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  1. Hello Dan, I live in El Paso. But, born and raised in Cruces. Still go 2-3 times a month to see the family. I have always been interested in the Minelab machines so this forum has been a wealth of information from what I've read so far. I primarily dig all over NM. I saw your post at the Dolan house. We too got permission from the couple there. Must say they are great people, we haven't made it up there again though. I'm agree I thought you guys would have found a lot more right there. But the thrill is in the hunt and at least you guys got to do it!
  2. Hey guys, just joined as I stumbled across the site. I currently run a pro and a gold. It appears this site is Minelab heavy. I seem to have not been able to break a plateau lately and have honestly questioned the machines? After reading the post on the nox 600 I must say I'm very interested. I know this may seem like a dumb question and it's probably in the site somewhere, but I'm still learning to navigate this forum; so what makes the Nox so much better than the AT platforms? Any response is greatly appreciated!
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