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  1. One more thing: Debbie said that Doc's Detecting is already busy designing the protective covers for the GPX 6000. TIA Doc, you rock!
  2. As a member of Gerry's Field Staff Experts, I am proud to provide in-the-field gold detector training for Gerry's customers, as well as for folks that bought their gold detector elsewhere and would like to experience the very best training that the industry has to offer. Call Gerry at (208) 345-8898 for details and scheduling, and I hope to serve you in the gold fields soon!
  3. When I say big gold, I mean multi-ounce to multi pound nuggets. Guess you'll have to do some side by side comparisons when you get one. Looking forward to your report!
  4. Get a second job, mortgage the house, get an auto title loan...whatever it takes, man!🤣
  5. I don’t think that will happen, just by virtue of ZVT vs PI; ZVT simply has more grunt on the big stuff.
  6. It’s my opinion that it will replace the Z only on small to medium sized gold at depth, but certainly not on large nuggets, as the Zed is raw power, while the 6000 seems to have the edge on sensitivity. And with the lighter weight, the 6000 will excell at patch hunting, especially with the 17” mono. It will be an excellent meteorite hunter as well.
  7. Good point, but I have found stuff that small with audio smoothing on - nuggets down to 0.06 of a gram, and even smaller bits of iron/steel. One has to remember though that that small of gold isn’t nearly as conductive as even smaller bits of iron.
  8. It sure is, Freakinator; 0.03 of a gram, to be precise.
  9. Thanks Gerry. I'm definitely looking forward to helping you train folks on Minelab's latest, exciting offering.
  10. That’s correct, Jason, However, I did not try the Salt Cancel mode.
  11. Looks like we should all chip in to charter a flight to Dubai, so that we can buy the African market packages. 🤪
  12. Debbie confirmed to me today that we get one battery.
  13. I'm guessing it saw the flake at 2” to 3”, and the space rock at 4” to 5”. Of course, the 11” mono loop should get more depth than the 14” DD.
  14. Rick, I just edited my post to include that information.
  15. Okay, I hit the Minelab booth at the Quartzsite gold show this morning, and got to swing the GPX 6000 over a couple of targets that I brought along, asked Debbie some questions about the machine and its tech, as well as snapped some photos of the box. So one of the targets I brought is a tiny flake of a nugget that is invisible to the Zed, but a VLF will hit on it all day long. The GPX 6000 with the 14” DD coil in EMI cancel mode had no trouble seeing it, which is quite impressive; the detector was set up this way because there was too much EMI present to operate the 11” mono coil. I also brou
  16. Yeah, it'd be more like sweltering in place.
  17. That seems to be the speculative consensus, as unwanted signals include EMI and ground noise, both localized and variable.
  18. As Aureous noted above, the only thing we've seen so far regarding Geo-Sense PI is that “it rapidly suppresses unwanted signals via three overlapping feedback systems for superfast detection of even the tiniest gold pieces.” Exactly what mechanisms these feedback systems employ may never be revealed by Minelab for proprietary reasons, just like they've never revealed the exact proportions of the Multi-IQ weighted frequencies used in the Equinox. Regardless, the fact that the GeoSense PI tech will allow us to detect difficult environments once thought undetectable, as indicated below, is all I
  19. And if you want real adventure, don’t even pack any food along; just go full-on Bear Grylls: https://www.storypick.com/bear-grylls-foods/ 🤣 And as for what he drinks...I won’t even go there.🤮
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