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  1. Steve, Your dedication is great! And, you surely push hard for Gold Metal Detecting Community. I see your modification, Garrett L_ATX is truly Garrett InfiniumS. Garrett L-ATX may be sold few 10,000s for North USA and Australia as a step up from Garrett Infinium. Selling Garrett ATX as it has been, few 100,000s in comparison and globally. Garrett ATX should be of its own category for market competition and had wisely chosen to be so! My 2 cents!
  2. Thanks SwampstomperAl. For a new kid in town you sure seem to know a lot about detectors, enough to be opinionated.. Anyhow... "what we know about where you want to prospect is 'somewhere in the mother lode'" "what little you've shared location-wise and otherwise it continues sounding to me as though a detector isn't even the correct recovery tool / method for serious exploration and recovery of values.. "how about at least sharing with us which county or mining district the property is located -- and better yet the N-S-E-W area of same..? How many acres are you talking about..? Is it private property that just happens to be surrounded by old mines or is it someone els´╗┐e's claim..? If claim, patented or unpatented..? Has the parcel of land ever been worked (mined in any manner) in the past..? Are there any visible outcroppings on this land..? Mountainous terrain, hilly, rolling, flat..? Etc." "What makes you think there's near-surface gold on this property when it's surrounded by mines..? What's different about this property from its neighbors..?" Thank you Swamp for posting all these questions; and, I am sorry for late reply because I need to take pictures and to learn from this website... So here we go... Sorry! I was not straightforward in the first place. After i graduated from UC Davis in 90s, one of the first thing i did was to drive down the 49, got a gold pan and just panning on a creek. It showed some specs some color. I had dreamt this and that; then, I joined Service, went back to school, and worked traveling for hi tech technical stuffs for many years. And, suddenly, it was a land in Groveland, California, that i just bought. The ancient dream comes back. I think gold rush is in ones's blood like us... I am quite opinionated because it just built up after working so long in process, product hi-tech development domestically and internationally and manufacturing management. On the other hand, I have open mind for learning new things, anything and open heart for compassion... So that is where i am from... The land that I plan prospect on is my land, it is only 3 acres, between Groveland and Flat Oak, on 120 near Merrell Street. On MLB, it has a gold mine called Violet on the other side of the Merrell. But I think, the location on MLB is not accurate, it is right next to my land. because for about 100 ft, there are many holes going down to a tunnel down there. This land is really rolling hill. I just not find any difference between my land and the next which is about 6 acres more or less. Oh, the difference, is that my land has a lot of seasonal creeks. Talking to the locals, the nice lady cashier from a gas station told me that years ago, people dug everywhere in groveland for gold. Gold is not on the surface anymore, but rather deep down in the ground. She also showed me a gold nugget about half dime her brother just got the other day... Inspecting my land, it has 3 to 5 seasonal creeks that is very deep and steep ; hence, one can see the layers of geology. Top ground is red with quartz, then about one to two feet of thick clay, bed rock, then bolder underneath... I think there maybe some gold in the bed rock... Panning these semi dry creeks show some specs. I inspect a "cave" less than 50 from the boundary, it shows a lot mining activities on the conglomerate ground. Attached are a few pictures that show the creeks, a "well" that i do not know if it is a well or a mine, and wall of rocks that believed built by Chinese miners according to literature... So, how I am going to prospect this land... Honestly, I do not know... Maybe, I will get the PI and prospect along the narrow sidewall of the creek under the clay and dig in from there. Or, just detecting from the top; that I do not think there much left and/or, there maybe a lot of junk... I will get a used ATX from market of facebook; and start doing some detecting... But first, I will have to do some DOE (Design of Experiment - it is a part of engineering work) to learn about my detectors. Parameters are different type of metals such as small gold nugget, aluminum, silver, copper, iron with varying depth; focus on learning sounds and discrimination from the machine. And, I will report more in this journey... If possible please advise about this land! what you think about the "well" can i dredge from the bottom or it may have the side tunnel... any possibility of finding gold on this land? Or maybe I should dig some cave on my land... Any suggestion is great... thank you so much
  3. Steve, Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!!
  4. I would like to thank Steve Herschbach, fredmason, Nevada Brian, WesD, flakmagnet, phrunt, Northeast, Swampstomper Al, DolanDave, mn90403, Dubious, Gravelwasher, kiwijw, Norvic, jasong, SDMiner, Hard Prospector, jrbeatty, and Lanny for all advises. Your words are wisdom to me. Especially to Steve, your website is full of knowledge of metal detector. Feel so great and blessed going one after another page. So, what VLF detector should I buy? Which VLF detector have all the positive aspect of VLF and also can search relatively deep in the ground? Please help recommend one and not worry much about the cost because I see my time on the equipment is valuable. Some come up in my mind are Whites 24K, Equinox 800, X-Terra 705. About the GPZ, I decide to wait a little longer while pick up the experience with VLF. Just did a little homework, below is the cycle of Minelab high end gold machine, which is ~4 years. I would bet with anyone 1 gram gold nugget that Minelab will launch a high end GPZ and/or GPX technology gold detector by the end of this year. GOLD DETECTORS Year GOLD MONSTER 1000 2017 GPZ 7000 2015 SDC 2300 2014 GPX 5000 2010 GPX-4500 2006 X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack 2005 After getting VLF, I will do DOE (Design of Experiment) and post all the finding. Greatly thank you all. Looking forward to reporting my finding, once i get the VLF you recommend!!! Thank you all!
  5. Hi Northeast, Thank you so much for your reply. I read a lot of Steve and others' posts. GPZ's ability is great; but, it has its own bugs such as alkaline, wet ground,... etc beside being heavy. After 3 years testing in fields by prospectors around the world, issues emerge. Minelab absolutely and already learns from it. 3 years is not a short cycle time for an innovative company like Minelab. Sale for 7000 should have dropped almost a year ago when people were asking if new version of GPZ will come out soon. Many responses excited in a few days and that's all. Thinking like you and me, we can guess 7000 is not selling hot anymore. Example: Look into the ebay, a 7000 almost like new to be sold for 6999, and it has been there for a while; and, so maybe Steve's. 7000 has no big competitor; on the other hand, it has many smaller competitors from Turkey, French, and of course US with evolving electronics. With competitive industry, if one doesn't get ahead, it falls behind. Steve sold his GPX5000 for GPZ7000. Now he is selling his GPZ7000. Read between the lines, if that new GPZ X000 comes out, price of 7000 drops fast. Not selling it now, then when??? Just my two cents for this analysis (Sorry Steve, I try to pick your brain!, and it may not be true at all) The problem for me though, is that i have exclusive access to a land in mother lode. Outside of its perimeters, old gold mines are just everywhere within 100 ft. I have gut feeling that this land has serious gold; but have no mean to prospect it yet. For this area, gold is not in shallow. I need some good MD to punch thru the top layer of earth. GPX is good; but why GPX if there is GPZ. In gold prospecting, I am a new kid in town and have so much to learn. You have any suggestion for me. Anyone??? Thanks you so much.
  6. I am new here. Want to buy a GPZ 7000, but also want to wait until the next model of GPZ technology coming out. It would feel horrible to buy GPZ 7000, and new model come out in half a year. So does anyone know or hear anything about when new GPZ metal detector will come out? Thanks a great deal.
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