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  1. General uses the widest span of frequencies out of all the programs, I use it on new sites to get a feel. Then swap to sensitive if it need the weighting at higher frequencies or park / deep hc if I need a lower frequency weighting.
  2. That makes sense thanks. so for the addition it’s opposite, in that you add a frequency like 40khz to make the signal more sensitive to a desired target?
  3. So with subtraction the higher frequency will be less sensitive to low conductive targets like small gold?
  4. So are you saying for subtraction modes the high frequency is only really used for salt identification within the algorithm?
  5. The water proof earphones plug in the back connector, also for charging and updates
  6. Coil is definitely wired for underwater use.
  7. That was me, there is something else on the coil that catches the red pulse, guess we will have to wait and see.
  8. Question regarding ground balance please, Reading the DEUS manual, it appears to ground balance in two different ways depending on what mode you are in, Goldfield (or all metal) says it is an exact ground balance point that matches the ground phase. In the discrimination modes it says that all the ground numbers are rejected below the setting. It almost sounds like the ground balance in the motion modes are like the discrimination setting but for the ground region of the scale. Am I right thinking this? and how many different methods are there to achieving ground balance? Thanks.
  9. XP Have made no secret that a new machine is imminent, they have also said the DEUS is not being discontinued or retired. If I were to put my money on anything it would be a waterproof multifrequency.
  10. I was listening the other day to C-Scope talking about the new Evo-6000. They said they opted for single frequency operation with the coil set for one frequency as it is better as it resonates at it's design frequency, in this case 17khz. They did say there will be option coils to change the frequency higher or lower but this will mean purchasing a new coil to change frequency. Is this truly the best way to achieve the best sensitivity at a given frequency or are they just holding on to old tech. There are other makes of detector that you can change frequency with the same coil (Deus, ORX, Kruzer, Anfibio, Nox etc) do these machines have a set resonate frequency matched to the coil which offers best performance and do they lose sensitivity if you change frequency? Or is there a way of making the coil sensitive to a range of frequencies. Just wondering why they chose to go a different route to others on the frequency selection?
  11. I find 13khz is an excellent frequency for coins, goes deep and doesn't pick up tiny bits of foil. Just for fun try a reverse disc program with Alter, by that I mean set up a notch of accept 0-30 and reject 31-120. Set a custom single tone of 99 (or a low tone of your choice), set threshold high at 444 (again tweak to your choice), run it in dual mode. Make sure iron vol is 0. What you will have now is a very deep program with iron tone provided by the motion channel, dig everything else with a high tone from the threshold. This program won't be for everybody but shows the versatility of Alter.
  12. Yes, VCO only affects the all metal channel. Masking could help, it is a filter for any bits that has broken through the disc. Higher masking settings for trashy areas where depth isn't the goal.
  13. By no means are you under using it by coin shooting, you have already worked out that lowering sensitivity does not lower the ability to find coins. I have used as low as 40 and still pulled copper coins at good depths, what you won't hear are the small bits of foil and trash. 18khz and higher sensitivity and this machine will pick up tiny tiny targets. The key with this machine is don't just set up disc as you traditionally would, use the tools in it's toolbox to give you the edge.
  14. Hi Kevin, I don't think this detector was ever intended for coin shooting, especially in the US. Although it is more than capable the thing as you have found out is you cannot save disc or notch patterns that US coin shooters would use. The dual mode is really for finding large deep buried targets, it can hint at something large and deep out of reach of motion mode. I wouldn't touch dual mode if you only coin shoot. Try playing with a custom tone profile as mixed metals will give a different tone to a coin of a single metal, this may be where 120 tones would be better than notch.
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