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  1. Never tried digging negative numbers. They are usually nails or rusty chunks. If you use the old FE setting of zero, the bigger iron pieces will ring up between 13-19. I've had weird readings with iron backed buttons. What kind of button is it?
  2. With high iron bias most of them will sound very bad. Low iron bias will still let them through. Don't think orientation will matter. It will be an awesome machine for trashy areas. You can see the difference here...
  3. They really are decent machines for the money. I'll just copy and paste my post I just made on another forum.
  4. You could cancel that order and just get the regular 540 for $369. The only difference in it and the pro pack is the 8 inch coil and headphones.
  5. Reminds me of a Pinkerton badge, but never seen one without the "pinkerton" name.
  6. Do you want wireless headphones? The regular Vanquish 540 for $369 doesn't come with headphones. The Simplex for $340 does. You would have to bump it up to $499 for the Vanquish Pro pack to get headphones. I hate that because the multi IQ tech is really awesome.
  7. I'm with Jeff. Don't buy Vanquish or Simplex to save money for relic hunting. You will regret it later. Better to step up into Equinox or Anfibio.
  8. Even with the 540 you can't "turn off" the iron discrimination. The Vanquish series are better suited for clean yards and beaches. The Simplex would be better in WW2 situations, but in my experience, it is hard to get a decent relic machine for less than $500-600. The Simplex has depth in field mode, but crappy separation. In coin mode it has fast separation, but loses a lot of depth. There is no in between.
  9. The 340 and 440 only have high iron bias so it will try to discriminate out all iron. The 540 is the only model that has low iron bias setting and will let large iron through while still blocking nails.
  10. The TID's are VERY close to the Nox. There might be a shift of 1 or 2 numbers on some items. Coins have been the same for me so far.
  11. You can try them all and see which you like the best. You can upgrade or downgrade to any firmware version with the update app from Minelab. You just have to choose the firmware version you want. IMHO, if you hunt in a lot of iron you should try the new F2 setting.
  12. The GB of 1 isn't right. You will get in the 30-40 range on mild soil.
  13. Had to check out the manual. Looks like the 600 defaults to 3 on all but Beach 1.😮
  14. Your recovery speed affects depth also. I think Park 1 defaults to 3 (fastest) on the 600. Dropping that down to 2 or 1 might get you another 1/4-1/2 in depth, but you lose some separation speed.
  15. Sometimes iron can bring the numbers down. I dug a 1917 Merc at 7" with three square nails in the plug. It was only hitting 16-17 one direction, but was a good repeatable signal.
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