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  1. I see a few used Garrett ATX's for sale on other sites? From $1600 to $1800. Going to sell my used ATX.all stock items included with a Minelab harness asking $1,500???? I'm in Phoenix Arizona shipping would be extra unless you can pick it up in person witch I would prefer.
  2. Hey Rob A. Just tried to get on your new revamped forum??? Used my display name ddog And password. Said invalid. Tried to create new account using same uname & pword no luck, says password is used by another user ,ME. Need Advice. Thx Jerry L
  3. californiagold How does the macro gold racer screen do in bright sunlite?? I have the ATX [ will be selling it soon ] good machine just to heavy for me since I messed up my shoulder. Need a light machine. Leaning toward the Macro Gold or the new Nokta AU with the hip mountable & the manual adjustments. Also congrats on the nice GOLD haul. You sure got the Macro Gold dialed in. Later Jerry
  4. Hey Steve, Ya gonna get one an give us your review?? Thx Steve
  5. Hi guys just wondering how the macro gold screen does in bright sunlight as far as visibility goes. Thx D Dog
  6. Hi nugget65 I bought an ATX used , like you , I like a good deal. Weight wise it's not bad with a harness , even though they are kind of a pain in the butt. Unless your a young buck or an inshape old buck , should be no problem. Unfortunatey I'am old buck in so so shape so I do the harness after a few hours. Your in a great area for nugget hunting. I am a New 49ers member up there in Happy Camp but I live in Phoenix. Don't know if I'll make it up there this year or not. Later Jerry
  7. Hi Guys, Looking for a way to adapt Ivans wireless setup on my Garrett ATX ? Don't know if anyone is making any adapters yet. I guess I could change out the waterproof jack with a standard one. Ivan how do you like that setup on your GB ? Thx for any suggestions. Jerry
  8. Great idea for $160 Steve , I have the Garrett ATX so it does have discrimination kinda when using stk coil, mono no discrimination [ Dig All Anyway ]. Great idea if you do not need discrimination Steve , Reno Chris idea is good also if you have a GB and need discrimination with your PI. Maybe we could give Nokia/Makro a call & they could whip one up in a smaller package, with your input Steve. Wonder if you could [ business opportunity for someone ] make your idea Steve and sell it and not get your butt in trouble? Later on
  9. Hey AZB/ Check out craigs list under Rokon, Rokon Single Track Trailer. More stuff to haul on your bike. Easy enough to make. Later on Jerry Mite slow ya down abit though !!!!
  10. Hi Guys Anyone belong to the [AAGP] in Phx. Arizona Just curious about the claims and such? Think I may go to one of there meetings & check em out. Thx for any replys.
  11. Hi Guys Anybody Buy a Gold Hog Hogpan?? If so I would to get the total dimensions of the Hogpan? I know it's 18" x 10 1/2" on top. What is total height & bottom dimension? Got the mini excavator and it works great. Looks like a great pan, how do you guy's like it? Happy Huntin. Don't forget too vote Throw the BUMS out. Thx Jerry, Simper Fi
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