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    North Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, Nevada
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    metal detecting, gold and coins, bowhunting, fly fishing
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    SDC 2300, Whites 24K, Equinox 600, GM1000, Whites Bullseye TRX, some Keene, some homemade

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  1. Outstanding, hope you have the chance to get back there, looks like a great area!
  2. Nice piece! No rubbish is a good place to be.
  3. I'm glad you also had a positive experience with MineLab customer service.
  4. After less than one year and maybe 20 cycles the battery charger for my SDC2300 quit working. I tried several different things like different batteries, using both 12 volt and 110ac and the unit would not charge. I called MineLab explained my problem and received an RA number. Shipped old charger out on a Tuesday priority mail, they received it on Thursday and I got a confirmation email that they had received it. On Monday I got another email saying the unit had been repaired and was being shipped out. On Friday I received a brand new charger with new batteries (10 days from my original shipment including one weekend). Outstanding customer service and shipping times have made me a happy camper and the SDC is ready to go - Thanks to MineLab
  5. Way to go GB glad you got to make the return trip, congrats!
  6. Looks like the snow must finally be leaving your hunting grounds, great finds!
  7. Fun in the sun, and everyone is happy, happy, happy - great find and great video!
  8. Don't know where you are from or exactly what you are looking for but http://gerrysdetectors.com in Boise Idaho probably has what you are looking for. Great guy lots of inventory and field training, give him a call and get what you need!
  9. Welcome to the forum Denise! The Equinox 600 is a fine machine (I have one too) and this is a great place to learn how to run it. Check Steve's guides to shorten the learning curve and get the most of what it can do for you. Lots of great folks here to help and share in your experiences. Earl
  10. Thanks oneguy hope it works out, I know it's not for everyone but sometimes it is pleasing to make something for yourself and then share the idea.
  11. Kiwijw I also run fairly light when prospecting, I don't like any more to carry than what I know that I will use on that trip. I had this post on another forum and brought it here to show that pick holders don't have to be expensive, as well as other holders for different tools. The 2" pvc is large enough diameter that the slots for the belt loops can also be cut at an angle if desired to move the handle more to the rear.
  12. Suspenders are Nacona brand, ebay etc - get one size larger than you think you need, mine are xl. Earl
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