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  1. Spot on, Steve. So much of your post resonates with me. I used to get bored with things and situations until I had a bout with clinical depression in my 20’s, and ever since I snapped out of it, I’ve somehow completely lost the ability to feel one iota of boredom. To quote a movie scene, “There is nothing in this world now that doesn’t hold some fascination.” And I do attribute my aptitude for detecting to this state of mind that allows me to focus on what most would consider hours, days, weeks and months of sheer monotony. Excellent post, Steve!
  2. That could very well be, since the area is an abandoned gold placer, and the meteorite would have signaled as iron trash for someone using a discriminating detector. But there are no recorded meteorite finds in the area. It certainly pays to be knowledgeable of the physical differences between space rocks and terrestrial hot rocks.
  3. Today found me deep in the Nevada outback, searching for those elusive gold nuggets with my trusty Minelab GPZ 7000. Towards the end of the day, I heard a nice, narrow double target response from the detector, just like the small and shallow sub-gram nuggets make. After pinpointing the target with the edge of the GPZ 14 coil, I plunged my plastic scoop into the loose soil, where it encountered a rock about 3 or 4 inches deep. Removing it from the soil, I immediately noticed that the rock was unusually dense; rubbing the dirt from the stone revealed the familiar rusty tin can color and smooth,
  4. Hopefully with a little prodding from JP, Minelab will take another look at concentric coil options for their next GPZ incarnation.
  5. With my audio settings, Audio Smoothing set to High gives the most crisp and distinct signal relative to the threshold hum. Running the smoothing off while the Volume is set high to amplify the faint targets results in a target response that blends into the threshold hum, and sounds washed out and weak.
  6. Wishing you all the best, Norm.
  7. Went to another old patch today to try a different tactic; since there was larger gold found here in the past, I decided to run in Extra Deep Gold Mode. It had no problem punching 17” on a sweet, chunky 5 gram nugget, and it handles the noisy alkali soils very well, too.
  8. Northeast, that is good to know. How about when the 11” mono coil is attached; if you turn the machine off when it is in the normal ground setting, does it return to the default difficult ground setting when powered on again?
  9. I was thinking about that post as I raised the sensitivity to insane levels yesterday. We nuggetshooters are insane by default anyway. 🤪
  10. Thanks Sturt, heaven knows this post can use some more and bigger gold.🤪 those are some fantastic finds, well done. Digging some nice lumps out of that beautiful red Oz soil is totally on my bucket list.😎
  11. Well I'm laying over in northern Nevada for some detecting before heading back to Idaho and my summer job, and decided to go revisit an old dink patch with the GPZ 7000 this afternoon. Since I've hit this place pretty hard, I figured I better use a higher sensitivity setting to see if it would light up some bits that were missed last time using a lower sensitivity that helped keep the alkali rich ground feedback under control. Needless to say, I had to move the coil painfully slow over the really noisy areas, but the extra sensitivity started working its magic right away, as I got a faint but
  12. And that was in the difficult ground setting and the sensitivity set at only 4.
  13. Good to see you out in the goldfields again, amigo! Glad you scored some of the good stuff during your whirlwind prospecting trip.
  14. WTG oneguy, there’s nothing like breaking a winter-long case of gold fever.
  15. Congrats on your quick success with the Nox!
  16. That is correct. From the manual: “The Iron Bias FE and Iron Bias F2 settings profiles are independent. When Iron Bias FE is selected, the Iron Bias F2 setting has no effect, and vice versa.”
  17. Regarding GPX 6000 screen, body and arm cuff covers, over a month and a half ago, the ML rep told me that Doc was already working on them, so no worries.
  18. That's certainly a realistic appraisal, Jason. But I like an unrealistic challenge...🙂
  19. $6000 worth of gold, spread out over the next 6 years, is just over a half-ounce of gold per year missed by the previous technology (at today’s spot price). That's doable .
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