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  1. If you TRULY want to be a AU GETTER, and not merely a "nuggetshooting wannabe", get training from a qualified trainer, as well as from the better nuggetshooting "how to" books and YouTube videos. There are NO shortcuts to success in the goldfields.
  2. Walt, to be honest about it, for nuggetshooting with VLF machines, in terms of depth for all size nuggets, and senstivity on sub-grain nuggets, there has not been significant improvement since the MXT and Goldmaster V-Sat. Where modern machines show improvement is in terms of features and ease of operation. For example, a properly tuned Equinox 800 can detect 0.25 grainers, but so can an MXT. At pretty much the same depth. Both the Goldmaster V-Sat and Gold Monster 1000 can sense 0.01 grainers. But, again, newer features make tuning, and operation easier/better. As for choosing between 2 800's
  3. The ultimate loser in this scenario is the customer. When I interviewed Bud Guthrie for the "Treasure" Magazine article "$75,000 Rock Found," he condemned buying a detector from mailorder rather than a local dealer. "You might save $50.00, but if you lose a $1,000.00 nugget, it wasn't worth it." He felt that paying extra to the local dealer who included training and where-to-go information with the detector sale was money well spent. Consider rhe case of a potential customer whom I offered a package deal consisting of detector, full range of quality accessories, training, and where to go info.
  4. I am closing out the last of my gold Master GMT and 24K coils and coil covers. All of these are absolutely brand new, never mounted on a rod. Each coil comes with a brand new coil cover. All prices are postpaid. GMT Sierra Gold Max $120. Two are available. GMT 10 x 6 standard Double D coil $120. One available . 24K 14 x 8 coil, $200. Two are available. Individual coil covers 10 x 6 oval GMT $11. The Flat 6 in round coil for the 24K and GMX $11. The 6 by 4 shooter oval coil $10. I have several of each of the ladder coils you can contact me at 760 401-7514.
  5. Steven, Aureous perfectly nailed it. Personally, since most of my nuggetshooting here in the Mojave revolves around hunting small rocky ravines, where large coils cannot be used, as well as "crumb hunting" drywash piles, the 6" CC is my favorite coil on my 24k. Hope this helps. HH Jim
  6. Gerry, glad to learn that Pieter is alive and still chasing gold. Seeing him brought back fond memories of the old "Treasure" magazine gang, Pieter, Ken Doe, Jim Williams, George Mrzkowski, Jimmy Sierra, Woody Woodworth...
  7. Steven, aside from what you have already listed, I suggest the following: good hand shears, small stiff-bristled paint brush, small crevicing tools, quality headphones, a second searchcoil and cover, a jewelers loupe or magnifying glasses, several plastic Ziploc sandwich bags, good quality tweezers, a 24-inch section of vinyl flex hose 1/2 inch diameter. I would choose a good 10 pocket belt pouch over a backpack. And, last but not least, a copy of "Advanced Nuggetshooting with the Goldmaster 24k." 😊 HH Jim
  8. Steven, you reside in Washington, and use a Goldmaster 24k. I would recommend 7b, 10a, and 14a. HH Jim
  9. Follow the Drywashers for a Magnificent Quest, especially if you are Three Hours to Gold in Southern California. Nice pics Keith. HH Jim
  10. Several of us on this forum are former Marines or Marine "brats." Today marks the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the 17 day Battle of Chosin Reservoir. My dad, a sergeant in the First Marine Division at Chosin, later co-founded the Sea Angels scuba diving club with Mel Fisher. Their treasure hunting experience, along with that of the Depression Era "survival" gold prospecting experiences of my grandfather and great grandfather, influenced me greatly. Off topic, and reminiscing.
  11. I started with the A2B back in '83. That first chunk of auriferous quartz from an ore dump in Dayton NV began my own Magnificent Quest.
  12. Keith, maybe we ought to change your nickname to "Smokey Jr."
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