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  1. I would have thought they would have shown that on the video since they were toggling through that part of the menu already.
  2. Yup, in many ways, we were sold a bill of goods. You kind of wonder what they were thinking when it came to the cable/connection design, the pitiful battery life, and the type of connectors used. They claim that the coil and pod can handle more water depth, but, the M8 connectors won't. Well duh....why not use better connectors and get a much better depth rating? Even though it seems like it took forever for them to design this thing, It looks more like they threw it together at the last minute with whatever spare parts they had on the shelf.
  3. When they went through the menu and showed the number of tones, I only saw 1 to 5 tones. No full tones? WTF?
  4. You add the $650 Equinox 600 to the mix and the decision becomes a bit harder.
  5. Yes, I'm sure the parts to repair a Nox is cheap to them, but, they don't get shipping for free, and the stain on their reputation quality has turned many off in buying one.
  6. I'm curious to know how that Garrett design DD coil would work on a multifrequency VLF machine. Have you heard of any testing or coil in the works for one......like the Equinox, Legend, or even Manticore? Even older model single freqs might benefit from one........
  7. With both having the same sized coil and adjusted for max depth, I'd say yes.....but, at what price in effort. If you're after raw depth without consideration of what target is there, why not get a GPZ7000 and really go for it? I would imagine that after your 3rd or 4th rusty nail two feet down in hard pan, you'll change your mind about not having discrimination. As mentioned, if you find a hoard and have detected everything in range with a VLF, sure, use a PI to clean up any stragglers that might be out of range.
  8. I'm the other way around....I want the Manitcore with a HUGE coil.....the bigger the better if it will still have good sensitivity on small targets. I use the 12 X 15 coil on my Nox almost exclusively. There are a few target rich places where I need a smaller coil, but, I've had little problem with target separation. Hopefully there will be a Manticore package that will give me the option of a big coil, or, I'll be on the sidelines until they do. I made that mistake already when I got the D2......still waiting on that promised big coil.
  9. I have and have used a TM808 White's two box. It will find deep targets if the targets are big enough. It will lock onto the biggest individual target, not the combination of all the targets unless they're physically attached to one another. For a gold item 4" X 8" and solid, 4' should be no problem with a two box, or, even a good PI machine with a large coil. 6' would be unlikely with either. Smaller items will reduce the amount of detection depth you will get. As mentioned, I would be skeptical of it being that deep. The initial hole might be a foot or two deep at most if he was digging with hand tools. Did the new owners REALLY add 2 feet of top soil? A few inches I would believe, but, 2 feet? If it actually has two feet of added soil, using a bottle probe might be a bit difficult. It's going to be relatively soft everywhere until you get 2 feet down. At that point, it may be hard to determine hard vs. soft ground further down. I would start with the easiest/cheapest method first. A good detector and some thought about where it would likely be buried. That would usually be within view of a frequently used window or garage/workshop area where he could keep an eye on the site. For sure, try GPR or a magnetometer if you have access to one, if the detector doesn't get results.
  10. Thanks, I did manage to find one in stock.
  11. Who actually has a new replacement battery for an Equinox? Everywhere I look, it's either out of stock, or, they say to contact Minelab. I looked at the Minelab website and they don't even list a replacement battery. Do you really have to call the service center to get a replacement? I was hoping someone like RNB made an even better one.
  12. Your results are interesting. I did the same sort of tests and found that Field 2 was the most sensitive for tiny gold and platinum.....except for the Gold modes. I have an 18K tiny link tennis bracelet that reads 1 in Field 2, and silent in all other modes except Gold 1 and 2. This is with the horseshoe on (my typical setting) so I get all the iron tones too. Like Steve, I hunt in Park 1 (along with 50 tones) for almost all my land detecting. If I'm asked to find a tiny gold item, I'll switch to Field 2 or the Gold modes if necessary. Park 1 just seems to be more stable and gets the best depth in my uses.
  13. I started with a cheap BFO machine 52+years ago. Still have that machine even though it doesn't work anymore. It's just a reminder to me of how far we've come since then. Good luck with your Legend!
  14. Yup, everything right now is sheer speculation until we can get it in our hands and turn "MentalMasterbation" into something real!😄
  15. I suspect the MentalBore will be better in most areas over the Nox, or why would anyone buy it? It'll be up to us to decide if it's $600 U.S. better in our personal detecting needs.
  16. So, you want to carry a solar panel too? Where? on your head? 😄 That option may not be as attractive for those of us who hunt a lot at night.
  17. This is just my opinion based on 52+ years of detecting with dozens of different machines. The tech has come a LONG way since then, but, almost all machines made in the last 20-30 years can still be competitive depending on the venue and the competency of the user. Will an Ace 250 find the same targets that a Nox, D2, and Legend find in mild ground or dry sand at the beach? 90% of the time, yes. It's that 10% we're fighting to get these days. That little extra depth, stability, tone/I.D., and/or processor speed to get those tough-to-find targets in worse than average ground. Having a higher end machine that can be adjusted to the conditions will sometimes get you that extra 10%. Naturally, experience on a machine is key, but, all things being equal, someone with the proper experience using the better machines will out perform the same experience with a lesser machine at certain venues. In some cases, it's much more than a 10% increase in finds, sometimes it will be virtually 0%. Will that same Ace 250 find the same nuggets that a GPZ 7000? Not a chance....more like a 90+% advantage for the GPZ. At a nail infested home site? The Ace may reverse those odds for an experienced user. As for your list on how to get good results........you need to match the site, with the machine, with an experienced detectorist to have the best success. It's not necessarily one more important than the other.
  18. We dig everything too (non-ferrouswise) at the beach. We generally don't find square nails at the beach, but, having better iron I.d. will help us avoid sketchy sounding junk iron that we really don't want to bother with.
  19. That will leave the door open for someone to design and market a solid skid plate and/or a clam shell coil cover to keep things from filling the "bathtub". Wouldn't work in the water, but, that should work good on land.
  20. The specs look pretty good to me so far. We'll have to see how they pan out. They just added 6 feet to the underwater rating. That in itself indicates they've done something to improve the waterproofness. 10 preset and 10 user programs are welcome too, as well as the enhanced EMI rejection.....which is really becoming a problem in some areas with powerful WiFi signals. I guess we'll have to wait until the other shoe drops to get a price.....
  21. It's interesting that you mentioned the -5 readings you were getting. It's a common thing that I find here in our black sand polluted beaches. I'll get a deep non-ferrous reading (sometimes a pretty sketchy one), take a big scoop, resweep the target and get a -5, -6. Lots of people I know would figure it's deep rusty iron and refill the hole. Not me.... I continue to dig until the target is out of the ground. Almost all the time it's a non-ferrous target once out and on the surface.
  22. I wonder if they finally ran across one of my complaints about coil design? I've been advocating for years that the "ears" should be on a replaceable yoke at the bottom of the shaft, and not on the coil. Being someone who hunts the beach and large fields often, I'm drooling over seeing that (supposedly) 15" coil! Time to fire up that credit card! 👍😀
  23. Agreed. salt water is a whole different venue over fresh water. If you want to find tiny link gold chains in salt water, use a PI machine. The D2, Minelab BBS, FBS, Nox, Legend, etc, will find chains if they have big enough links, and/or shallow enough, but, they're rather limited in their salt water modes in comparison to what a PI can do.
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