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  1. Thank You Joe Yes waiting for the AQ, these came from where the added sand thins and I was able to get through it I keep wondering what is under the sand closer to shore in the active zone. Just have to wait.
  2. Thank You I do not have high hopes of the chain because the locket was very weak signal from the TDI 3 scoops but I was in chin deep water and the scoops were not full scoops . But I will try
  3. Thank You This is a small beach that I live 3 minutes from,It was replenished with sand in early 60s I need to get through this sand, For the old stuff. I use a floating sifter and dig every sound. Almost all trash has been removed through the years. The best part of removing everything is when people ask if I find anything good I show them fish hooks and their attitude changes.
  4. With lifeguards gone Kids gone cooler weather and the lowest water level in years, fresh water I was out chin deep in what it seems to be undetected area. all targets were very deep and have been there for a long time. The Irish ring is stamped 375, the locket 585, and the blue ring 14k and I have not cleaned the 14k at all it is tarnished or stained. All found with TDI BH but I did mark the area that the locket came from to return with my Nox to try and find the chain.
  5. Thank you Tony at least I now know that I can put a mono coil on and know all will be good with it.
  6. SGD This is what I did to make my headphones louder, as I always have a hood on the valcro keeps phones in place and with out the pads the phones are on your ear, work great and easy to do.
  7. I need to have my coil replaced on my TDI BH Whites service center is not sure they have one at the moment. My Question is what are the pros and cons of putting a 12 inch Aussie Mono coil on. Not for diving just waist deep wading, also does anyone know if the mono will float like the yellow dual field? I am not looking to find small bits of gold, mostly coins and ring size targets on the Northeast beaches. Thanks Jim
  8. Nice chunk of AU Joe 6 scoops is a whole new level as rings like that dont usually detect off to the side, time for the back brace now.
  9. With winds out of the east helped push the tide out more and keep the waves down, 2 silver rings were chin deep both were got on the third scoop with a lot of kicking of sand between the second and third. the band 7 grams 14 k white was waist deep. TDI BH did its job today.
  10. After cutting the wire I took a static bag and placed the mother board in it warped the wires and taped them. It ran great for me.
  11. I had the same with my Infinium. There is a wire that is connected the connector to the mother board, Ground ? cut it , problem solved.
  12. I set up an old AT3 for my grandson , he did great as long as he had a beep and dig for coins that I seeded.If he did not have any targets he lost interest, I gave him my Nox 800 with the display and he will last a lot longer detecting watching the numbers and hearing the tones than just listening for the beep. If you give them a TOY they will play with it give them the real thing they will use it. Do you think they know that the detector they are using is not as good as the one you are using?
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