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    metal detecting, gold and coins, bowhunting, fly fishing
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    SDC 2300, Whites 24K, Equinox 600, GM1000, Whites Bullseye TRX, some Keene, some homemade

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  1. Nice finds, you don't know what it is unless you dig and check your hole, sometimes there is a bonus. Hope you checked the area well, looks like a good spot to spend some time!
  2. Good job on finding the wheats, I always figure if I can find 4 or more wheats in front of one house hitting curb strips there is a good possibility of silver. I went back to one spot 2 times before I scored the silver, got 2 mercury dimes, just takes time and listening to what the nox is saying. Maybe we can get together when you get back to this time zone lol...
  3. Greetings and great choice on the Equinox! I have a sister that lives outside Helena and live in the Moscow area. Don't get to crazy with settings on the detector, learn the factory programs and move on from there. The equinox will definitely do its job, just learn what it is saying to you and don't worry about going over the same area 1,2, 3 or even more times - nobody gets it all!
  4. Great hunt, thanks for sharing - when it feels right dig it!
  5. The hearing aids that I have, as well as others have the ability to turn off the microphone to magnify or clarify the outside sound and still transmit the Bluetooth signal from the detector to the hearing aids. I assume this is not the case for all hearing aids. Mine work very well in locations like the desert if the wind is blowing or there are other outside sounds I don't want to hear I just turn off the microphone and I still have the threshold and any target sounds coming directly to me.
  6. I believe it was back in February I made this post and have still had excellent results. The Equinox 600 easily pairs with my hearing aids and has worked well for me, I now have over 250 hours using this set up and over 2,800 coins for the year. Latency is a non issue, and it is beneficial I believe working in some environments. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/8663-can-you-hear-me-now/
  7. Outstanding, hope you have the chance to get back there, looks like a great area!
  8. Nice piece! No rubbish is a good place to be.
  9. I'm glad you also had a positive experience with MineLab customer service.
  10. After less than one year and maybe 20 cycles the battery charger for my SDC2300 quit working. I tried several different things like different batteries, using both 12 volt and 110ac and the unit would not charge. I called MineLab explained my problem and received an RA number. Shipped old charger out on a Tuesday priority mail, they received it on Thursday and I got a confirmation email that they had received it. On Monday I got another email saying the unit had been repaired and was being shipped out. On Friday I received a brand new charger with new batteries (10 days from my original shipment including one weekend). Outstanding customer service and shipping times have made me a happy camper and the SDC is ready to go - Thanks to MineLab
  11. Way to go GB glad you got to make the return trip, congrats!
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