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  1. Nice report! I wouldn't mind seeing what each of them can do on the real deep and/or iffy targets. I don't want to paint any of them as second rate either, but, in some areas (especially ones that have been hammered over the years) finding good items on the fringe of detection is important. Finding a machine that does the best at that can be a game changer. Naturally, site conditions will vary and one or more of them might be better under condition A, and another might be better under condition B. With enough feedback from various soil/sand conditions, we can make an intelligent choice in detector, coil, and settings for our hunting sites and conditions. Thanks, well done.👍
  2. I guess I'll throw my two crusty zinc cents worth of opinion on this subject too. I have both the 800 and D2 at this point. I have thousands of hours on the 800, but, only a couple dozen hours on the D2, so, admittedly this isn't a totally fair comparison until I get many more hours on it and get used to it's differences and quirks. These are just my initial impressions of the D2, and what I like and dislike. Like: 1. the weight 2. the collapsibility 3. The adjustability and number of canned programs as well as the extra custom slots. 4. More robust waterproofing 5. Turning on/off the detector also turns on/off the headphones 6. Not having to mess with any cables, which will make coil changes (whenever they actually have a 13" one for sale) even easier 7. Coil mount/bolt/tensioning design....at least so far, although I'm not a fan of a rear mount. 8. The depth seems very good with a stock 9" coil. Can't wait to see what a 13" one will do! Don't like, or like less than the 800: 1. The menu tree....more like a forest than a linear tree. Not very intuitive IMO (ie. the number of tones choice is under the discrimination expert heading? WTF?) 2. No threshold tone available in anything except in Pitch. (I like full tones) 3. Having to use 2 different buttons to use the pin point feature...one to turn it on, a different one to turn it off. Idiotic... 4. Turning off the machine erases many current settings unless you save the program 5. The need to stop and add the antenna to walk into the surf 6. No depth meter 7. I can't seem to get as close to playground equipment or metal fences as I can with the 800, even with the 9" compared to the 800's 11" or 12 X 15". It seems to be much more sensitive to large nearby iron. Things I'm undecided on, or, on the fence about: 1. The tones/sounds....always hated the original D1 sounds. The square tones are a real improvement, but, still not as good as the 800 or many other machines I've owned. They might grow on me over time 2. The backphones. I like the weight and the tone quality is good. They just don't feel right yet. 3. Silent search. I have always used a threshold tone and feel "naked" without it. 4. The D2 seems a bit less sensitive to tiny mid conductors at depth than the 800. Still testing that though. 5. The flexy lower shaft is actually a bit worse than the factory 800.....didn't think that was even possible! Doesn't really bother me, though I would prefer some nice light and stiff carbon fiber. On a side note.....some taller people (I'm 5'11") will find that lower shaft a bit short. I have it all the way extended and it's adequate, but, not much more than that. I'll add more as my caffeine deprived brain triggers more thoughts.......
  3. That's one good thing about the Excalibur.....put a brick on the gas pedal and hunt!
  4. The targets that give me the hardest time are the cut coins at a turfed site. Those suckers sound like a GOOD deep target. They have the good target I.D., deep reading on the meter, and the faint signal that usually indicates a deep desirable target. It's only after popping the plug and chasing the sliver of a target with a pin pointer that you get your heart broken. Anyone know of a way of telling the difference between one and an actual good deep target? I have one old park I like, but, they have a real sharp lawn mower that has strewn coin shards everywhere. Makes it a real chore to hunt.
  5. From what I've seen over the years, it's currently about a 10:1 ratio men:women, up from 50:1 years ago. This is for general metal detecting at parks and beaches. Relic hunters are more like 30:1, and prospectors even higher. When it comes to divers, I have yet to see a woman doing it. I'm sure there are some out there, but, just never ran across one.
  6. Maybe Jeff Mc... and Gerry Mc... would be a good choice if Steve bows out.
  7. Here's where using a different detector, such as a BBS machine, might hold the edge. In my area of the U.S., BBS machines do better with EMI than the Equinox. There may be others even better, but, when you need MF for salt water/sand, you're rather limited with choices.
  8. You might also check with Nokta/Makro since they're in your country. Maybe they have something that will work for you or they might have a local referral. Just don't tell them it's for an Equinox! 😄
  9. In salt water (especially with black sand) I need to sink the TRX tip into the wet sand, and then turn it on, to tune it properly. Otherwise it will false just touching the wet sand. After you do that, it works just fine for me at my hunting locations and with my mineralization.
  10. Just for satisfying my demented mind......if a supposedly waterproof machine (of any brand) that is under warranty springs a leak, how do they know if it leaked at less than 10 feet, or, at more than 200 feet? A leak is a leak, isn't it?
  11. Erik, it seems to me that the first and easiest way to see if your bone phones are working properly, is to have one of your mates with good hearing give them a go. If they report that they're plenty loud, like others have reported, you know it's your hearing situation, and not the phones.
