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    Gold prospecting (drywashing, rocker boxes, detecting), relic hunting/coin shooting, hiking, off roading.
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    Gold buddy drywasher, Gold cradle rocker box, Gold Monster 1000, Equinox 600/800,
    Gold bug 2, gold bug pro, F 19, and too much more to list!

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  1. If you are driving home I am located by the Gold Basin placers out of Dolan Springs (NW AZ). Could take you nugget shooting, drywashing would be a bit tough though as we are having quite a bit of rain/snow this week so ground will still be a bit too wet!
  2. From the looks of the stacked rocks along the sides of Creek photos it was definitely worked hard a long time ago. You need to locate an area that has more naturally laid down material on top of bedrock with out the stacked or pitched large rocks along creeksides. Then do some test panning close to bedrock. If you do not locate any color in a bucket (3-5 gal.) of 1\4" classified material, time to find another test site.......I would surely want to find evidence of some larger pieces of gold in the concentrated Creekbed via test panning before spending big money on a detector just for an unproven area.
  3. A bit late to the party... I also have both machines and definitely prefer the controls on the monster over the equinox for their simplicity. It is a very enjoyable detector to operate, no cluster of unused buttons as nugget shooting does not require it. I really appreciate just being able to put the monster in auto 1(or 2), doing a quick ground balance, and getting to hunting! With that being said if you are planning to do more than just nugget hunt, the Equinox can do it all!
  4. Hello all, Been nugget shooting for about 20 years and just picked up equinox 600 for some coin/relic hunting in local ghost towns/ historical sites. Glad to be part of the group!
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