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  1. Never saw a horse in suspenders..
  2. Hi all, Received my Golden Mask collapsible rod with adapter to mount the Minelab Equinox. Took between two and three weeks and it is everything I had heard it was, really top notch, solid. For those interested the price is $169 shipped. The adapter alone is available for $40 as some did ask earlier in the thread. Use the contact info that I posted before. Taras will get you fixed up! gw
  3. Thanks Gerry, Below is correspondence with falkone2001. “This is Taras (falkone2001) Thank you for your help! I would like to ask you to do me a favour. Would you be so kind enough to leave my contacts on that web site? This is my email - tfalkovskyy@yahoo.co.uk whatsapp - +380973149336 And yes, I accept paypal and will ship to US with pleasure!” I will be ordering directly.. Thanks, george
  4. Have attempted to contact falkone2001 thru ebay to no avail. If anyone has his contact info available please let me know.. PM will be fine. Thanks! geo
  5. Hi Tom, Will the X-Terra rod fit without the drilling and shimming? And fit the Equinox lower rods as well? Looking for easy here... no tools, no time! Tks! Geo
  6. I feel like I need to add that I am not dishonest, I am not a thief. My point is I will not spend the money as expensive as it is to hunt, dig, and not keep what I dug. As I said earlier, I would not pay a fee to hunt diamonds in Crater of Diamonds Park if I had to hand them over to see if the State of Arkansas wanted them. To end my participation and bow out of this thread, anyone detecting in UK will experience a hunt like you never experenced here, unless maybe you, as I, was one of the earlier hunters and hit some prime areas before they were made off limits.. Have thought about giving the Czech Republic a look! Happy hunting all, good luck, and best wishes. GW
  7. Not a chance phrunt although I do know a few people who receive nice discounts from the hunt outfits for publishing mouth watering writeups about their successful hunt. ;) Treasure defined.. note, a hoard is two or more objects. gw 1Meaning of “treasure”. (1)Treasure is— (a)any object at least 300 years old when found which— (i)is not a coin but has metallic content of which at least 10 per cent by weight is precious metal; (ii)when found, is one of at least two coins in the same find which are at least 300 years old at that time and have that percentage of precious metal; or (iii)when found, is one of at least ten coins in the same find which are at least 300 years old at that time; (b)any object at least 200 years old when found which belongs to a class designated under section 2(1); (c)any object which would have been treasure trove if found before the commencement of section 4; (d)any object which, when found, is part of the same find as— (i)an object within paragraph (a), (b) or (c) found at the same time or earlier; or (ii)an object found earlier which would be within paragraph (a) or (b) if it had been found at the same time. (2)Treasure does not include objects which are— (a)unworked natural objects, or (b)minerals as extracted from a natural deposit, or which belong to a class designated under section 2(2).
  8. Not at all like claim jumping.. Transportation, lodging, the right and permission to hunt cost in the thousands. What many fail to see is the fact that you are free labor for the land owner as well as the hunt organizer, not to mention the thousands you pay to get there and to have permission to hunt. When you leave, unless things have changed, all finds are bagged and tagged and kissed goodby. Good luck on having anything other than pocket change, old base metal coins, buttons of no value, and such retruned with out sending more $$$ to buy it after you dug it. If you got all your finds back it's a pretty good indicator that you spent a buttload of money and found nothing but worthless junk. gw
  9. Let's discuss that after final disposition of your finds 😀 I am indeed interested in the rest of the story. You done good 👍😏 gw
  10. From the OP post.. "ready infact are considered "treasure", being made of a precious metal and being over 300 years old. If the Museum claims them then a fair market value will be put on them and that amount would be split by the landowner and me. If the Museum disclaims them, then an agreement will be made between the landowner and myself. Either we buy one another out. Or we put them up for auction and split the money." seemed about right as I saw it as well. Not worth the argument but anything considered treasure, with monitary value ain't coming back home unless the finder has deep pockets. Let's see what the gold egg and ring costs the OP after all is said and done. I guarantee it will not be cheap. what many fail to see is the stuff we consider rare and worth digging here, the Colonial stuff is considered junk over there... No value to the locals. Like modern coinage is here. They care not if we bring a ton of that stuff home as long as we pay postage. Some is even used to seed the fields from what I was told by someone that I figured knew what he was talking about. Would love to go back and hunt but would not go on an organized hunt for someone else to profit from my labor. gw
  11. It is a detectorist adventure.. Targets everywhere, buttons, coins, relics but..reality sets in when it's time to label and bag it all up...and tell it all good bye where it is then cherry picked and anything of value is skimmed off the top. What you get is all the base metal coins, modern day relics, the newer stuff, less than 300 or so years old. What is mailed to you after all is said and done is not worth the cost of it's postage. I did have a good time in England, but I felt like I paid big bux to be a digger for the land owner as well as the fellow that runs the hunt, being as they, not me, were going to wind up in posession of anything of value that I found. I would equate it to a charter tuna fishing trip, expensive, and all is said and done the charter captain gets the tuna fish and I get the bait. I do hope it works out for you and you wind up with what you dug! gw
  12. Will the gold stay in UK after being declaired treasure by the authorities or will you be able to bring it home? Just making comparisons to what I and friends experienced. g
  13. I need a metal arm cuff that I can bend to fit my arm. The factory cuff is way too large. What arm cuff should I use and where in the US would I order one? Thanks, George Sears
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