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  1. Bada Bing, did you try JP's suggestion here: Sounds like there is a fair component of salt in your ground down that way, to get less salt signal try the General Xtra Deep/Difficult mode and increase the Gain/Sensitivity to compensate for signal response reduction. Best way to determine Salt is to lift the coil above knee height, if there's a strong signal as you bring the coil away up to knee height and above then salt is present. JP
  2. Good on ya, Tricky; the Zed's continuous wave simply lights up the gold that pulse induction cannot, making finds like yours on thrashed patches possible. I got some shallow dinks the other day with my Zed that even the SDC 2300 couldn't see. Happy bipping...
  3. Hawkeye, That's my neck of the woods during the summer months. There is a history of large multi-ounce nuggets being found in those dredge tailings. Not 100%, but pretty sure they are privately owned. Give me a shout if you visit the area.
  4. Thanks Rob, sounds like your doing alright with the Zed in AZ during your spare time too, but I'll try to miss a few nuggets just in case you make it up this way.
  5. Hey guys, here is another 10 grams of golden zedness from the past few days on the old patches. Good luck out there!
  6. Thanks for the kudos guys, and happy prospecting to you!
  7. Strick, based on your natural ability with the SDC 2300 I predict that you will most certainly become a true Zedhead in no time. I look forward to seeing you at Gerry's Detectors 3-day detector training in April, if not before.
  8. After spending my first week with the GPZ 7000 on some old patches in Nevada, I am a true believer...an official "Zedhead". Pictured is an half ounce of nuggets, some surprisingly deep and others surprisingly shallow...enjoy.
  9. Just in case some aren't getting the joke, here is a hint: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_range_locator
  10. During the second nugget dig, that's yours truly in the background. That was the same day we shot footage for the "15 Nuggets in 4 Hours with the SDC 2300" video. Two fantastic machines made that hammered old patch come back to life. It was amazing to see the new GPZ 7000 in action!
  11. Contact Dave Varabioff at goldbay.com He will pay more than any refiner and is extremely reputable. I've been doing business with him for nearly twenty years. Tell him Lunk sent you!
  12. It was great meeting you Strick, and a pleasure to watch you do so well with your new gold machine; congrats again buddy!
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