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  1. Two seconds later… Tony, is that ground uniformly hot, or is it variable?
  2. And he even gave it back to its rightful owner (thanks again, amigo); what a swell guy! 🤘
  3. Good on you, GC; just a simple matter of having the right tool for the job. That General/Difficult combo even works great against magnetite hot rocks too.
  4. Steve, I know pictures don’t do justice when it comes to gold, but those look like some really spectacular specimens, WTG! Looking forward to your GPX 6000 journal entry.
  5. Gerry, In my experience of swinging the GPX 6000 since last June, I have to agree that it is the king when it comes to the shear number of nuggets it can find compared to the GPZ 7000. But at the same time, it is also the court jester when it comes to quality; I had to send in 2 of my 3 coils for replacement, which prompted me to buy a spare coil to have on hand when the next failure happens. During the winter desert prospecting season of 2020, it took me nearly 4 months to find 100 Arizona nuggets with the GPZ 7000, as detailed below: This past winter season however, going over the same areas with the GPX 6000 netted the same number of nuggets in only a couple of weeks. And the total take for my first season with the GPX 6k is multiple hundreds of nuggets at a combined weight of 5 ounces, which is an ounce more than found with the GPZ 7k during the previous season on the same patches. The amount of sub-gram bits left behind by the 7000 in some spots was truly mind boggling. Also, there was a noticeable increase in the number of specie bits, porous “popcorn” gold and crystalline pieces. This, in combination with all the reasons Gerry mentioned, certainly makes the GPX 6000 the king in my book. Pictured below is the 5-ounce pile of nuggets recovered during my first season with the 6k:
  6. As evidenced by this thread, the demand for a small DD coil appears to be high; I would certainly purchase one, and I know other operators who would too. So Trevor, hopefully soon you can change your post above to read, “GOLDHAWK DD coils coming soon!”
  7. Couldn’t have said it better, Randy. Congrats on the nuggets and other finds. That’s a beaut of a chondrite, they don’t get more perfect than that.
  8. GC, just wondering if you tried the 6k with the DD coil in that environment? I had great success running the older GPX machines with a DD coil in cancel mode (just like the 6k DD in EMI cancel) in the volcanics of the El Paso Mountains. The conductive ground cancel may work as well.
  9. So we’re expected to pay more for a small 10x5 than a large 17 ellip ??? 😳
  10. You’re welcome, Steve! Had a great time nugget shooting with you, and we’ll have to do it again now that I have my own GPX 6000. Steve, after swinging the GPX 6000 all winter mostly on ground I've previously done with the GPZ 7000, I wholeheartedly agree with you; the 6k has been finding so much small gold (and a few not so small) that the GPZ with stock coil missed, it's mind-boggling. Thanks for reposting this topic. As already stated, it has withstood the test of time. Also, I'm extremely glad to hear of your medical miracle…great news, and I'm sure there will be many more nuggets in your future because of it!
  11. Here’s a 3 gram bit basking in the Arizona sun:
  12. Are you listening, Minelab? If anyone can invent said time machine, it's Bruce Candy and ML's R&D! Because of your detector tech innovations, there will be no detectable gold left to find in the future, so the only solution is to detect in the past. Certainly, ML must have at least applied for a patent on a flux capacitor by now…🤔 BTW, great post on Vic's gold history, GJ.
  13. Lee123, based on your info, it appears to me that about the only thing left that could be causing the problem is conductive ground. As GC suggested, try the 14” DD coil with the machine set to conductive ground cancel mode.
  14. Sounds like a great day for winnowing!
  15. Great job tracking down those space rocks, amigo…that big one is a real trophy…WTG!
  16. Seems Minelab have the story and photos on their site: https://www.minelab.com/community/success-stories/largest-arizona-gold-nugget
  17. I’ll be sure to drop by your booth, Reese.
  18. The GPX 6000 hasn’t been out long enough yet for Rye Patch to be hammered by it, so yes, nuggets can still be found there with it and other machines, as you witnessed during the training class. Nugget hunters have successfully detected gold at many locations throughout Nevada, many of which are detailed here.
  19. We grab our discriminating VLF machines and leave the 6000's in the truck, especially if there is lots of ferrous trash, but even then, you still have to dig the non-ferrous trash like lead, shell casings, aluminum and copper targets, etc. If the majority of the nuggets in an area hit a certain conductivity range, then they can be cherry-picked by just going after targets that fall within that range; you'll leave gold behind that falls outside of that range, but it's a good compromise and increases the gold to trash ratio, which is handy when you don't have much time to detect.
  20. The largest stone I recall finding at GB was around 500 grams.
  21. That’s a great find for GB these days, WTG!
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