  12. I'm not saying that I haven't found targets with the AQ, it's just I haven't found anything good that my Equinox, Etrac, Excalibur, etc, wouldn't have found. Now, deep iron targets? Sure, I've found bobby pins and other iron junk 18+ inches down, but, so what? I usually hunt with all my machines set as hot as I can stand and dig everything except dead iron targets. In the case of the AQ, I dig everything. With my other machines, I average 1-2 rings every hunt. I have yet to find a ring with the AQ. Bad luck? I suppose, but, I would have figured the odds would have turned around by now having used this thing for over 200 hours. Since it's not a fun detector to use, I now just use it for specific hunts......mainly ones with deep targets in areas without much junk. Otherwise, I would rather use a machine that is fun to use and avoid the deep iron.
  13. As a surface bobby pin, yes, but, in my experience, it doesn't double beep at depth.
  14. The AQ tests pretty well in surface air tests and other tests using a brand new nail or similar. Do that same test with a rusty bobby pin down deep and see what happens. I don't find too many shiny new nails on the beach sitting on top of the sand.
  15. I didn't have any luck with T-Rex scoops. Without gussets in the upper corners, they would break there after only a few months use. The ones without the upper plate-to-handle bracket support struts also developed cracks in that upper plate. I admit that I'm fairly hard on scoops. I tend to dig full scoops of wet sand, especially out in the water. In trying to be easy on my arms and back, I tend to lever the basket out of the sandy bottom instead of lifting straight up. That produces strain on any weak points and causes metal fatigue when there is some flex in those areas. The stiffer you can make these areas, the less flex and fatigue you're going to have.
  16. I'd like there to be a variety of coil choices at the time I purchase the detector, and let ME decide what comes with it. If I plan to use it for the beach or open fields (like most of my detectors) I want a BIG coil....15" or bigger. There's just too much sand to cover with a smaller one. I also get smaller coils as the need arises for turf hunting or trashy areas. I just don't understand why the optional coils aren't ready at launch. They know good and well that people are going to want them. I'd order a Deus 2 right now if a big coil was available as part of the package, and not some mythical future date.
  17. The ad says it's a 6 foot scoop. I assume they mean 6 inch scoop, as in the diameter of the basket. It also doesn't have a removable handle, which might not work for the OP.
  18. Great to hear from you Gary! I'm not even an XP owner yet, but, I still enjoy your videos. I too am hoping for a BIG coil for the D2. I hope to see a package with that included sometime soon before shelling out the cash.
  19. I don't think you can find just one scoop to meet all your requirements.....especially both quality and cheap. When you say small, are you referring to the basket size? If so, most of the aluminum ones have smaller baskets, but, they aren't as easy to push into wet sand and much harder to push into shells, cobble, and rocks. If you just need something that will break-down to carry on a motorcycle, you can get a travel rod that comes in sections. Carbon fiber is the way to go here, both for strength and light weight. For wet sand, stainless steel works the best. If you go with an aluminum one, have a stainless lip put on the leading edge for easier penetration. As Steve mentioned, the size of the holes can vary between manufacturers. Measure your smallest coin there in Thailand and get one with holes a bit smaller than the coin. You get too small and it won't sift as well. Some manufacturers make a scoop with smaller holes in the bottom to help catch tiny objects. This can help with stud earrings and chains, but, it also slows the sifting process a bit. Speaking of which, no scoop is going to sift wet sand well unless you dunk the basket in the water. In wet sand, just dump the clump and spread it a bit to isolate the target. In the water or dry sand, just about any scoop will sift there okay. In looking at quality, ones with braces and gussets will hold up much better than ones without those features. If you're just dry sand sifting, they'll all work okay, but working in hard packed wet sand, shells, cobble, rocks, etc. is very hard on a scoop. Ones without these added supports will fail a lot sooner than the ones with them. I've tried and owned many scoops over the last 51+ years, and find that currently the Sunspot Stealth series and the Xtreme scoops are the best overall in stainless. There are some others that are fairly decent for the money, but, IMO, they just aren't in the same class quality-wise.
  20. Having used a Gold Bug and a CZ, I was expecting a quality built Fisher detector that did what they said it would do. IMO, I got neither with the AQ Impulse. Good luck FT trying to sell me another machine.
  21. It seems to me that it would be in the best interest of both of them. If you piss off your customer base, those responsible will get fired, or the company goes bankrupt.
  22. I may be all wet, but, I find it hard to believe that a detector manufacturer would knowingly use shill yes-men to test their gear if they really wanted an honest appraisal, but I've been wrong before. Paying for a professional analysis would be in their best interest to get all the bugs worked out. All the yes-men will do is give them a false impression of the detectors' performance and piss off all of us that are lifelong detectorists, leaving a sour taste in our mouths about anything that the company may produce in the future. Believe me, there's no way I'll jump on anything Fisher comes out with until it's been out in the hands of the public and thoroughly thrashed in real life....and maybe not even then if another company has a similar product. The old "shame me once....." adage comes to mind here.
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