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  1. Does the Deus have a true all metal mode? The traditional settings like SAT to control threshold don't appear to be there so how does it regulate itself? Or because it's all digital and no analogue circuitry does it do something different?
  2. Thanks Steve but that is the link that doesn't work ??
  3. Hi, I have found several references to this but none of the links work, does anybody have a copy please?
  4. I believe there is not much more they can squeeze out of VLF technology, even multiple frequency has it's limits and is really only 2 frequencies. Are manufactures better off concentrating on coil design rather than just tweaking an existing design adding a letter or two to the name? After market coils quite often improve a detectors performance, so shouldn't manufactures be looking in this area rather than using the same coil designed years ago? Would like your thoughts
  5. Wasn't this specifically made for Jimmy Sierra, who Whites then sacked. Wonder if he still gets Royalties.
  6. I don't understand why people do that, post a reply then delete it, your first reply was excellent only to be replaced by some weird cryptic post. V3i Answer I have found on the forum in another thread, thanks. Apologies for going off topic.
  7. Interesting reply, thanks, either way the DFX was a great machine, although I always felt it lacked something compared to XLT, probably the fact that the transmit power was shared between two frequencies, they should have just upped the XLT frequency to 14kHz and stuck a DD coil on it. I have read of ground balance issues on the V3, what exactly is the issue with it?
  8. Was there any evidence to back that up? Whites have always strongly denied it.
  9. Yes, if I am to believe what XP said in a recent interview. One also possibly fully waterproof.
  10. Yes it was in humor, I don't have an Equinox but do have an Explorer XS. Cracking machine, even if it doesn't use the 28 frequencies they said it did!! I do like Minelab machines but just wish they were a bit more honest in there advertising.
  11. I know XP did mess around with smart phone integration a couple of years ago but didn't go any further with it, mainly due to Bluetooth not being fast enough. However XP will be launching two new detectors this year (2019) one above and below the Deus in spec.
  12. If the Equinox will obsolete all single frequency detectors why does it have the option to run as a single frequency machine? Surely this means in this mode the Equinox will obsolete itself!!
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