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  1. 2 hours ago, GB_Amateur said:

    Do you think you were in an unsearched area or is it likely someone else had a coil over this and decided it was iron trash?

    That could very well be, since the area is an abandoned gold placer, and the meteorite would have signaled as iron trash for someone using a discriminating detector. But there are no recorded meteorite finds in the area. It certainly pays to be knowledgeable of the physical differences between space rocks and terrestrial hot rocks.

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  2. 9 hours ago, mn90403 said:

    Nice chunk ... to smooth or not to smooth is the insane question.

    With my audio settings, Audio Smoothing set to High gives the most crisp and distinct signal relative to the threshold hum. Running the smoothing off while the Volume is set high to amplify the faint targets results in a target response that blends into the threshold hum, and sounds washed out and weak.

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  3. Went to another old patch today to try a different tactic; since there was larger gold found here in the past, I decided to run in Extra Deep Gold Mode. It had no problem punching 17” on a sweet, chunky 5 gram nugget, and it handles the noisy alkali soils very well, too.



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  4. 8 hours ago, sturt said:

    Hi, i wanted to include some finds in with yours.

    Thanks Sturt, heaven knows this post can use some more and bigger gold.🤪

    those are some fantastic finds, well done. Digging some nice lumps out of that beautiful red Oz soil is totally on my bucket list.😎

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  5. On 4/3/2021 at 8:23 AM, bklein said:

    Also, if you set FE for instance, and get out of special settings mode, the FE setting takes precedence over FE2?  It’s not like you have to worry how both are set, just the last set one?

    That is correct. From the manual: “The Iron Bias FE and Iron Bias F2 settings profiles are independent. When Iron Bias FE is selected, the Iron Bias F2 setting has no effect, and vice versa.”

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  6. 6 hours ago, jasong said:

    I duuuuuunno about that one Lunk. :smile:

    108 grams of gold to pay the 6000 off in nuggets the GPZ misses? What are we talking, mostly dinkster 0.10 grams or under then? That's 1080 nuggets. Most prospectors I've met haven't found that many nuggets of all sizes combined in their whole lives. I only find maybe 150-300 (of all weights total) a year myself and I'm usually at the upper end or top of the scale compared to anyone I meet and talk with who isn't working heavy equipment.

    Realistically, there are only a small handful of people with exclusive access/location knowledge who will be making the 6000 pay for itself specifically in finds the GPZ missed. In the USA anyways. Unless the 6000 does some serious magic in the salt and other bad ground, which is the thing we still have zero quantitative information on, frustratingly.

    That's certainly a realistic appraisal, Jason. But I like an unrealistic challenge...🙂

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