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  1. Hi Jeff, Thanks for the reply and interest in my post. The settings on the f44 for the coin nail test were 16 on the sensitivity and all metal mode. After hearing your results jeff, I am going to do a retest of the coin nail test. But it might be a while as I lent my f44 to a friend today. Why did I buy the 600 instead of the 800? Some people asked. Simple answer - Because I got a great deal on the 600 even though I had read that the 800 was better machine. Why did I buy a eqinox machine at all especially if I was happy with my fishers whites and garretts? The answer is Because as I said
  2. Yes I most certainly agree. This is much better forum in that regard. The last thing I want to do is offend a lot of the equinox users. On the gold test The F70 was set on auto tune or all metal. Sensitivity was set to 85 Threshold was set at 1. I also tested the 600 set at 5 hz against the f44 and the f44 was much better then the 600 regardless of the setting on the 600 at 5 hz. For testing on the gold nugget and other items. Yes, the equinox 600 is water proof but I don't go diving with my fishers. The f44 is splash proof and with a rain cover on it I have submerged it briefly wit
  3. Hi. Gang, It looks like I created quite Firestorm. If I knew I was posting in the equinox fan club forum, out of respect for all of your opinions I would have refrained from posting most of my comments. That said. I stand behind all my statements. In the future I will reply to most of your comments but now I must eat dinner. BTW I did the gold test with 2 gram 22k gold nugget 2 ways as a air test and by burying the nugget in medium mineralized soil at 6 ins. The F70 did a better job of detecting both times The test was done in Park 2, Field 2, at 15hz and beach 2 at multi Yes, the 600 did
  4. Hi Everyone. I am new to this forum but have been gold prospecting and metal detecting for many years. I have used machines from just about every major maker of metal detectors with except XP. I recent bought a Equinox 600 and have been testing it out. I have been making a lot of test comparisons with my fishers etc. And I realized today that the 600 does not have a true all metal mode like my fishers. Closest setting is Park 2' with iron detect turned on, but thats it. The 600 is not as sensitive as my F70 on small gold either when using the 15 hz setting. It says in the manual that singl
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