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  1. Finds have dwindled at this property and I'm now moving to the soybean fields that surround it, about 20 acres. Took a detecting friend with me and he found a beauty and I've found some interesting additional finds. Will likely wait till spring to finish the fields since I have a new permission that has proved to be a silver mine of sorts. First day I hit 9 silvers and a silver ring. This hobby is addictive for sure! Oh and the AT Pro was sold. Anyone interested in buying the small CORS Shrew coil, message me. I don't get on to post often but I will try to update any additional finds on this site. Thanks again for all the help. Oh and the TD was authenticated from ANACS w EF details.
  2. So I ended up going back to the old farmhouse for a short hunt. Not expecting much since last outing netted nothing worthwhile. This time around I took the Nox 800 alone and went over areas I hit previously with the ctx3030 with 17" coil. To my surprise the Nox found 3 old coppers that the ctx3030 somehow missed. 2 of them are unidentifiable to me but the other appears to be a 1773 Virginia Halfpenny which makes it the oldest coin I've found to date. Can't wait to take the Nox on another trip to see if I missed anything else.
  3. So I've had a little time over the past two weeks to detect the new 1800's permission with the ctx and Nox. I'm primarily using the ctx initially because I'm used to it and then comparing the Nox on the same target so i can learn the tones and vdi. I've attached a few pics of the finds so far. The TD is on it's way to ANACS for authentication. Found several toasted 1800's LC's and even found my first 1909 wheatie, no vdb of course. I think the Nox will compliment the ctx quite well and most likely push the AT Pro to 3rd string or up for sale. Any recommendations on a 2nd coil for the Nox?
  4. Thx for all the great feedback. So far I've found some great finds at this site. Initially finding targets with the ctx then checking them with the Nox800 so I can learn the machine. When I get some time I'll post some of the finds so far. Thx again for all the help!
  5. Thx I see it now, had to refresh. Quick question, how would I know if the unit I just received today has the update or not?
  6. Thx, I will try to find the guide. I plan on doing some comparisons between the two machines but not sure I'm technically savvy enough to capture it on my phone via video. No gopro user here yet. The property has a barn, springhouse and several outbuildings that all date back to 1800's so I'm sure there's a fair amount of trash scattered throughout. Thx for the help!
  7. I recently obtained permission to detect an 1870's farmhouse property that's never been detected as it's been in the same family since built. I just got a new Nox 800 to try out today and will be using it with my ctx3030. I'm looking for any recommendations on a set up/program to use at this old home site for the Nox 800. Any help is appreciated.
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