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  1. Yes, I think so, I like my Nox 600 too. I agree on what you say. I have to dig also low ID from 1 cause little rings could have low ID of course.
  2. * "bad" was error of typing on my smartphone,?, It was at... Yes, I'm agree with you. I have to try again and again also in the same places and I will do next summer on the wet sand and first meters on the beach where we suppose to find more gold and silver items there.
  3. Do you use 2, 5 or 50 tones to find gold and good targets on the beach? 50 tones maybe could give more in search are you agree? It could be like to use Excalibur with more tones although tones are different.
  4. Hi to app. I have a Nox 600 since 1 year and I used here in Italy to find everywhere generally on beaches but not only. I choosed to buy the 600 instead of the 800 version due to the fact that here I can't find native Gold but this is my opinion that for me Nox 800 was wasted. I found just 4 Gold little items last year and I made a lot of work for that. I digged a lot on beaches and I digged from VDI 1 to VDI 29 in Beach 1 and 2 depending of near the sea or just in the Sand. As I remember 3 little rings at VDI 6, 10 and 12. Now what I want to ask you in your experience is: Is it ok to stay with 600? Or could be very different for finding gold rings in the beach (my possibile gold items here are just rings and other little items on beach, no native gold nuggets...) Is a good idea to change mi finding way to All Metal mode? I used generally 5 tones. Do you advice me to start Learning the 50 tones in the way that I could choose to dig low ID (2 to 12) and be more helpful to find gold instead of tinfoil. Now the probability that from VDI 2 to 12 could be gold items la very low just looking at the target ID. In your esperience with Equinox which trick or method you advise me most for the search for gold objects like rings or earrings or small objects on the beach? Thank you very much. Every SUGGESTION is appreciated. I would like to see a table of VDI made by you diggers to compare it with mine on attachment related to findings here in Italy: Best Pat
  5. Hi to all. I have a Nox 600 since 1 year and I made one update some months ago. As you know is there another (second one) update for this lovely metal detector? Thanks and Happy New Year
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