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  1. Hey, thanks to you all who have responded. I have local contacts in LA who are interested in meeting up with folks of local knowledge, and might be interested in a co/exploration of this claim. I have no idea whether this particular claim has been illegally prospected or not. And, honestly, anyone with half a whit about their head could locate this claim. I put out feelers to a "respected" group, but received back mostly a sales pitch for their detecting equipment and classes. Was not interested. I'm more grass roots. I am not interested in a bloody confrontational, tit for tat exploitation of my claim. Anyone with half a brain can figure out where it is. What they don't know is if anyone is watching it. This might seem a little bit confusing, but believe me, it is done so for a reason. Claim jumpers are scum. I'm offering, since I've received word, medically, that I may not be there in person for possibly another year, an opportunity to co\share\explore this claim, are there any out there who are interested? Or, maybe, I donate this claim towards a Group who will share exploration rights supervised within the group?
  2. So, retiring soon and have held a claim in Rye Patch for several years. Live in Wa State and am interested in possibly partnering with someone in the area to co-explorer the claim. Any interest?
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