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  1. Well, been looking for a 9.5"d.d. coil for my 2.68 Simplex. All I hear is I have to upgrade to be able to use the 8.5 or 9.5 by nokta.Well ,guess what found a new 9.5"x 5" d.d. by NEL for my simplex and its perfect🙂

    The F-70 does great with my three coils the 11"x7" ; 9.5",5'' shooter mostly use the smaller coils and planning on keeping it for a while.All this new detector technology is not for me at 80 years of age.Saw a super so call 1266x which was use by nasa its $1200.00 and they make it sound like it can pull chinese up by their gold teeth its at flea-Bay.Check it out.

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  2. Greetings Phrunt  thank you for your answers good mercy out of all those detectors which two are your favorite?Well,I am willing to try the 9.5" x 5" d.d. coil its on order . Will report the results as soon as it gets here I already have acor's 9.5" on my Fisher F-70 and works great and separates like it should.

      Can you tell me all the new advantages when you upgrade to 2.77 & 2.78. Thank you---William

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  3. Good mercy just got the message straight from NOKTA😲😥 Its all over ,but the scream Now what? So no other coil will help?For an old dude like me Going on 81 ,guess just ride it out with the 2.68.Is it that much difference besides depth?This Simplex is New old stock of 1.5 years and has not hit the dirt except for my coin garden! That's what happens when you spend to much time in Hospitals.Hmmmm,whats the next move keep it or sell it.

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  4. On 9/27/2018 at 11:21 PM, Jim Hemmingway said:

    Hi Simon… I realize that your T2 is somewhat different from the F75. But let me describe how I operate the original F75 to deal with issues related to EMI. 

    The original F75 version is very much subject to erratic behavior in areas where EMI is present. Hunting urban areas in zero discrimination with the stock 11” DD coil is frequently impossible. I avoid using this coil in urban environs because it is quite vulnerable to EMI issues (extra windings / antennae effect) compared to the 10” elliptical concentric coil, and this is especially true when compared to any of the smaller coils. So don’t hesitate to switch to a smaller coil, preferably a concentric coil if the ground conditions permit.

    An added benefit if hunting micro jewelry, is that the smaller coils, particularly the 6” elliptical concentric coil, is quite sensitive to small stuff compared to the stock 11” DD coil. In fact I put it to good use for hunting naturally occurring native silver in rocky environs. It’s not unusual to find sub-grain material with this coil. 

    If using a discriminate mode, avoid JE mode in EMI areas. It is extremely high gain, and therefore much more sensitive to EMI than are the DE or PF search modes. 

    Another very useful technique, if necessary, is to increase the iron discrimination level until erratic behavior settles down to an acceptable level. Do this while moving / holding the coil on the ground, and not while waving it around in the air. Keeping the coil to the ground much reduces EMI instability because it reduces the coil’s antennae effect.

    Adjusting the sensitivity control is not necessarily the final step in stabilizing how the machine behaves in EMI environments. Do as you please with it. Keep in mind that you may wish to limit iron discrimination to about 6 or 7 and no more as Steve describes, depending on your preference. At that point, if necessary, you may wish to experiment with decreasing the sensitivity control to achieve stability.

    Of course for prospecting applications, and low trash urban areas, the first choice is to search in the motion all-metal mode. It is much less vulnerable to EMI than are any of the discriminate modes. It makes a huge difference.

    In closing, I should add that in remote prospecting areas, my original F75 is normally as quiet as a churchmouse regardless which search mode, settings employed, or the type / size of coil that is used. On rare occasion we do experience an intermittent EMI induced instability from what I suspect is the local microwave tower. These occasions are always temporary, rarely lasting more than a half-hour…………….. Jim.

    New member here trying learn @ 78 ,just bought an F 75 whats a good setting for nuggets?----william

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