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  1. I had the target Id stabilizer turned off. Maybe had something to do with it being so jumpy. Also the ring was tilted on edge with the setting facing down.
  2. Mine came from eBay well used, but it is still working. what failed on the 2 that you went through ?
  3. Even though I just got a brand new nox 800, I decided to grab the 705 today because it had a larger coil and I intended to search for deep silver and relics at an old park that I have hunted heavily in the past. The coil is a CORS strike in triple frequency. I set the machine in it's lowest frequency with the sensitivity maxed out and began searching in coin mode all metal. My first target was a snap off a jacket or jeans . My next target was jumping from iron to high tones and I called it iron but it was deep so I dug anyway, I was way surprised to see a glint of gold at the bottom of the hole. I pulled it out and it was this nice 10k gold ring with opal and 2 small diamonds. It is my second gold ring this year and possibly my last find of the year as the weather here in Montana is getting quite nasty. Started snowing shortly after finding the ring and I called it quits for the day.
  4. Nice work, I would be celebrating also if I ever pulled off a day like that. Congrats
  5. I have been wanting to search this ballpark again and try to find some gold jewelry, so today I had the time and decided to give it a go. I brought the Simplex and was going to dig all targets intent on finding jewelry. I put the Simplex in park 2, iron volume off with all notches accepted and set the sensitivity at half. I ground balanced and started swinging. First target was a bottlecap, second a piece of canslaw and third was bam......10k gold band about 3" deep. I don't think I was there more than 5 minutes. The rest of the hunt was some clad and lots of pulltabs and bottle caps and a junk arrowhead pendant. I guess it was just good luck that got my coil over that ring so quickly in the hunt. The ring came in at just above nickel and weighs just over 2 grams.
  6. 1890 Canadian 5 cent found in a sidewalk strip in Montana with the whites MXT
  7. congratulations on such an epic year!!!!! all the hard work paid off very well for you.
  8. I had an ultimate 13 coil on my mxt and used it for a couple years. it is extremely light weight and stable. I had no problem detecting 10" coins with it. I would highly recommend it.
  9. thank's a ton. I'll measure mine and match to the correct size. I had no idea where to look or what they were called.
  10. the push pins are the same, the battery door is different. I just posted a pic. is there a way to remove the push pins without breaking them?
  11. my grandkids broke one of the battery door push pin connectors to my amigo II, does anyone know where I could find a replacement one? It appears to be exactly like the one on my old whites goldmaster II. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank's to all that reply.
  12. Truly amazing !!!! How many years have you been detecting ? In my 5 years detecting for coins and jewelry I have only found 1 thin unmarked wedding band that rang up a solid 10 on my xterra 705, but I have a coffee can full of pulltabs. 😭
  13. I think the item with the pat. date is some sort of clothing buckle and I am not sure about the honey dew, maybe a soda drink ? but I like your thought's on it better. Also I was using the 19 khz G2 . I left my T2 at home as I figured the G2 was the better gold machine.
  14. Went back to an old poured concrete foundation in the woods which is a popular Elk hunters campsite. This is a site where I found my first seated dime a few years ago. The area is loaded with modern trash and lot's of iron nails and old tin buried near the foundation walls. I brought my Teknetics G2 with both the 5" and 11"x7" coil as I also intended to try some nugget detecting near the creek. I didn't find any nuggets but managed to pull 2 nice V nickels, 1890 and 1883. I set the detector in disc mode after ground balancing at 83. The ground here is very mineralized. I then set the tone break at 40 to separate ferrous from nonferrous and started swinging . I dug everything that hit in the ferrous range and all one-way signals that sounded good one direction but like iron the other. I also managed a few relics and a small pile of trash.
  15. another plus for the simplex vs dfx is the warranty on the simplex vs none on the outdated dfx. just another point to consider in your choice.
  16. Very nice !!!! I have also been digging bouncy zinc signals this year and it has been paying off with some nice small silver jewelry. I know eventually it will pay off with some gold.
  17. at the price of $250 I would highly suspect chinese counterfeit. buy from a reputable dealer to avoid any chance of counterfeit.
  18. I have the one with the black case and orange cap , have had it for maybe 2 yr's now with no problems. keeping my fingers crossed now after reading your post. if it ever does the death dance before me, I think I would go with the XP. I like everything I have read about it.
  19. The Whites Trx pinpointer is one of the best pinpointers ever produced and I think it is far from obsolete. I'll be keeping mine for many years I'm sure ! Just my opinion.
  20. Seeing how Whites is out of business now , I decided I should get a replacement shell for my trx before they are unavailable and I wear mine out like my old Garrett pro pointer. I ordered from Serious Detecting LLC . $34.93 with free shipping. Not trying to advertise for them, I have just made purchases from them before so thought I'd get it there. Also seen some available from others on E-bay. Sure hated to see White's close their doors.
  21. I have got permissions by running an ad on craigslist offering a service such as leaf raking in exchange for permission to detect and keep the items found.
  22. in montana you are required to file a notice of intent in order to use a stream sluice or rockerbox, but panning is acceptable as long as you don't cause any significant surface disturbance. I'm skimming off the top of an exposed gravel bar, digging with a hand trowel as that can not be classified as causing such disturbance. there is no way I'm packing material home to sluice it with my back injury. also, panning is enjoyable and relaxing for me. maybe next year I'll file a notice of intent.
  23. I have grey ghost and troy pro and they seem to both work well no matter what detector they are attached too. I think the grey ghost are 150 ohm, the Troy's are 100 ohm.
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