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  1. Does anyone know how to purchase the book in Europe? I am not from US.
  2. Congrats Dan! I've tried to use 2 tones setting in the field, but it is harder than it sounds. I am so used to 5 & 50 tones that while using 2 tones I can't really tell what is underneath the coil. Everything sounds like a silver coin.
  3. I think you just need to find a clean spot using the pinpoint option. Rich, Chase, thanks a lot for the discussion. LOTS of useful information. At the end of the day everyone can draw conclusions from it. I tend to go back and forth: sometimes I perform GB, sometimes not. Most of the time I just leave it at 0 since that is what Minelab suggests for the modes I use. Unfortunately, as you both pointed out, Minelab is not telling at what point GB should be performed. So maybe GB should be performed "just in case" everytime ? I guess I am running in circles as well when it comes to this ?
  4. To be honest I used to GB everytime. However I've read that this is not really necessary in low/med mineralised ground and only required if there is a lot of puttering in -9 area. I left GB at 0 a few times and I haven't seen any noticable decrease in performance. Although I have a feeling, that GB, even when performed in low/med mineralised ground gives additional edge. I recall one hunt when I took some time to GB and the detecor performed extremely well. Maybe the overall soil conditions were good. Maybe it was because of GB.
  5. Hello, I just want to report back that I had a fruitful weekend in the woods ? I ended up using Park 1, Recovery 6, Iron Bias 2, Ground Balance 0. I experimented with the field 1 a bit, but the place I was hunting had some amount of modern thrash. Next time I am going to experiment more with FIeld 1, but I am going to set it to 5 tones. I've been wondering if I set Field 1 the same way as I have for Park 1 (5 tones, Recovery 6, Iron Bias 2, Ground Balance 0) is it going to behave the same way as Park 1? Regards, Igor
  6. Horst and Rich, thanks a lot for the additional helpful feedback. You have no idea how it helps to make my mind about next setup I am going to test. It's a great feeling to uncover the potential of the device while being guided by others who are more experienced.
  7. Thank you all for the tips. I've been amazed with the kindness of the people on the forum. I've been here for a while, and I've never seen any hate? On the upcoming Saturday I am going with my brother for a hunt. I am going to stick to field 1 factory preset, maybe I will increase iron bias a bit and save it in a user profile. I own 800 version.
  8. Hello, I've been using the machine for a couple of months now with some good results. I've been mainly hunting in Park 2 and Field 2 modes, even though under certain conditions they produce additional noise. For now, I would not like to modify any of the factory presets in any mode. I've been staying away from park 1 because of the high iron bias setup as it can truly mask some good targets in trashy conditions. However, the detector is really quiet in Park 1 and if you have a signal, it is usually something decent. Field 1 on the other hand has 2 tones and 0 iron bias. I've been wondering if anyone here has any experience using Field 1 in the field ? Is it still quiet, even though the iron bias is set to 0? Would be great if anyone could share an opinion on Field 1 mode. Regards, Igor
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