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  1. OUTSTANDING 99.9% of all detectorists will only be able to dream of silver like that!!!!
  2. It took almost 2 weeks before I heard back from them when I contacted them back in March. The repair was quick.
  3. THANK YOU SHN for letting me get my feet wet with the AQ. The part I had the most trouble with was pinpointing a shallow target once I got the target out of the hole, being chest deep and digging in running sand I dont have the time to check each scoop, I dig and dump piles next to each other so when I go back to check witch pile the target is in I can now judge by the strength of the signal witch scoop pile it should be in. Missing in the pic is a silver wave ring that has already been claimed. Joe you have helped many others including myself keep it up, Thank You
  4. And I think this is it. The area is only 20 feet x 40 feet that has been giving targets and its like there is a line that you cross and all goes quiet. I detected in all directions and with this being soft sand I was able to scrub the sand so could see where I had detected and not missed much. I will just have to keep an eye on it for now for any more changes. This little area has treated me well!! Good Luck to All
  5. You are correct mine is not silver the one that is silver is the one between the dime and the ring, bad pic.
  6. unfortunately it is a kids beach and most of the rings are junk but they did lose coins.
  7. Targets were still plentiful 6 wheats 4 silver coins a silver ring and a silver religious metal. It looks like they pushed the sand out in to the water. Cant forget this.
  8. I took a ride to a local beach and saw this hole that was never there before. Some one had a machine and moved the sand around and left a hole. I have detected this area Quiet with my TDI BH in the past. Today I dug for 3.5 hours non stop all targets were deep as it looks like there was about 6 inches or more of sand removed. I was amazed at what was below. The best of it 3 Buffalos a silver dime a 1956 class ring and a ring like I have never seen, it has the head of a wolf with its mouth open.
  9. Nice find !! You are on the right track , as some of my best land finds were in areas that I had to step the brush down and detect over it. Just think If a tree started growing just after that Quarter was made that tree could be 24 to 36 inches diameter now, so it pays to search it all, woods change. Good luck on your future hunts, Jim
  10. I have ever dug. Being a nice day Friday I went to a beach that I had a 15 minute walk to get where I wanted to hunt. Being a nice day many people were walking the beach, So not having to dodge them or answer questions I went into the water thigh deep and walked down the beach detector on and just pushing it straight not swinging. 5 minutes in I get a signal stop back up locate it 2nd scoop up comes this 8.8 gram 14K Band. It just goes to show that Gold is where you find it. Finished out the hunt with some clad and lead sinkers.
  11. Salt water in a bay. I need light winds no waves and negative tides to get to these chest to shoulder deep.
  12. Hit my favorite beach today and was not disappointed a 1932 collage ring 10k and a signet OB 10k The best of all the coins were 5 Wheats. 2 silver religious items. a Pewter Cross, The shiny silver dot is a Mercury thermometer and it works.
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