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  1. Good morning gents I am selling this excellent Fisher F-2 detector which I bought for grand kid seems he has no interest in detecting .It has been used twice so its up for sale.It has a 10",8",4" shooter coil and works like it should.It also comes with a manual and a small beach spade and two new alkaline 9 volt batteries.Would make a great Xmas Gift for someone.Reasonable price at $ 195.Thank you gents and Merry Christmas. William
  2. Well,gents this is suppose to be a very deep pulse beach & surf detector.Not much information on this beast.So here's some pictures. William
  3. Anyone have an idea what's a fair price for a decent 1266X ? So far I have found some for $375 ----$450๐Ÿคฃ1st Texas says sorry no parts maybe that's the reason ??Can anyone know the difference between the 1265 x and 1266 x ?Looks like the conc.8" coil on the 1265 x would work better than the spider coil on the 1266 x ?
  4. Thank you guys I was told wrong.I mainly use the 9.5" and the 5"shooter coil so the pristine 11"x 5" coil is for sale.๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Well, problem is over my 2.68 can take the NEL 9.5"x 5" d.d. coil.I just got it one from the east coast and works WORKS PERFECT.Yahooo.๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Gents I have a pristine 11'' X 7'' D.D. coil for sale will fit Fisher f-75,f-70,Tek. patriot might fit the T2'S.Will sell for $74 shipped.Thanks William
  7. Well, been looking for a 9.5"d.d. coil for my 2.68 Simplex. All I hear is I have to upgrade to be able to use the 8.5 or 9.5 by nokta.Well ,guess what found a new 9.5"x 5" d.d. by NEL for my simplex and its perfect๐Ÿ™‚ The F-70 does great with my three coils the 11"x7" ; 9.5",5'' shooter mostly use the smaller coils and planning on keeping it for a while.All this new detector technology is not for me at 80 years of age.Saw a super so call 1266x which was use by nasa its $1200.00 and they make it sound like it can pull chinese up by their gold teeth its at flea-Bay.Check it out.
  8. Greetings Phrunt thank you for your answers good mercy out of all those detectors which two are your favorite?Well,I am willing to try the 9.5" x 5" d.d. coil its on order . Will report the results as soon as it gets here I already have acor's 9.5" on my Fisher F-70 and works great and separates like it should. Can you tell me all the new advantages when you upgrade to 2.77 & 2.78. Thank you---William
  9. OOOPS,forgot to ask what happens if you chose to use a Nel or Cor's 9.5" x 5" instead nokta coils? I remember when I purchased the Simplex 2.68 at that time the Nels and cor's coils were all ready out for the 2.68 The 9.5"coils were being sold by east coast forum.
  10. Good mercy this detectors takes me back with the 1266 x in the good old days.IF I had the $$$ I would jump on this one,should sell quick.
  11. Good mercy just got the message straight from NOKTA๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฅ Its all over ,but the scream Now what? So no other coil will help?For an old dude like me Going on 81 ,guess just ride it out with the 2.68.Is it that much difference besides depth?This Simplex is New old stock of 1.5 years and has not hit the dirt except for my coin garden! That's what happens when you spend to much time in Hospitals.Hmmmm,whats the next move keep it or sell it.
  12. The two coils are 11"x 7'' and the 5" shooter coil and have added a 9.5"x 5" Nel coil.Gave $ 246๐Ÿ™‚
  13. I bought a 2.68 Simplex its a new one ,however I am being told that I cannot use a 8.5" or 9.5" coils unless I upgrade to 2.77 or 2.78 .Is this true?Thanks William
  14. I see where you used a Chinese gold bug pro,have never seen one.You have any feed back on one of them๐Ÿ™‚Will they hold up?Thanks--William
  15. I am 80 and having problems trying to figure out the difference between COR'S coils and Nel coils.Looking at a 9.5" x 5" d.d. coil for my F-70,seems the Nel coils are harder to find ,but the Cor's are easy to find.Rumor says two brothers own both coils companies is this right?๐Ÿ™‚
  16. Hmmmm just found a F-70 with two coils I have a f-5 already.This f-70 has other bidders so what's a decent price for this f-70?I would say its a 8.5 out of 10.Thank you.
  17. Can anyone tell me the main difference between this two fishers f-5 vs. f-70?Thank you gents.
  18. My simplex was bought new but has not been used its one of the first ones out.Have they come out with a new battery set up with 9 volt or AA batteries?wjm
  19. Hmmm,trying to get around this forum , has anyone hunted nuggets with fisher 1266 x ?How about the f-19 for nuggets?Thanks----william
  20. New member here trying learn @ 78 ,just bought an F 75 whats a good setting for nuggets?----william
  21. I am new to this forum have been around detecting for 20 years at 78 and still detector hunting.With 5 major operations lucky i am still moving.I am from south Texas and enjoying this cooler weather.Thank you.---william
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