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  1. Great Silver haul! that charm looks promising. years back I would clean all my silver. Then I realized it look just like the pile of clad next to it. Now I do not clean silver I leave it all black and crusty as I found it. When I look into my box of silver coins they bring back the memories of finding them.
  2. Temp warmed up along with a low tide during the day.
  3. I have used the 14.8 since day 1 I have never used the 12 volt battery. I have countless hours on it in 2 years it is working just fine.
  4. Doesn't that piece of yellow make the ride home sooo much more enjoyable and shorter !!!
  5. Nice Haul!! All them targets.... All that 50 year old silver and only 1 gold and very little jewelry.. Seems there should be more then that. But you still did Great on the silver. And hats off to you for being at the right place and right time!! Jim
  6. Large black is silver quarter. 2 smaller blacks are silver dimes. the in-between sized is a nickel and I am assuming it is a war nickel because of it being black and all other nickels are not. I dont clean most targets because when I look at them it brings back memories of finding them, if they are cleaned they look like the money in my pocket. Thank you I will wait until next negatives. Its hallow only 2.2 No RI
  7. I got out twice last week to hit the negatives. All were found with a TDI BH waist to chest deep in a drysuit. Both golds are 14k. The Eagle is silver. Water was cold but with this many targets it keeps you warm digging plus yellow warms you up also. 2 silver rings are missing as my Grandkids got them. It used to be just my wife who would claim my treasures.
  8. I also cut the ground wire from coil connector to pcb and wrapped the whole pcb in static shield and put back in housing.
  9. I also had mine mounted on a straight shaft with box mounted behind my elbow, having the wire taped tight all along the shaft is the only way to go. It has not seen any use after getting a TDI BH.
  10. Try asking here. https://www.geotech1.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?6-Coils
  11. Mike with this hair pin from the strength of the signal after I had about 3-4 inches of sand removed from the center where a good target would have been , the signal was too strong to be centered in my hole at that depth so that is when I started looking around the edges for something long not round and found the hairpin. I try to hit old beaches that I know have produced many good finds in the past and where I am has a high possibility of good targets. Knowing this I dig every sound I hear that is repeatable at least in one direction I do not spend time trying to guess what the targ
  12. I went to my local fresh water beach witch I have been to countless times. I got a very strong hit on my TDI BH gb off, I chased and came up with a 3 1/2 inch hair pin. A few feet away I got the same hit I pinpointed it took 1 shallow scoop it was still there I took a deeper 2nd scoop deeper than I thought the target was, still there and centered in the hole with the X on it. If this was a surface coin I would have got it. I have a good hunch that this another hair pin, so I took a shallow scoop to the left of my hole and there it was a large hair pin lying there. The
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