim is at -6.4. You can leave all other settings unchanged apart from the discrim and it will still work.
  6. It will be this weekend before I can test this on targets in the ground. I'm afraid to change anything before then. If it works, then to me this is like finding the ark. It is more than likely just an audio glitch that won't translate into actual unmasking.
  7. Not that we know of. Been waiting for someone with an earlier version to chime in. I'm afraid to change anything.
  8. I didn't miss it, I was just ignoring it because I was focused on the possibility of using this glitch for unmasking in iron. It is very strange. Rebooting while in the custom program will resume the glitch also until you switch back to a stock program again. I also agree with you on the stability of the v7 update because of this bug.
  9. I can understand no filters in the context of all metal mode, but the tones aren't separated. The nails will have the same tone as the dime. I didn't think it was possible to hit the dime in that scenario with today's technology and actually have separate tones. In my mind I could take the D2 to my worst sites and have no iron masking with this glitch. Am I on the wrong track? It's definitely a software glitch and might disappear with the next update.
  10. The only thing I can figure out is maybe a software glitch where the tones get mixed? As you rotate on it, the sound changes, but you can still hear the dime. It sounds washed out almost like the overload tone but the iron and dime tones are both audible in full tones.
  11. This only works if you have -6.4 discrim. If you copy general or fast with normal discrim settings then it fails. The key is -6.4 discrim. You will of course have to adjust your tone breaks so the nails have a low tone. This is amazing! Bob38, you have stumbled onto something big.
  12. I can reproduce this with different programs and tones. It will pick out and ID (85) a dime down the barrel with two nails on each side of it. I'm scratching my head at the moment. Has XP accidentally figured out how to divide by zero through some software glitch?
  13. Yeah, thanks to Steve for this forum. Years of knowledge hanging around here.ยน A lot of the other forums have descended into personal attacks and tribalism.
  14. Try holding down the minus and plus buttons at the same time.
  15. Before version 7, the pinpoint button activated the auto tune option automatically, which I didn't understand. Now it defaults to the traditional pinpoint mode. I noticed the same audio bug after upgrading to v7. After turning auto tune on and then back off while playing around, the pinpoint sound started working. Just a weird software glitch I guess.
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