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  1. Hi Northeast, Thank you so much for your reply. I read a lot of Steve and others' posts. GPZ's ability is great; but, it has its own bugs such as alkaline, wet ground,... etc beside being heavy. After 3 years testing in fields by prospectors around the world, issues emerge. Minelab absolutely and already learns from it. 3 years is not a short cycle time for an innovative company like Minelab. Sale for 7000 should have dropped almost a year ago when people were asking if new version of GPZ will come out soon. Many responses excited in a few days and that's all. Thinking like you and me, we can guess 7000 is not selling hot anymore. Example: Look into the ebay, a 7000 almost like new to be sold for 6999, and it has been there for a while; and, so maybe Steve's. 7000 has no big competitor; on the other hand, it has many smaller competitors from Turkey, French, and of course US with evolving electronics. With competitive industry, if one doesn't get ahead, it falls behind. Steve sold his GPX5000 for GPZ7000. Now he is selling his GPZ7000. Read between the lines, if that new GPZ X000 comes out, price of 7000 drops fast. Not selling it now, then when??? Just my two cents for this analysis (Sorry Steve, I try to pick your brain!, and it may not be true at all) The problem for me though, is that i have exclusive access to a land in mother lode. Outside of its perimeters, old gold mines are just everywhere within 100 ft. I have gut feeling that this land has serious gold; but have no mean to prospect it yet. For this area, gold is not in shallow. I need some good MD to punch thru the top layer of earth. GPX is good; but why GPX if there is GPZ. In gold prospecting, I am a new kid in town and have so much to learn. You have any suggestion for me. Anyone??? Thanks you so much.
  2. I am new here. Want to buy a GPZ 7000, but also want to wait until the next model of GPZ technology coming out. It would feel horrible to buy GPZ 7000, and new model come out in half a year. So does anyone know or hear anything about when new GPZ metal detector will come out? Thanks a great deal.