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  1. Strick, when I used your machine awhile back, I had the same issues. It was running erratic. The coil falsed on the slightest bump. I was thinking that this is how the 6000 runs. I was not impressed at all. But my experience in the 4 hours I ran it might be clouded because it might be faulty. I would like to run another machine so I can make a better opinion for myself.
  2. I decided to give the Reebok boots that Gold Catcher recommended. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BFAC3O0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_image?ie=UTF8&th=1&psc=1 And I ordered a cooler backpack. Hopefully both of these work well for me. When my belly is full and properly hydrated, I can concentrate on my detecting much better. And hopefully these boots soles hold up much better. Appreciate everyone's input. Keep them coming. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07YK2KYWC?ref=ppx_pt2_mob_b_prod_image#
  3. Mine are RB8977. They are very comfortable. Except for the treads, holding up very well.
  4. Looks like you've been hitting the Hookah a little to long. 🤪
  5. Looking for some recommendations on backpacks and metal free boots. I might have some unrealistic expectations here, but this is what I am looking for. I use the GPZ 7000. So I'm looking for a backpack that I can replace the supplied Minelab harness. I also use the Hipstick and bungee. So the backpack would have to have heavy duty shoulder straps to accommodate the detector weight and movement. I'm not into using the Camelback water bladder. But want a compartment to be able to hold water and a lunch and keep them from getting hot and the food squished. Also a little extra room to put a jacket or sweatshirt when starting on cold mornings. I also like to keep my pick up and away from the detector, so I like to holster it behind my shoulder blades. As far as metal free boots, I want something somewhat water resistant. I purchased these Reebok boots. They are very comfortable. But not water resistant at all, even with putting a waterproof coating on them. And for the soles on these Reebok boots are terrible. I have only wore them about a dozen times, and from the boot scrapes the tread is peeling off in chunks. So I'm looking for something else in a boot. I'd appreciate any info on what you other detectorists are using.
  6. I know exactly what this is. It's DCC. You don't know what a DCC is? Let me explain. What's the one thing since the invention of the metal detector that all detectorists worldwide have in common? That would be banging our coils into stationary objects. So let me introduce to the detecting world the DCC ( Doc's Coil Cushion). After spending a countless hour hacking into the double encrypted of Doc's computers, I was able to extract and share with the world this invention. The DCC will be a game changer. How many times are you swinging your coil feverishly back and forth banging into objects. If you are anything like Paul aka ( outback yank) this happens daily. With the DCC you can bang into trees, bushes, cactus, pincecones, rocks, fence posts, sheep, and fire hydrants. Imagine a cushion that reduces the arm shock of hitting these objects. No more false signals coming from your coil now. One size fits all.
  7. A real prospecting show would be "The escapades of Klunker and Sourdough Scott" where in this episode Klunker hides SS's pick under his detector bag behind the truck. Then SS searches frantically through the truck bed knowing darn well he put it in the truck, while Klunker stands back grinning like a possum.
  8. Hey Outback Tank, make sure you bring plenty of steel toed flip flops to detect in. You don't need another hole in your foot from your pick. Do they make apple pie milkshakes there? If not you need to start a new trend. 🍎🥧🥛 In all seriousness, I'm very happy for you to go experience this again. Klunker and I will make sure to save you a few bits of gold here in the Lost Sierra. Check in often for the "Old News"🤣
  9. I sure miss running a elliptical coil. This should make GPX 6000 users happy.
  10. I attended last year. I can't confirm if there will be another one. The organizers are burned out. And no new blood is stepping up to take it over. But you can contact the people in charge here. https://gpaaofnorthernnevadareno.com/index.html
  11. I always enjoy your and Honans (2 toes) videos. Maybe we can hook up later this spring for a adventure.
  12. Since you do much of your detecting at RP. Anyone who has detected there during wet conditions knows how squacky the alkaline soils can get when wet. I'm not sure what detector would work best in those conditions? But something to look into.
  13. Ask Klunker, I don't miss anything except going detecting daily.😅🤣
  14. These two 4 in penny's are buried at Ryepatch. The IH is for the adults, the Washington is for the kids. If you happen to find one, they are worth a Treasure chest. The adult chest is full of silver and gold, valued at $400...the kids is full of money, jewelry, and silver worth $300...please bring the penny's to RPDC booth and see Sharon. A little hint on the adult penny...make sure you check ur holes, it's deep. Theres also these two canisters hidden,, full of 20 War Nickels worth $30....Good Luck
  15. Coming up this weekend. Also set you detectors in all metal mode. The tokens are made of steel this year. Past years they were made of brass. Plus there are other buried items in the hunt field. See you there.
  16. Klunker wouldn't share his lunch with Rooster the detecting dog. So we have to give him the golden boot.
  17. You know Klunker, it's just 2 weeks to slow the spread.... of the fire. Where have we heard this before.
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